Guest Post: Jennifer Probst – Blog Tour

Bookish Temptations is happy to be a part of Jennifer Probst’s book tour for The Marriage Merger and she’s written a special guest post for us…


Quirking Out – What Makes Your Character Interesting?

When I first created my workaholic CEO Julietta Conte from The Marriage Merger, I knew I’d have a blast writing her.

Maybe since I’m a workaholic, too?

Well, I’ve learned to balance work with family demands by endless practice. Also helps that when the children need attention, they pretty much step between you and the book you’re writing,  waving hands and screaming “Please, mommy, I want milk now, now, now, look up from your computer!”

Sorry..I digress.

In order to create a multi faceted character, I knew Julietta needed something else in her life that intrigued people. Something that gave her a bit of depth, and perhaps a way to surprise both my hero and reader. When I brainstormed with my editor, she suggested immediately: motorcycles.

Oh, yeah. I loved it.

Imagine my control freak, power hungry, kick ass CEO on the back of a customized motorbike. This secret hobby she hides from people gives her some edge, and makes us connect with her.  But let’s step it up. When she surprises Sawyer with both her knowledge and expertise with motorcycles, how about she challenges him to a race?

And wins?

Now, that makes for an interesting scene, a deeper connection, and a hell of a lot of fun.

Identifying a special quirk with a character is another trick. In Merger, Julietta has a slight OCD issue where she’s consistently straightening things. It reflects her personality and the extra information rounds out her character.

Reaching deeper past the surface makes for a better story, and I always challenge myself to find those edges. Alexa from The Marriage Bargain had her animal advocacy issues. Michael from The Marriage Trap, used to professionally race cars for a living before taking over the family business. Carina from The Marriage Mistake created erotic art. All of these hidden surprises make for a richer journey.

What types of surprises do you love to read about in your characters? Hobbies, past secrets, vices?

That was awesome! I must say I loved your characters and Julietta and Sawyer are my favorites.

Thank you Jennifer for your Guest Post today!

A little later on today we have a giveaway from Jennifer…



4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Jennifer Probst – Blog Tour

  1. debradml says:

    Wow Jennifer & Susi TY…..can’t wait to read ❤ these books! xox


  2. Margie says:

    I loved this book!!! SAWYER, YUMMO!!! And Julieta was great too! I love The Contes!!! Give me more Michael Jennifer!!!


  3. Lottie says:

    I am so excited to read this book. Come on!!! July 30th!!


  4. Ali g says:

    I love Jennifer probst and this whole series can’t wait to read n great guest interview ladies


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