18 and Over: DNF’s

Question of the Week: When you DNF a book or rate a book two ‘stars’ or lower, do you post a review for it on your blog? Have you ever emailed the author about it?

When I DNF or flounce or give up on a book I would never review it anywhere. I have a policy on Bookish Temptations that we WILL NOT review any book that we wouldn’t give a 3 rating to. Why?!? Because I don’t want to waste our time on writing negative reviews. I’d much rather we tell you what we love and recommend. I know plenty of book bloggers that feel differently, and that’s ok. We each set up our own guidelines and policies.

I have never emailed an author and told them I didn’t like/finish their book, nor do I have any plans to do so in the future.

What about you? How do you feel about negative reviews?

Tamie Xo

9 thoughts on “18 and Over: DNF’s

  1. Joanne Christenson says:

    I definitely agree and understand. …not every book is everyone’s cup of tea… but I wish there were a list somewhere to alert followers so we don’t waste precious reading time on duds.


  2. katiebirdie says:

    This is one of the reasons why i joined the team here. It’s bad karma, to put out that kind of negativity. I will rate the book and try to explain why I didn’t care for it on Goodreads though. That seems like the most appropriate place.


  3. lissabryan says:

    I don’t write negative reviews, either. I wouldn’t rate something poorly just because it wasn’t to my tastes. After all, I’ve adored some novels with were universally panned, and couldn’t finish some beloved classics that top everyone’s favorite’s lists, so my tastes are not to be trusted as a measure of quality.

    If there were actually problems with the book (errors, bad grammar, plot holes, etc) I’d rather send a message privately to the author. I see that akin to taking a lady aside and whispering to her that her slip is showing, rather than discussing it publicly.


  4. The lowest rating I have posted on my blog is either two or two and a half stars out of a possible five. I try to keep these reviews constructive (I hope!) and simply outline my reasons for not liking the book. I think long and hard about those reasons and make notes before writing such a review. Additionally, if at all possible, I like to try and note any elements of the book I did genuinely like as I don’t like to be nothing but negative about a book if I don’t have too. If I feel a book is less than two stars, I place it on my DNF page on my blog but don’t offer any thoughts/comments as to why it is there. I refuse to bash an author or their work; I want to be taken seriously as both a book reviewer and a blogger and find bashing to be completely unprofessional.
    Good luck with your own DNFs and thanks for this question, it’s a good one!


  5. ki pha says:

    I think I have rated a book lower than a three. But I have never DNF a book as of yet. I like to finish them just for the heck of finishing them even if you have to put it down a couple of times. I don’t skim them though, I do actually read them til the end. I don’t know hwy but I just have too. but Yes, I will never send an email to an author telling them i DNF their book nor would I give it a review if all I had to say was bad things. Though I do tell the readers why I didn’t like it. You have to tell them why right? Of course in an honest respective and professional way.


  6. We at Martini Times do share the good and the bad. There was a discussion of something like that a few weeks ago. And it comes down to personal choice. DNF and lower than 3 stars isn’t given out to destroy an author and cut them down, but to give a respectful opinion on why we didn’t like something. Everything is opinion and shouldn’t be taken as fact. Good question.


  7. Ana Chan says:

    I have reviewed before books that have really low ratings but I never never review a book that I haven’t finished reading. I might post a little comment on Goodreads about why I couldn’t finish it but never post a review because I don’t think it’s fair since I don’t know how the book is in its whole.
    However, I think that low rating reviews are always helpful to the readers IF and only IF they are well constructed and the reviewers explain why the rating is so low. Otherwise, why the point of a bad review? I want to know what’s wrong with the book that other readers aren’t liking it.
    One thing I would never do is send a “bad” review to an author. What’s the point in that? Make the author feel bad? Posting a bad review is okay, but never sending it to the author.


  8. @eBook_Girl says:

    You know what… I was thinking of this as I was writing reviews yesterday. If I hated a book, I wouldn’t write a review for it either. I would also never ever ever contact an author to tell them I hated their book. I think that is just rude.
    I feel that if you don’t like a book, nobody is forcing you to read it. Just put it down and move on. That doesn’t mean other people won’t like it.


  9. I agree, if I didn’t like it, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad book, just means its not for me, I prefer raving about books I love rather than trashing ones I didn’t. If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all.


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