Fan Fiction Friday: Stolen, Never Said I Didn’t and Accidentally in Love

It’s another Fan Fic Friday here, Michelle and I want to share some stories with you and talk about our experiences at the Chicago TwiFicMeetUp this week!! We hope everyone is having a good summer so far. I love being able to sit outside in the sun and read away the afternoon.

Michelle was able to meet and talk with the authors that we are featuring here. They couldn’t have been more thoughtful, charming, and fun. There are some really great people out there in the Twilight fan fic fandom, and it was a thrill for both of us to meet some of these great ladies in person.

book-sunglasses-beach pic

Michelle is going first this week with recs and more…

Ahhh, summertime!  The season for vacations and reading!  So this week I wanted to talk about two fics that couldn’t be more different…

Smooth-talking con artist vs. a so-not smooth high school boy.

A bit of first love drama vs. the silliness of trying to figure out first love.

Deceptive young man vs. clueless boy.

But you want to know what both these stories have in common??  Brilliant writing by two great writers who give so much to their readers~~~ Rochelle Allison and purelyamuse.

Stolen banner


I think the best way to sum up Stolen is ‘what you see, isn’t also what you get’.  A family wedding brings college-bound Bella to the sunny beaches of the Sunshine State.  Along with her sister and cousins, Bella enjoys the ritzy beaches that just happen to have handsome waiters…….

“Hey, do you want anything to drink?” Rachel asks, grabbing her wallet. “There’s a bar a little ways up the beach, but the waiters work the shore, too. They’ll bring anything if you tip them enough.”~~~

~~~Glancing around, I finally clue in. One of the waiters is standing nearby, hands in his pockets, smiling faintly as he waits for us to get it together. I assume his shift has just started, because we’ve been here all day now and I haven’t seen him before.

But he’s one of those guys.

Dimples and a killer smile.

Sunset hair and sun-kissed skin.

One of the beautiful ones.~~~

~~~But then he’s in front of me like an mirage in the desert, handing me my club soda. There are plenty of limes inside, and a couple of cherries too, and I can’t help but smile. He smiles back, running his fingers through his hair. Tanya pays him, and he thanks her, but then he’s looking at me again. I sip at my cold drink, glad for the relief it brings, but inside I’m overheating at how his pretty eyes trail over me. Guess Tanya was right. I get the feeling he might want to say something, too, but then his coworker touches his arm, nodding toward another group that needs attention, and the spell is broken.

“Have a good one, ladies,” he says, flashing one last million dollar smile as he walks away. He doesn’t turn around this time.

There have been boys.

But never, ever a boy like that.~~~

 Edward does tend to make a good first impression.  But this Edward has secrets.  And secrets tend to make a mess of things when they’re finally revealed.

“So when do you leave?”

“Two days,” I say. For the first time, the thought of leaving Miami bums me out.

His face falls slightly, but evens out so quickly it’s as if I’ve imagined it. “So I have two days.”

“Two days to what?”

His fingers brush the outside of my thigh, raising goosebumps. “Two days to whatever.”~~~

~~~”But you didn’t grow up here?”

He shakes his head. “From all over. We’ve always traveled a lot.”

“Is your brother in Miami now?”

“For the time being.”

Sometimes I get the impression he’s being purposely vague. “Are you the secretive type?” I ask, fighting a yawn.

“I can be.” He smirks~~~

You start to see a pattern with their conversations…

~~~“Tell me the truth,”~~~

~~~ “Can you ever give me straight answers?”~~~

~~~He looks almost uncertain.


“You’re different than what I expected,” he says.

“Is that…good?”

“Yeah, it’s good. You’re, I don’t know. Much more than I thought.”

“Much more than what? Some girl on the beach?” I wrinkle my nose, even though I’m beginning to feel the same way about him. There’s a lot going on behind that perfect face, and sometimes his eyes tell stories all their own.

“Way more. And, just…I like you.”~~~

But then “it” happens… you know: THE DRAMA… Once you read the first chapter, which is the prologue, you’ll want to figure out how Edward could do that and how will this all work out.  Plus, this Charlie has his own secrets that start to factor into B&E’s relationship.

UGH!! Even though you learn Edward has done something  “unforgivable” in the early chapters, Rochelle is able to show another side to her male lead.  If you want to know what happens, you need to check out Stolen!  Rochelle has a plan for her characters and already posted 18 chapters of Stolen for you to dive into!

