18 and Over: Fantasy to Reality Couple +1?!?

Question of the Week: Fantasy to Reality: Do you like to read steamy romance books where the story line circles around a hot sexy couple + 1 (or more)? Or is Ménage à trois one person too many for you?

Whoa! Good thing we’re talking books here right?!?

Ok…I haven’t read a lot of books that feature a hot sexy couple +1 (or more). It’s not something I seek out, or have intentions of seeking out. I like my couples as just that…a couple. If I happen to be reading a book that goes beyond that I’ll finish it as long as it’s a good story and well written.

What about you? Couples, threesomes, or anything goes?

Tamie Xo

7 thoughts on “18 and Over: Fantasy to Reality Couple +1?!?

  1. I like just couples ( really hot ones ) !! But I did read ” Colters Woman by: Maya Banks “. I don’t know why but I really liked all 3 books !! I think it was the combination of the 3 brothers ( and then their 3 sons ) they were so nice. No BDSM just love and caring for their woman ( who was in trouble ) But that was the only one I liked. I tried to read others but just didn’t care for them !!!! So a man and woman is enough for me !!!!! Oh ya good writing too !!!!


  2. Sheila says:

    I prefer a couple too, Tamie. OK, a conflicting potential love interest can kick up the pace a bit, but ultimately I like the main H/H to get together.


  3. Andrea says:

    i prefer 2…but it depends on the story


  4. Jenny says:

    I’ve only read one book with a threesome involved, “Fever” by Maya Banks and it just wasn’t natural or romantic. It is clearly just about sex. I definitely prefer a couple, because although at times, it can be just about sex, it can also be incredibly romantic and intimate. That is what I think the majority of women want to read about;)


  5. LCL says:

    I’ve read a couple of couple plus 1 unintentionally. While the sex reads super hot, it isn’t something I seek out either. If I can tell that is where the book goes, I tend to stay away.


  6. mlynpeters says:

    The two I’ve read really seemed to work. And I loved ( an all-time favorite) Maya Banks “Colters Woman & the rest of the Colter’s series ( my husband actually liked them also!) Would really recommend those books ! very hot & you believed in it working for them.


  7. scgirl1221 says:

    I like couples too, but I have stumbled upon books that have threesomes and couldn’t stop reading. (Kaleb by Nicole Edwards Rush by Maya Banks and saving Haley by Samantha Ann King.) Very good books!


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