Fan Fiction Friday: We’re Going Dark

LOL! I just realized that the title of this post sounds like we’re turning the lights out on the blog. That’s so not true, BUT you might want to turn on all of the lights in your house while reading some of these stories…*cue scary music*

Debb and I finally decided to do a post together to discuss some our favorite darker AU stories. We both love reading about vampires, especially the scary ones that focus on their true nature. Not sure what we were waiting for, but better late than never, right. 🙂

[Note from Debb: In the spirit of not spoiling we aren’t going to talk HEA/non-HEA. Read ’em at your own risk. If you dare…. mwuahahahahaha]

Hold on to your hats peeps, we have 5 stories to share. Whoa… That’s three completed ones and two WIPs. So let’s get to it, shall we…


It seems appropriate to start with The Masque of Red Death by delusionalimperialist. (The author recently changed her name; she used to go by jeesiechreesie) I actually read this one when it was a WIP in October of 2009. I was a young pup in fan fiction at the time, and heard about this one from who knows where, but I read it the week of Halloween. *cue creepy laugh*

 masque-red-death banner

This was my first darker AU story that I read, and I f*cking loved it! Very dark, and bloody, but I love scary vampires. Warning on the shocking ending, but it’s so good… I’ve actually recd. and read this one every Halloween since, it’s that amazing.


Debb: Tink recc’d this on twitter a while ago but I was in a fic funk at the time. Well, she badgered me until I read (rather Alice-like lol) and I’m so glad I did. I loved it! So awesomely gruesome. True horror. Silky, seductive language you have to read through your fingers. The banter, death-banter, is fascinating in a these-people-are-scaring-the-hell-out-of-me way. And there are mean Cullens. I kind of love it when they’re mean and vampire-y. The Masque of the Red Death is short and not at all sweet. It’s packed with horror movie-worthy imagery and makes the absolute most of Edward’s mind-reading ability. I don’t like to throw the word ‘brilliant’ around but this is. I reread this one while prepping for this post. Sat down to skim and devoured it.

Lions-Eat-Lambs banner

Lions Eat Lambs by Raggdolly. So nothing “canon like” about this one. Bella and her friends are camping in the woods, and they kind of disappear. Bella is searching for them when she happens upon this house. Edward lives there, and the creepiness ensues. The ending is kind of a cliffhanger, but she is working on a sequel as we speak. *happy dance*


Debb: *also happy dances about the sequel* This one made me afraid to go camping… and I love camping! The contrast between the very normal, human lives and the sinister, down-right maniacal figure of Edward gives Lions Eat Lambs the feel of a scary movie.


Smoke filled the small room as the three bodies within shifted continuously. Chief Jasper Hale sipped his hot, black coffee from his plain Styrofoam cup, then puffed his cigarette in anticipation. He sat across from a young woman, who appeared to be in her mid-twenties. She wasn’t beautiful but he figured that she would be on any other occasion. But now, she was as horrid as her ripped dress and soiled face. Her eyes were blood-shot with dark circles encompassing the space under her lids. Her hair was stained and matted with blood and dirt. Specks and streaks of the mix splayed across the skin of her hands, face, and neck. Her bottom lip trembled with chills and fear, as if she had seen an apparition from the grave.

Behind her, Detective Demetri paced the confines of the room, filling two corners one at a time over and over again while holding a Marlboro between his index and middle finger. It had been several minutes since he had inhaled and the cigarette was in desperate need of tapping. Chief Hale motioned for him to begin.

Demetri stepped to the table and reached around from behind the young woman and pressed the record button on the small device in front of her.

“Let’s begin,” Hale said. He took a long drag of his addiction and exhaled the smoke after allowing the fix to linger momentarily. He had quit smoking years ago but started up as a release after many people had disappeared from the city, never to be heard from again.

The woman let out a ragged breath. “Where do you want me to start?”

“Just start at the beginning. Your name and age would be good.”

“My name is Bella Swan. I’m twenty-three years old.”

Hale flicked the accumulated ashes into a glass tray that sat beside his notepad. “And why are you here?”

“Because I know what happened to the people that have gone missing.”

He leaned forward a bit in his chair, his bare forearms grazing the table. “Is this a confession, Miss Swan?”


“Then, how do you know what happened to them?”

A tear rolled down her cheek as her filthy fingers fumbled together. “Because I was going to be one of them.”

Tempt My Tongue by Savage7289. I actually reviewed this story in my post dedicated to my favorite Savage stories here. The story is different from the others mentioned, because I think that Edward is dark, but also hilarious. It’s all told from his POV, and no one writes Edward POV like Savage.

Tempt my Tongue gif

My favorite line in this story would have to be, “At some point, I’m going to have to eat the librarian – the woman is just too annoying to live.”

Debb just recently read this one, so I’ll let her chat more about it.  Like most of Savage’s stories, I read them as WIPs, because I like reading something of hers on regular basis.

Debb: Oh my, Edward having a century-long, sexually-charged temper tantrum. I’m glad Katie mentioned the dark humour because, yes, I found myself laughing at Edward’s inner commentary about his prey. So dark, so selfish. I love when authors show us an altered Cullen clan, and here Edward’s absolute rejection of Carlisle’s “vegetarian lifestyle” has cost them more than they’ll ever really understand. But Alice knows what was possible. Gah, I love Alice because she, in some ways, is the most ‘canon’ here. She grounds us in the Twilight world and highlights that Savage has derailed SM’s version but that, essentially, these are the book characters. That makes this read all the more horrifying.

