Fan Fiction Friday: Fortune Favours the Bold, The Gap and Drinking Problems

Thank God it’s Friday! Thank God it’s Friday! It’s me again. Sharing with you some of the best fan fiction out there. Michelle and I wanted to talk about three stories this week.

I’m going to review two WIPs that I love, that have one thing in common, musician Edward. I love that the original Edward was a fantastic musician, and of course seeing Rob playing the piano in Twilight just melts my heart every time. *swoon*

I will always be grateful to Catherine Hardwicke for a lot of things. Capturing this moment is definitely one of them. As much as I love watching his hands on the keys, I tend to stare at his mouth, those puckering lips just…Gah. I can’t… It’s just… I’m babbling now…

Where were we? Oh right.

fortune favours the bold banner

Fortune Favours the Bold by capricapra is the perfect blend of Twilight and Persuasion by Jane Austen. It is an All Human story though, so the only connection to canon, per say are the characters. I’ll let the author explain her reasoning and influences.

This story will jump back and forth between two different times- the past, starting at late 1999, when Bella and Edward were 18, and 2012, when they are 30/31. I hope that it won’t be too confusing.

This story will be angsty in places, and some of the plot direction may feel familiar, because this story is inspired by one of my favourite novels, Jane Austen’s Persuasion. Those of you that aren’t familiar with it won’t miss out by not knowing the story because it’s not a crossover.

The story is going to be set mainly in the English county of Warwickshire and Britain’s second city, Birmingham, with occasional scenes in London and New York.

That means double the swoon factor, because Edward is English. *happy sigh*  The author really does a great job with telling the story in different time frames in third person. One aspect of this story that I think makes it very different, is the secondary characters have their own stories being told. This is not just an Edward/Bella story. Alice and Jasper have their own history, and we get to experience Rosalie and Emmett meeting for the first time also.

So one’s status in society is still very important in England, Bella comes from Upper class with her father being a lawyer, and it is very important to her mother and sister that she marry the right person, and get a good education to keep their society standing. Edward is from Yorkshire, an orphan who lives with his older brother, while his older sister and husband travel as doctors with Doctors Without Borders. Apparently these are not the best prospects in her parents’ eyes. He is an extremely talented musician who lands a scholarship at a prestigious private school that Bella also attends. They meet his first day, and find a strong attraction and connection immediately. By the time they graduate, Bella is bound for university while Edward wants travel for a year before deciding what he wants to do. They plan and save to go together, until Bella’s parents intervene. Things end badly between Bella and Edward. Twelve years pass before they see each other again.

Unfortunately, there is serious hurt between them, so it’s not an instant reunion. Bella is also a very thoughtful and talented writer and together they find a connection through writing music together. Edward, now a very successful music producer, with Alice and Jasper own an up and coming record label, and hire Bella to write lyrics. I love where this story is going, and couldn’t wait until it was complete to share with you all.

The Gap by capitalab

The Gap banner

Banner by Ange

Fic Summary:

Their first encounter is brief, minute, insignificant, forgettable. At least it should be. Edward and Bella live very different lives, but a chance encounter forces them to reexamine everything they thought they wanted.

So I love this story for lots of reasons. It’s based in Chicago where I live, and Edward is a musician in it. There you go.  🙂 Bella sees Edwards plays his guitar at one of the Red Line stops one evening after work. First, I need to say this right here. NO ONE LOOKS LIKE EDWARD ON THE RED LINE OR PLAYS MUSIC ON THE STREET IN CHICAGO. Don’t feel compelled to move here, because of this story. LOL

This is from that So Far Sounds sessions, Rob did in that guy's living room, that just kind of appears out on no where. Remember?

This is from that So Far Sounds sessions, Rob did in that guy’s living room, that just kind of appears out of no where. Remember?

Anyway, during their brief encounter, Edward is distracted, and someone takes off with his guitar. Bella feels bad, so she buys him a new one. So begins their friendship/relationship. Edward acts like he is one thing, and thinks that he can have something casual with her. Bella thinks he is barely homeless but talented, and is fine with their uncomplicated relationship. There is so much more to this story. It updates regularly.


