Book Bash- The Night Before…In Photo’s…

Well peeps…where do I begin to tell you about the fanfuckingtastic experience of Book Bash?

To say it was amazing is an understatement. To say it was fun doesn’t begin to cover it.


One of the very best things about it was getting to meet my blog mate Susi, and my new publicist… Ali ( teehee, inside joke there) for the first time in person. Then we went to meet up with more friends…Margie and Lena. We did the pre-registration thing and checked out the authors tables…of course y’all know I went and found SR’s table right away…Wait! What?!? Did someone just call me a dork?!? O…yeah…that was me 😉

bookbash SR's table

We got to meet up with a few of our favorite authors too! Was I completely fangurling…O…you bet!

bookbash susi and Ali  bookbash with Tammara

With Tammara Webber who is as sweet and wonderful as y’all think she is!

bookbash susi and madeline

Susi with Madeline Sheehan who is kick ass cool.

bookbash ali and susi and jamie

Susie and Ali with Jamie McGuire

bookbash kahlen and girls

Susi, Margie, Ali, and Lena with Kahlen Aymes who is an absolute doll.

Then to cap it all off we went out to dinner before crashing for the night.

Book Bash was off to a great start and tomorrow couldn’t come fast enough.

I’ll share the awesome of Saturday in another post…stay tuned!

Tamie Xo

6 thoughts on “Book Bash- The Night Before…In Photo’s…

  1. Jessica says:

    Book Bash was A-MAZING! I have not recovered yet – totally lost my voice the night before the big event. Figures. Can’t wait for next year!!!


  2. Ali g says:

    Omg tamie book-bash 2013 was definitely awesomesauce and to say it wasn’t wonderful meeting you Margie , Lena, andarta Susi ,Enn and all our favorite authors as well as making new friends is an understatement can’t wait for bookbash 2014 !!! Whoo hoo


  3. Helena says:

    Is there any picture with Enn Bocci ?


  4. Margie says:

    My favorite part of BookBash was meeting you ladies! Tamie, Ali, Susi and Lena. Me & my baby bump had a blast!


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