Now, on to my WIP recc. *breathes into a paper bag*

En Pointe by GingerWombatKat

enpointe sashayrk

fan art by sasha_yrk

I want to start off on a really serious note here. This is out there. Really out there. I like dark, twisted, sadistic Edwards and this pushed my limits. If you are sensitive to stories containing abusive situations, dubious consent, squicky vampire practices… just skip it. This fic works for me the way the “sex scenes” in the Fever series worked for me; as supernatural fantasy. I couldn’t read this story with an all-human cast of characters. Oh and, it is also incomplete and very slow to update.

Anyone left? lol

So why am I recommending it? Because it’s a fascinating concept, steeped in Twi world “rules” and so intriguing that once I started reading I couldn’t stop. Also, I love when Edward calls Bella ‘pet’. *cough*

En Pointe started as a one-shot for the Beyond the Pale contest (Contest tagline “Fetish and deviance. The forbidden. The socially UNacceptable.” Just adding to the warning lol) so the first chapter could stand alone. I couldn’t stop there though because it sets up one of the most complicated Edward/Bella relationships I’ve ever read. Bella agrees to be kept as Edward’s slave as part of a treaty between the vampires and the Quileute wolves. And he is not an easy master (understatement heavily implied).

The first few chapters are difficult; we get a lot of back story and our main concern, as pathetic little humans, is Bella’s well-being. We learn that there is much, much more than just a treaty and that Edward is using (abusing?) Bella as well as offering a sort of protection. Edward’s motivations might be clear (to him) but his feelings seem to surprise him.

[Note from KB:  So I kind of read the first chapter, when Debb told me she was going to choose this for her WIP. It’s EXACTLY like she is describing. *shyly looking away* I kind of love it. It’s so works in a twisted, slightly demented, but HAWT sort of way. I’m going back for more, surprisingly enough.]

Remember in real Twilight, when Edward keeps telling Bella he’s dangerous and he wants to kill her and she’s all “doesn’t matter, love you anyway”? That. That connection is there and Bella can’t, won’t, deny it even when she knows it’s dangerous and insane. En Pointe maintains a foot in Twi canon (see what I did there? ‘en pointe’? ‘foot’? heh) with the Cullens trying to support/save Bella and the Volturi creating their own brand of mayhem.

I mentioned in my warning that En Pointe is incomplete and slow to update. Normally, I wouldn’t recc a story that hasn’t updated in so long but as with Bonne Foi and Last Rites (still hasn’t completed!) this is good enough and at a place where, if there isn’t ever any more, I’ll be glad I read the posted chaps. If you have no hard limits and a high squick threshold (author’s descriptor for her story) you should give it a try. But do not yell at me if you run screaming, okay? 😉


HouseoftheHorde banner

So right now I’m reading Raggdolly’s WIP, The House of the Horde. She just recently started posting again, so I feel safe reccing it now.

Bella lives in LA, next door to Jacob Black. He’s not the “goodie two shoes” shape-shifter in this story. In fact, he’s luring girls every night to his apartment for Umm…relations. (Anybody else grossed out, by that thought?)  He’s been trying to get Bella to come over for dinner for weeks. When she finally says yes, things are not what they appear to be. She is kidnapped, and taken to a mansion in the hills, where she “stored” with other girls. Aro, with Edward second in command, rules the house. Bella meets Rosalie and Alice, along with other girls that are kept for their blood to “feed” the house vampires, as well as visiting ones. They are minimally fed and clothed, but not tortured per say. This story isn’t as violent or bloody as the other stories, but it’s still fairly dark.

At any rate, Bella is not the submissive type, and Edward cannot control her like the other girls, because he can’t read her mind. While there is definite chemistry between them, this isn’t really a romance per say. Edward is so intrigued by Bella, that he is willing to go against Aro’s wishes to protect her. I can honestly say that I can’t tell where this story is going, and that is very refreshing to read.

*turning all of the lights back on, and checking for monsters under the bed* Is there anyone else out there who loved vampires before reading Twilight, and still really loves them on the dark and creepy side? Debb and I are always looking for new AU stories to read.

Mistress of the dark aka katiebird…Hey, stop laughing! It’s true. 😉

Debb: Thanks for inviting me to do a post with you Katie! It was more terrifying than I thought it would be 😉 😉 #kidding Yes, please everyone tell us your favourite scary, creepy, twisted Darkward recs in the comments.

Happy Friday! xoxoxo

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I am a huge reader of young adult, new adult, and paranormal romances. I also have an acute fondness of Robert Thomas Pattinson. I love that I get to share with everyone my love of reading.

22 thoughts on “Fan Fiction Friday: We’re Going Dark

  1. abinar says:

    *runs in* Heygreatpostgirls! *runs out screaming*


  2. katiebirdie says:

    Do you think Edward will see my hand better if I stand on this box?


  3. katiebirdie says:

    Bratty Vamp’s Toye. A classic. I loved that one. Too bad all of her work has been pulled. *heavy sigh*


  4. SMIBookClub says:

    I love dark romance !! But why do they always use Edward and Bella!


  5. doodeedoo says:

    If you liked “Fight Club”, there’s this awesome, fun (in the way Fight Club is fun :D) mash-up by honeybeemeadows Yes,yes, it’s vamp! Still a WIP, though


  6. tinkrbe1l3 says:

    GAH! Love DarkDARKward. Masque of Red Death is in my soul. Wth does that say about me?! I analyze that later. But seriously. Brilliant is on point. Captivating, sick and very very seductive. I scowl when I think about how it doesn’t go on for 10 more chapters. I could read this E&B for ages.

    Thanks for the heads up on the others. I read LEL and have En Pointe in alert. I’ll be checking out the rest :)) there really isn’t enough horror fic in the seductive way. I wish I had that writing style. I’d come up with something myself.


  7. Debbie says:

    Loved Toye by bratty vamp. This is another favorite
    Mine Alone by Winndsinger


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