Michelle’s turn…

I’m a quirky girl, so it only makes sense that I’d enjoy a quirky story.  If you’ve enjoyed badjujube’s Hardcover Paranormal Romance or The Red Eye, then you’re definitely going to enjoy her latest fic, Drinking Problems.


Fic Summary: “How can you teach a vampire to abstain from humans?” I asked Carlisle. “Starve them and take them to the zoo?” He shook his head at me and smiled. “Rehab,” he said. Rehab for vampires. It was the worst idea I’d ever heard.

This isn’t your typical moody vamp Edward! It might be canon, but that’s about as close to Twilight as you’ll get from this fic.  It’s not quite a crack fic…. but it’s close IMO.

Poor Edward has issues.  A lot of them actually.

I’m looking at myself in the mirror when I hear Emmett come into the house. I’m trying to decide if I’m getting that oniony, papery looking skin that older vampires get. I hope not, but it’s kind of hard to tell.  ß– Edward does NOT want to look like Aro!

Not to mention the mind reading and the lack of sex for over a century.  Our boy Edward is a tad cranky.

It (mind reading) was awesome in all ways but one. Sex. It turned out that being able to read minds was the ultimate libido-killer. Seriously. He had three unsuccessful sexual encounters in a hundred years, and he was horny and crabby and resentful.

But he’s trying to make the best of an assignment from Aro to help Carlisle with his rehab project.   So their journey begins…. We meet Carlisle and Esme who will host the vampire patients and Seth is the hipster wolf.

“What’s this place called?” Emmett asks me…

“Forks,” I answer tersely.

“Just ‘Forks’? Not ‘Grand Forks’ or ‘North Forks’?”

“Is it just me or does something smell…weird?”

“He’ll be staying here as a form of in-house security. He’s a nice young man. Esme adores him.”

I follow Carlisle into the house. Which smells like a kennel.

“That’s a wolf?” Emmett whispers to me, gesturing to the adolescent sitting on Esme’s white leather couch. He looks to be about 13 years old, and he’s wearing black-framed glasses, skinny jeans (of all abominations) and a Star Wars t-shirt. Great. A pre-teen hipster werewolf.

And Edward’s day doesn’t get any better with the arrival of a certain vampire….

“J. Whitlock and guest,” Emmett reads…. “You know him?” Emmett asks me.

“‘J. Whitlock,'” I say snidely. “Is the most manipulative, irritating, dissolute…” “…Phony, slimy, reprobate…”  ß— See?  Not a Jasper fan.

Yes, we’ve only met a few main characters in the first few chapters, but the other will show up later.  It’s a WIP…. (I know, I know) but fear not, badjujube always completes her stories.  So if you’re in a fic funk and you want to add a little quirk to your reading list, please give Drinking Problems a look!

KB: I love reading babjujube’s stories, so I will definitely be reading this one!! 🙂


On a different note, I’m really looking forward to some of the fic contests that are currently taking entries or will be in the next month or so:

Fruit of the Vine, Dirty Talking Edward, Make Me Laugh, Angst Contest, 

I hope you add Drinking Problems to you read list and watch out for the contest entries.





Have a great weekend everyone!!

katiebird xxoo

About katiebird

I am a huge reader of young adult, new adult, and paranormal romances. I also have an acute fondness of Robert Thomas Pattinson. I love that I get to share with everyone my love of reading.

2 thoughts on “Fan Fiction Friday: Fortune Favours the Bold, The Gap and Drinking Problems

  1. abinar says:

    I’ve been reading The Gap as a WIP but the other are new to me. Yay! Lillybellis’s Rhapsody in B is a good Musicianward too. I think I rec’d that here a long time ago.


  2. capricapra says:

    Hi Katie, thank you so much for your review of Fortune Favours the Bold. The story is now complete and I’m really happy with it.

    CC xxx


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