18 and Over: New to Me…

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Who are new-to-YOU-authors that you’ve read and loved so far this year?

This has been a really big year of new to me authors, and I’ve been so lucky to have loved many of their books.

Jodi Ellen Malpas who wrote  3 of my favorite books this year.


Jasinda Wilder who completely wowed me with:


J.A. Redmerski who gave me Andrew Parrish ~le happy sigh~

Kristen Ashley who has way too many books for me to show you, but here’s a few of my favorites:


Katie Evans who blessed me with Remy:

Madeline Sheehan who captured me with:


Whoa! I haven’t even come close to half the new to me authors that I’ve discovered so far this year, so looks like I’ll be doing a part two and maybe even three in the future.

What about you? What authors have you discovered this year so far that have dazzled you with their characters and story?

Tamie Xo

11 thoughts on “18 and Over: New to Me…

  1. Stacy Nickelson says:

    I have several but Lynetta Halat who wrote Every Rose is my favorite. I LOVED that book and she has a new one coming out soon that sounds just as good called Everything I Never Had. The Hamden Series by W. Ferraro is amazing. HB Heinzer is another one that I just found out about in June and I love all of hers too.M.S. Willis’ who does the Control series is also great she is fairly new but got 2 books out quick. Oh there is Danielle Torella who wrote Private Message, Cynthia P O’Neill who has I Remember and Learning to Trust, Sarah Daltry who has a few but I just read Forget Me Not and feel in love. Braxton Cole wrote The Birthday Wish, All Wrapped Up, and Blown, all great. K.Pinson wrote In Spades.I love her character Dax. Kimberly Knight’s B&S Series is wonderful and last is Love in All the Wrong Places by Audrey Hart it was a fun read. There are a ton more but these are all my favorites and I keep a watch out for anything they write because I know it will be good.


    • Thanks Stacy for the plug! My book I Remember is a Young Adult Paranormal Romance, with a little history in it. A classic romantic read for those believing in true soul mates, love at first site and reincarnation. A classic good versus evil (in the sense of dark witches and spirits) book. Learning to Trust is on the opposite end of the romantic spectrum as the first in an Erotica/Contemporary series. My main character Garrett is hoping to give Christian a run for his money! 😉


  2. sarahdaltry says:

    I loved Click to Subscribe by LM Augustine. Not erotic at all, I know, but I just read it and it was so sweet. 🙂


  3. Gina Chiappini says:

    M.S. Willis. She wrote The Control Series. The 3rd book will be out by September 1, 2013.


  4. Laurie Davis says:

    just discovered C.D. Reiss and Tiffany Reisz – both amazon. Emma Chase and Katy Evans as well and look forward to something new from each of them.


  5. laura voss says:

    My new to me authors that have dazzled me with characters and stories are Lynetta Halat and M.S. Willis. I loved Every Rose by Lynetta and can’t wait for Everything I’ve Never Had. The Control series by M.S. Willis is my favorite of the year.


  6. Stacy N says:

    Lynetta Halat , W. Ferraro, HB Heinzer, M.S. Willis, Danielle Torella, Sarah Daltry, Cynthia P. O’Neill, K.Pinson, Braxton Cole, Kimberly Knight and Audrey Hart are all my favorites and they are wonderful


  7. Shirley Bastian says:

    There are soooo many, but to name a few . . . Alice Clayton, Mimi Strong and Olivia Cunning


  8. I can definitely add to that list! Andrea Randall’s November Blue series and In the Stillness, Charles Sheehan-Miles Thompson Sister’s books, Lynetta Halat’s Every Rose, Melissa Brown’s Love of My Life series, Maggi Myers The FInal Piece, Christine Brae’s The Light in My Wound, Melissa Perea’s Seeds of Hate. Michelle Pace and Tammy Coons – Fury and also The Perpetual Quest for the Perfect Life. L.B. SImmons Recovery and Running on Empty. Kim Karr – Connected.


  9. Brenda McInnis says:

    There are so many…. Lynetta Halat, Danielle Torella, Katy Evans, Madeline Sheehan, that’s my starter list.♡♡


  10. katiebirdie says:

    I would have to say that I’ve read some amazing books from authors that I had not heard of until I was told about from here or Goodreads.

    Colleen Hoover, Kiera Kass, and Julie Kagama have written books that totally own me. 🙂


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