Susi Reviews: The Jared Effect by Jake Malden

The Jared EffectSynopsis

Vanessa picks up a hitcher on the Interstate and enlists him to rescue her friend from a doomed romance, with no idea how far he’ll go to help.

Sasha steals a carnie from her shy friend Libby at a funfair, setting the girls on course for a surprise that will rock them both.

Hot teacher Sylvia re-acquaints herself with an ex-student at a music gig, and finds their one-time classroom roles shockingly reversed.

It’s all one man – Jared Morgan, who dropped out of college and hit the road with a Fender acoustic and a change of clothes. He’s been blowing in the wind ever since, getting by on short-term gigs and shorter-term loving.

‘The Jared Effect’ tells three stories of this charming long-haired rogue and the women whose lives he changes. And maybe of the woman who can change him in return. A laid-back joker with an infinitely raunchy mind and a permanently hard cock, he’s the kind of trouble it’s wise to steer clear of. But seriously – where would be the fun in that?

My Review

My first week of Summer vacation has been filled with hot, steamy reads.  Let me warn you though, this week’s review takes hot and steamy to a new level.

Have you heard of Jared Morgan?  Well, if you have not, read on and I promise you will be longing for Jared by the end of my review.

The Jared Effect by Jake Malden is a book of three erotic encounters.  It is the first book I have read by Mr. Malden, but surely won’t be my last. Jared Morgan is the bad boy in these three stories. He is a handsome, cocky,  tattooed charmer. He is funny and self confident too. He can be found playing in a band, working construction or even working at a carnival. For some women, he is the guy you were warned to stay away from. But, after you meet him, you may never want to.

Each story in this erotic collection is written through the eyes of the females Jared encounters.  Since it is written in the female point of view, it is easier to understand the power that Jared has at unleashing their sexual desires.  From the moment Jared makes contact with each woman, his magnetism, charm, and sexual expertise guarantee him a raunchy sexual adventure that leads to much self discovery and pleasure in each woman. He unleashes hidden desires in each woman he meets.

One of the things I liked most was that the three stories feature Jared in different places with different jobs.  However, no matter where he works or lives, he leaves women wanting more. Jared is the perfect bad boy. He can be dirty and raunchy. I’d like to say his strongest attribute is the fact that he takes pleasure in satisfying his women and making them enjoy their sexual experiences like they never have before.  Ok, are you starting to see why I love Jared?

Believe me, the sexual scenes are very well written and will leave you flushed. It is not a light read.  The content is sizzling hot. In fact, even the content of his drawings are of erotic encounters and play a significant role in each of his stories.

I have to be honest, there were several eye popping moments while I read. I can never read the words Trick or Treat the same again. And, I may or may not want to pick up a hitchhiker someday.

While intense and steamy, there is also humor making Jared a very realistic character.   He is not the typical wealthy alpha male and that makes him all the more interesting and fun loving.

If you like to read searing erotica, get yourself a copy of The Jared Effect.

I gave this book 5 sizzling stars.

Get to Know Jake Malden

Jake Malden is an Irish free-lance journalist living and working in London.  I am looking forward to reading his novel  ‘The Tempting of Neely J’ which should be out later this year.

You can find Jake on Twitter @JakeMalden1

4 thoughts on “Susi Reviews: The Jared Effect by Jake Malden

  1. Ali g says:

    Wow this is certainly a bad boy I want to meet
    I will definitely pick this book up I love how its written from the women’s POV thanks for sharing great review


  2. maureen says:

    Hmmmm I think I need to read this a other Jake books!!


  3. Cristina says:

    Wow! I was looking for short stories to read over the summer and this book certainly looks like one I would enjoy. Thank you!!


  4. Mags says:

    Wow Susi, you’ve convinced me yet another book to be added to my Goodreads to read list! When will I have the time to read all these books?! I need a lotto win! And a date with Jared by the sound of it hehe xxx


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