P.S.  I got the chance to meet Rochelle at the TFMU, and I gotta tell ya, she is such a sweetheart.  And yes, I was a fangirl. [KB: I wish I could have met Rochelle, I loved Starry Eyed Inside. *happy sigh* I would have totally fangirled on her too!]

banner by twistedinmasen

banner by twistedinmasen


Oh the angst of young love when you don’t have a clue!!  For this Edward, I think that’s a pretty good way of saying: Never Said I Didn’t is a good guide on ‘how not to get the girl’.   Well, in the beginning I guess.  How purelyamuse gets into the mind of a teenage boy is beyond me.

Edward and Bella are best friends. They’ve been in each other’s lives since childhood.  And sometimes, boys are a little slower on the uptake when things start to change.  But don’t worry, he’ll figure it out.  He might not be afraid of a prickly shrub, but Charlie is a different story.  Not to mention Bella is not afraid to use a baseball bat.

I step up on the block that’s meant for Bella and use it to propel myself over the fence and into her back yard. My undershirt snags on the fence and tears a tiny bit. Could this day get any worse?

Sandy perks her ears up but doesn’t make a peep. I pat her head then make my way to Bella’s window. I tap three times, leaning over the scratchy bush Charlie planted under Bella’s window to keep me out the year I turned thirteen. Like that did any good.~~~

And see, here’s where things get tricky.  He does need Bella – his friend.  The one person who knows everything about him: the good, the bad, and the stinky.  (They play ball folks, they get smelly!!)   But Edward kinda messes up so he has one heck of a learning curve to overcome to get back in the game.

She’s in her baking stance: one leg is perched up, foot against knee. She’s wearing light pink knee socks with a hot pink stripe, giving her a sort of flamingo look.

Gran’s cowboy cookies?”

She nods from where she is. She hasn’t even looked at me. This is annoying. At the very least I figured she’d scold me for leaning my nasty hat over her bowl.

“About last night . . .” I start, having no clue what I’m about to say, just knowing I need to say something.

She sighs loudly and stops stirring, pressing her hands against the countertop. She shakes her head. “Just forget it, Edward. I get it. It’s fine. We don’t have to talk about it.

“Are you mad at me?” I ask, chewing thoughtfully.

“Yes,” she says and takes another chunk of cookie into her mouth.

Well, crap. Now what?

“Well, can you, like, at least give me some pointers?”

“How ’bout you take your head out of your butt.” She takes an angry bite of cookie and keeps her eyes on the TV.

“Nice. Real nice, Swan.”

“How long will you be mad at me?”

“I don’t know.” She crams another cookie into her mouth.

“Can you give me a ballpark?”

“Wrigley.” She picks up the remote and stabs the buttons angrily, trying to change the channel.

“Good choice.” I wasn’t expecting her smart mouth, but as I look to her bulletin board and see Wrigley first in line of her must-see fields, I know this is serious.~~~

But never fear, his family is there to help guide him….

“If there’s anything I’m proud of, it’s that I’ve raised such sweet boys.”

“Watch that plural. I don’t think Garrett counts. Do you remember that girl he brought home for Christmas?”

“She was covered in glitter,” Mom blurts and covers her wide smile with her well-manicured hand.

I laugh loudly at the memory, remembering my brother’s detailed account of how he came across her. Gross.

“But some boys are just boys.”

“Hey, what does that say about me?” I nudge her with my foot, and she giggles softly.

“You are a gentleman.”

“Well, tell that to Bella.” It comes about a bit brattier than I mean it to.

“Oh, she knows you’re one of the good ones.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Why? What did you do?” Mom scrutinizes me in that I-know-you-broke-the-window way, and I come clean.

“I may have kissed her last night.”~~~ << And there’s your trouble.

You’ll love purelyamuse’s characters in this fic!  The banter between Edward and his siblings is sitcom funny!  The usual suspects are included.   They of course help with the flow of wisecracks and ‘sage teenage advice’ given to Edward.   And Charlie is great too!  He’s rooting for Edward but make no mistake, he sets limits.

“You kids gonna stay here?” Charlie asks.

“If you want me to go to my room just tell me,” Bella complains.

“What kind of a dad would I be if I told my only daughter to go to her room with the likes of this riff raff?” he asks, giving me a look. A did-you-fix-it-yet? look. I have no idea how to respond to that, so I take off my cap and follow the heavy lettering of our school name with my finger.

“A trusting one?” Bella says, laughing.

