18 and Over: Sexy Times

Question of the Week: What’s your favorite time period for your fictional fantasy men? Do you drool over a Scottish Highlander in his kilt swinging his… err… claymore? Do you want a bodice ripper to scandalize you before the ton? Maybe a modern day Commando to sweep you off your feet and then tie you up in creative ways? Or perhaps a futuristic space pirate to kidnap you away from Earth and tempt you with all of his unknown alien bedroom secrets? *eyebrow wiggle*

All of the above sound pretty good to me, and I’ve done my fair share of drooling over Scottish Highlanders, but lets say someone told me that I could only read one time period from now on…Yikes! Even writing that was difficult…then I’d choose the here and now…the contemporary. Even as a fantasy I like thinking that the stories I read and immerse myself in could actually happen.

What about you? What’s your favorite time period to read in books and why?

Tamie Xo

4 thoughts on “18 and Over: Sexy Times

  1. JoJo Quinn says:

    I do love bodice rippers but I enjoy a modern day tie me up just as much


  2. I love a Billionaire strong, bossy, obsessed with me, !!! Built and Look great in a suite and tie !! At least this month. 😉


  3. JMossReads says:

    Contemporary all the way. I find it easier to relate to the story making it more enjoyable.


  4. geokrusch says:

    Scottish highlander for me! I mean, come on…some sexy bedroom talk in that Scottish brogue? Yes please! 😉


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