Fan Fiction Friday: Annie Reviews Terroir and Michelle is coming to ChiTown

Hope everyone is having a great summer so far. This week, Annie has a great completed story from Thimbles that she wants to share with us, plus a list of stories that have recently completed, that she has reviewed here recently. Michelle is going to attend the TwiFic Meet Up in Chicago, next weekend. I hope to meet up with her at some point. There will be so much going that she promises to tell us all about it, when she gets back! Both her and Annie have stories that they are watching, that we should all add to our ever-growing reading lists. Thanks ladies!!

Terroir banner

Terroir  by thimbles (Complete)

Fic Summary: Isabella Swan uproots her life on a whim, moving halfway around the world in search of something more. Perhaps she will find what she’s looking for in the neatly laid rows of Cullen Family Wines’ Hunter Valley vineyard. Sometimes, it is the grafted vine that produces the more vigorous growth.

Terroir is a lovely story in so many ways. After her mother’s death, Bella picks up and leaves to stay with one of Renee’s friends in Australia for a year (at least). Esme and Carlisle own and run a vineyard there where Bella will be working. The man they ask to teach her about the wines is named Edward. Edward is handsome (I kind of pictured MexiRob for this one, but to each her own Edward), kind, sweet, sexy, funny, in other words, lovely.

Excerpt from chapter 4:

Rubbing her eyes, she makes her way to the front door, flipping on every light in the cottage as she goes.

“Hey.” Edward stands on her porch, holding a bottle of wine and a plate covered in tinfoil. “Uh, hi.” Isabella says, speaking through the screen door. “I was just – I need to – I forgot about dinner. I–” she breaks off, covering a yawn with her fist.

“Esme figured you were tired,” he tells her with a wink. “So she sent me down with your dinner.” “Oh. I should call – I have a cell phone …” Isabella looks around, as though she expects her phone to sit up and wave at her.

Edward chuckles, and Isabella shivers at the way the sound seems to tumble across her skin. “She said to tell you not to fret, that she’ll drop by in the morning, and to kick me out if I’m being a pain in your arse.”

“Is that a likely scenario?” She swings the screen door open.

“Huh? Oh!” Edward’s eyes are dark and shining with laughter as he stands in the light spilling out the door. “Of course not.” He extends the arm holding the plate. “Hungry? Esme’s a bloody good cook. And this is our Reserve Shiraz from oh six. Lovely drop.” He waves the bottle of wine.

“Thanks.” Isabella smiles, taking the plate and the wine. “Do you – um, do you want to come in?” She’s a little surprised at herself as the offer slips out, and she feels her cheeks heat.

They have a slow burn of a romance, both are dealing with the death of a loved one and Bella is acclimating to her new country. Soon enough she’s thinking of the vineyard as home and Edward as her future. Thimbles’ writing is gorgeous as usual and we learn so many things about winemaking (I wished I were one of Edward’s vines) and Australia in general. I loved all of it.

Check it out.

Some of the WIPs I’ve mentioned here have completed recently, so if you were waiting to read them, wait no more:

Salacious  by cutestkidsmom

Something True by BelieveItOrNot

Beneath This Sky by Bedelia

Some WIPs I’m keeping my eye on:

Down Home by MrsSpaceCowboy

Never Said I Didn’t  by purelyamuse

Bear Creek Road  by Jonesn

Changing My Course  by twilover76




Hey there FanFic Friday friends!   It’s a bit crazy right now… lots of new fics to keep an eye on, some great writing contests, and (I saved the best for last) my trip to Chicago for the TwiFic Meet Up!!!   Yes indeed, I’m going to spend 4 days with over 100 other fic loving friends.

TwiFicMeetUp banner

We’re very lucky that @theswandive, @mskathy, @aleighy  (along with others) have worked so hard to organize a great event!!  Including a Bookstore/Bar Crawl, an Inside the Author’s Studio (with a fantastic line-up), Workshops, ENTERTAINMENT with a capital E, and of course a sight-seeing tour of Chicago which includes top fic locations!

Can I just say how excited I am to attend the Author’s Studio which many writers who have been featured on this very blog!!







IReen H

Rochelle Alison


I look forward to giving you my take on the event.  And I’m pretty sure that the motto of  ‘what happen in Chicago, stays in Chicago’ will apply to my future post.  (Hoping to meet a certain KatieBird while there too!)


A couple of new stories I’m watching include:

The Debt by Ta Paixao

Crashed (also) by Ta Paixao

Twi Trek by ThreeHotPotatoes

I’m really looking forward to reading these…..especially the Star Trek crossover.


Just a quick reminder about the contests that are currently taking entries or will be in the next month or so.

Fruit of the Vine, Dirty Talking Edward, Make Me Laugh, Angst Contest. Here are the links: 

angst contest



See you in a week or two!



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I am a huge reader of young adult, new adult, and paranormal romances. I also have an acute fondness of Robert Thomas Pattinson. I love that I get to share with everyone my love of reading.

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  1. Annie says:

    Whoa, look at that line up of fic authors. Lucky TFMU attendees!


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