Elena reviews: A Love Like This by Kahlen Aymes



The synopsis:

Settled in New York City, Ryan and Julia Matthews seek to enjoy their idyllic newlywed life together.  Julia’s high-profile job at Vogue and Ryan’s promising career in medicine will surely set them up for everything they could ever want, their only obstacle seems to be finding enough time to spend together.

When a scuffle at Ryan’s hospital puts his life in danger, a colleague steps in to save him but is critically injured in the process.  In a heroic and unwavering effort, Ryan manages to save her life, but her injuries irrevocably change her future forever.

What happens next will push Ryan beyond human endurance, when he is forced to decide how much he will pay for his new friendship and Julia, what she is willing to sacrifice in order to spare herself the unspeakable pain of watching someone else try to replace her in Ryan’s heart.

Join Ryan and Julia in the heart-wrenching conclusion to the unforgettable story of an incredible love… worth every single sacrifice…

For there is nothing more sacred than

A Love Like This…

My review:

The Remembrance Trilogy is one of those series that touched my heart. I was anxiously waiting for A Love Like This, the last installment and one of my top ten most anticipated books of 2013, and I was blown away by its perfection. What an amazing finale to this wonderful story! Make sure to have some tissues handy, because you’ll cry happy tears.

If you thought that Ryan and Julia had overcome all the hurdles by the end of Don’t Forget To Remember Me, you were very much mistaken. They are now happily married, but they have to face some obstacles that interfere in their married life. This is also what happens in real life, though, isn’t it ? I’ve said before that I love it when stories are believeable, when they reflect the joys and the sorrows of real life, but also give the reader hope and convey how powerful true love can be.  And this is exactly what A Love Like This does. I couldn’t hope for a better ending to Ryan and Julia’s story.

Ryan is the ever handsome and amazing man we got to know and fall in love with in the previous two books. He loves Julia to bits, but as a human being, he does a few mistakes. He’s kind and generous with others, but this doesn’t make him realize that some women might have other intentions…And so misunderstandings ensue between him and Julia. But what I particularly loved about Ryan this time around (besides the obvious) is that, once he relized he was wrong, he owned up to it and didn’t fear to admit his failings and do his outmost to prove his love to Julia. Who wouldn’t love a man like him? 😉

True love is proven amid difficulties, and Ryan and Julia’s love couldn’t be truer. As always, Kahlen Aymes delivers great passionate scenes that made my heart beat a little faster, because they’re so beautiful, amazing and perfect.

And the ending…It’s so wonderful and sweet that I went and re-read it several times. I’ll miss Ryan and Julia, but I’m happy to have read such an amazing love story, that I’ll revisit often. A story about the power of love, of family bonds, of friendship…

You’ll love A Love Like This and once you’ll finish it, you’ll want to start it all over again and it will leave you with a huge and satisfied smile on your face.

I give A Love Like This 5 stars.


**I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.**

About Elena

Literature is my passion. I love reading so much that I spend countless hours in bookstores and libraries. I have a soft spot for poetry and art. I like traveling and discovering new places. I can't do without a book.

3 thoughts on “Elena reviews: A Love Like This by Kahlen Aymes

  1. puppymom73 says:

    I’m sooo excited about this book. I about peed my pants when it went live on Amazon last night!! 😉 Thanks for the review. I’m ready to spend some more time with the Matthews’. Just love them!


  2. Karen says:

    I have been waiting on this book forever , I know I will love it now I need to check if it has arrived . I have had it preordered for a long time .


  3. Janet says:

    It seems like forever waiting for the ending to this wonderful story. I can’t believe that it is almost here. I cannot wait to read it.


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