“Uh huh. And, Edward, did you fix it?” Charlie asks, his full attention on me.

I snap my cap back in place and say, “Trying to, sir.”

“Well, don’t go overboard, you got it?”

“Yep.” Dammit~~~

I know I’m not giving much away, but don’t worry.  There are 21 chapters posted already and purely has already written the entire fic so no worries about it not completing.  I hope you get a chance to add Never Said I Didn’t to your summer reading list!

On my radar — My twitter is buzzing with excitement over One Day by RueforRegret!!! If you haven’t started reading it, go.. now!!

Until next time,




So my rec this week is Accidentally in Love by Missus T. *completed* Michelle got to meet her in Chicago too!! Lucky girl…

Accidently in Love banner

Banner by time_lights

Edward is in the middle of his residency at a hospital in Seattle. His life is work and sleep, not much time to date and meet anyone outside of the hospital. But the thing is his mother Esme, wants him settled and married. She starts threatened him with set ups and blind dates. He doesn’t want or really have time for that, so in an effort to get her off of his back, he tells her that he’s met someone. No harm, no foul, right? Well, the family 4th of July weekend in the Hamptons is here, and now he’s got to show up with someone.

Lucky for him he has his friend Garrett to help him, and Craig’s List. LOL! Garrett is fantastic in this story, because he’s the only one who can push Edward towards his goal. Together they write an ad asking for a fake fiancee’ for the weekend.

Bella’s a school teacher off for the summer, when her best friend Angela, who BTW, is NOT the goody-two-shoes in this story. She is crazy and hilarious in this!! She really meets her match with Garrett too. Anyway, Angela sees the ad from Edward and brings it to Bella’s attention. Bella has always wanted to go to the East Coast, and agrees to meet with Edward.

What’s sweet about this story is Edward and Bella start out being friends first, even though the attraction is mutual and strong. Bella wants to be there for Edward, and just get through the weekend without too much trouble. Edward is the one with the lie, but his family wants to see him happy, so they accept Bella completely. Well, everyone but Rose. Who’s not surprised by that?? There is quite a bit of drama in a family that large, but Bella seems to take it all in stride. She’s falling for Edward without even realizing it.

The UST between them grows with each passing day AND night, pushing them towards the inevitable.

“Mm… That was…” she trailed off, chuckling. “Wow.”

Thank God for the wow, or I would have been worried.

“It was,” I agreed, lightly trailing my fingers down her side. It had been by far the best sex I’d ever had.

The house was quiet except for the sound of our breathing mixed with the rhythmic push and pull of the ocean. We stayed like that for a while, gently touching and catching our breath. The silence was comfortable, like a warm blanket cocooning us from the world.

Eventually, she shifted in my arms, pulling me behind her so we were spooned together. My mind replayed the night in bits and pieces. But just like in the car, I kept going back to our earlier discussion, and my words made me cringe.


“Yeah?” Her voice was muffled and quiet, as if she was almost asleep.

It didn’t matter though, I couldn’t let her go to sleep without telling her what I was thinking. I tightened my arms around her and sighed.

“I know that what I said tonight… It wasn’t enough…”

She rolled over to face me before I could finish and put her finger over my lips.

“Edward, no.” She shook her head. “I knew what you meant.”

She may have understood, but she didn’t know what I meant. I swallowed hard and looked into her eyes. “Someday I’ll give you a real proposal. Down on one knee, a diamond—all of that. I promise.”

She took in a sharp breath and looked away, blinking. I could tell that I’d surprised her.

“I mean it.”

She nodded and brought her eyes back to mine. “I believe you.”

Somehow I hadn’t anticipated her response. I don’t know what I expected her to say, but her words were perfect. “Good.”

She nodded again and rolled over, clutching my arm as it draped across her chest. I sighed and closed my eyes, finally letting sleep begin to wash over me.

It was foggy after that, in that space between dreaming and awake, but I swore I heard her whisper, “And when you ask me, I’m going to say yes.”

