Fan Fiction Friday: Kaleidoscope and In the Debris

It’s Friday again!! This week Annie and Michelle have stories that I would have probably overlooked or held off reading if they didn’t bring it to my attention. I would hate for anyone else to miss out on these great stories. I actually have BelieveItOrNot’s story sitting on my iPad, because I had heard such great things about it, that I immediately downloaded it when it completed, not really knowing what it was about. When I did read the first chapter, I hesitated, but now I want to get to it right away.

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Katiebird Loves Amazing Men Who Write

So I am a serious geek lover. I love super intelligent, talented, creative, funny men. I married a man who fits this description for sure. I guess that doesn’t necessarily make them geeks per say. Maybe it’s MY love of books, tv shows, movies about paranormal, science fiction type stuff. OK fine, I am the geek then. All I know is that some of my favorite books are writing by men. Witty, sarcastic, definitely sexy, men.

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Naughty/ Uniformed Giveaway Blog Hop…

I’m excited to be participating in the Naughty Uniformed Giveaway Blog Hop, being hosted by Insightful Minds Reviews and The Autumn Review.

Check out what I’m offering for a giveaway then follow the link so you can hop to the other giveaways…

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