18 and Over: New Adult?!?

Question of the Week: New Adult Romance. Can’t get enough? Tired of seeing it everywhere? or Undecided?

I am loving the New Adult genre or sub genre, so for me it’d have to be can’t get enough for sure. Most of the best books I’ve read so far this year have fallen into this category. I have been introduced to so many great authors  that are writing books which fit into this category, and I love being able to spotlight them and recommend their books to everyone.

To name just a few that I love?!? Colleen Hoover, Katja Millay, J.A. Redmerski, Tammara Webber, Jasinda Wilder and S.C. Stephens.

If you haven’t checked out these authors and their books because you thought New Adult was the same as Young Adult? Trust me…it’s not the same at all. New Adult is definitely for an older audience. You can read an article here that tells you a bit more about it.

What about you? Can’t get enough? Tired of seeing it everywhere? or Undecided?

Tamie Xo

4 thoughts on “18 and Over: New Adult?!?

  1. It seems the only different is New Adult has more of a story line less sex. Erotic sometimes has to much. I kind of like the younger characters . But I do like a little sex in my books ! But sometimes high school kids and sex makes me a little uneasy ! Maybe because my kid is going into high school !!! If it’s a good story line I will read it anyway !!


  2. I love the new genre and Goodreads has a group for it now. It’s been a long time coming!


  3. Earla says:

    I am an avid 50ish reader and just started reading New Adult and do enjoy it….I am not a fan of Young adult….too much the same story line…glad to hear Goodreads has a group now….love Bookish Temptation…have discovered may good novels


  4. katiebirdie says:

    I love this new genre, because the age of the characters are more relatable. I feel like most of the fan fiction I’ve been reading for years now, fit in this category. I guess it’s not so new for me! I do like that some of my favorite YA authors are venturing into this genre, like JLA with Obsession. 🙂


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