So what happens when they go back to Seattle? Do they continue the lie? You will have to read to find out. Won’t ya? Other highlights in this story, which definitely has a great HEA btw, is Esme. She is a complete lush in this one. I love seeing secondary characters in a different light! Also, the author recs some great stories and books in her ending ANs for every chapter. Anyone who is reading and adoring the Premonition series from Amy A. Bartol is Ay OK in my book. And she’s from my DH’s home state of Michigan. 🙂 

Happy Summer reading everyone!! Katiebird xxoo


TFMU chicago

WOW!  I still can’t believe it’s come and gone!  The TwiFic Meet Up in Chicago was such a wonderful experience!  To be able to meet your fellow fic lovers and talk ‘shop’, was beyond fun.  And trust me, fun was had in Chicago.  Not to mention, I GOT TO MEET KATIEBIRD!! 🙂

First and foremost, I want to thank @theswandive, @mskathy, and @aleighy for their time and hard work in organizing a great event!

Our first day included the official registration where attendees collected their TFMU goodies!  I just love goodie bags!! 🙂

Michelle's TFMU stuff

 Next up was the Author’s Studio hosted by MsKathy!  As a reader, getting an insight to the writers during their Q&A session was fascinating.  Inside the Author’s Studio let you glimpse behind their talented words and see just who these creative women are.   A big thanks to these writers:






IReen H

Rochelle Alison



We just sat back and enjoyed the writers answering some tough questions:  What’s your favorite curse word? What turns you on? What turns you off?

Turns out ‘fuck’ is very popular and ‘motherfucker’ is a big hit with Ruth aka Abstractway.   I can’t recall the foreign curse phrase Shay Savage introduced us to.   Lovely Rochelle doesn’t really have one except for maybe ‘feck’ from her Irish side.

It seems that mean people turn off our fic writers and swoony men, or men with tattoos are a BIG turn on.  << YES and PLEASE! Another turn off: the word moist seemed to make many people cringe that day.

Of course, there were the more pressing questions:  Where do you get your story ideas?  Do you outline or write chapters as they come to you?

Since each writer is unique, each answer was different.  Some of them do the outline but when they get a moment free from their real life, they just bang something out.  I think I heard the phrase, “when the muse strikes, I gotta get to my computer!”

It was interesting how many said their story ideas come from real life situations.  To paraphrase from the day……”You know a friend that had this or that happen to them, and bam, a plot is born!”

I thought it was cute that these women are so brave to put their words out there for all to see and yet they were so nervous about being in front of an adoring crowd!

All in all, getting to hear their personal voices, meeting them one-on-one, personally thanking them for their words was one of the best part of the meet up.

With day one wrapping up, it was time for Girl’s Night Out – Fandom style! Savage7289 highly recommended 676 Bar and Restaurant for it’s fabulous martini’s.  Many attendees decided they needed to confirm her recommendation.  AND THIS IS WHERE I GOT TO MEET KATIEBIRD.


I was beyond excited to get to meet Michelle in person, especially since she was in my city!! While I couldn’t get the time off work or the cash together to attend the TFMU, I definitely didn’t want to miss the chance to see Michelle and hear about the Author’s Studio.

I picked the 676 bar, because of Shay Savage of course, but ironically the timing was perfect! I had just posted my interview on BT that day, with Shay and Evan Arden from Otherwise Occupied, that I had at the bar, so to see it in person was so cool!! Check out my post here. Michelle and I met at her hotel and walked in the rain together, like we were old friends. There was no awkwardness at all!!

We settled down at our table and ordered drinks. I peppered her with questions about the authors and who she had met so far. It is so great to talk with like-minded people who love the fandom and fan fiction. It was enlightening and funny to say the least. We then moved onto our own lives and how we found Twilight of course.  One highlight for me was the writers/authors/readers thoughts on being published. There is still some negativity towards authors pulling their work and publishing them. I for one think it’s great and am always excited for the author and the new readers. I also enjoyed discussing the authors’ personalities. Shay is quite a hoot in person!

We then moved on to talk about our favorite subject, Rob, and discussed in great detail, whether or not he is actually single now. I found out what a “shipper” is, because I’m not that hip with the lingo. LOL. We both adore him and want him to be happy, and can’t wait for more pics from Dior Homme.  We also agree that he is more gorgeous in person, but that’s a given. Michelle has done so much, and met some great people. She’s gone to premieres for both Breaking Dawns, Cosmopolis and went to Forks, which is so amazing!!  I hope that one day we will get to meet again at another premiere, because she is so fun and sweet. I adore her.

After dinner we walked back to her hotel, where I got to meet FluffyLiz (I seriously screamed out loud and hugged her, because I couldn’t help myself), and the authors JiffyKate in the lobby. There was more people that I struggle to remember, even though everyone was so nice. We have such a great fandom. 🙂

Stay tuned next week for highlights on the workshop and city tour from Michelle.


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