Fan Fiction Friday: Edward Cullen for President

Edward Cullen for President

Cosmopolis suit

I bet that got your attention! LOL

One of my favorite TV shows is starting another season this fall. Oct. 3rd actually. It’s called Scandal. It’s fantastic, and it’s produced by Shonda Rhimes. She knows how to write about drama and chemistry, and this show in particular, is about the politics in Washington DC. I was really missing it this summer, so I went looking for stories with a political theme.

The two stories I found are amazing and totally gave me what I wanted. Intelligent characters, political intrigue, and off-the-charts sexual chemistry. I love it all, and can’t wait to share them with you.

All of Presiden'ts Men banner

The first completed story is fairly short at 188 pages, but that just means that Shahula doesn’t waste any time giving us the mystery and intrigue right away in All the President’s Men.

I love the quotes at the beginning of each chapter from Presidents and First Ladies through out history. So cool. We learn in the first chapter that Edward Cullen is President of the United States. *happy sigh* He is outside on the lawn playing catch with Jake, his dog, trying to get a moment of peace, when the head of security, Emmett walks up to him to tell him something that has been troubling Edward from the moment he became President, and even before. His wife, Bella, might have been found, who’s been missing for nearly four years.

From the moment Edward was told that Bella died in a plane crash in Arizona, he has been searching for her, because he just didn’t believe it. In each chapter, we are given clues as to where she has been all this time, and my favorite part, glimpses into the past. We get these little snippets of how they met and what their relationship was like, while he was campaigning. So romantic and funny.

So I know no one will be surprised by this, but Bella is found. In Alaska of all places. She just doesn’t look or act the same. She has no memory of her life with him. We get to experience her learning of her life in White House, their daughter Beth, and the special relationship she and Edward once shared.

Excerpt from Chapter 9 Hillary Clinton:

Feeling encouraged and brave, Bella asked again, “And what about you? Was I a good wife to you?”

“Oh, my Bella,” Edward sighed, the longing and love ringing clear in his voice. “You were the perfect wife. I can’t even tell you how much your love sustained me through the years, both when we were together and after you disappeared. You were with me every step of the way in my career, every election and every loss; comforting me, guiding me, pushing me to do better, be more, do more.

“You gave me a life, you gave me a home and so much joy. You gave me a daughter I love more than life itself, but best of all, you gave me you.”

Bella felt the tears trickle down her face, Edward’s words sinking into her soul, washing over her with their beauty and love. She could almost feel the gentle touch of his hand on hers again, the heat of his touch burning but welcome. She wished he were there with her, so she might see the emotions he spoke of in his expressive eyes.

“Edward, I…” Bella sighed, unsure of what she could possibly say in return. His words were so deep, heartfelt and honest, and while her heart felt full to bursting, wanting desperately to respond in kind, her mind refused to let her, knowing so much was still unknown about their future and even their past.

“It’s all right, Bella,” Edward told her. “I understand. I don’t want you to say anything back, but just know that I have never felt for anyone the way I did, do, feel for you. I have never, and will never, love any one like I love you, Isabella Cullen. No time, distance, or lack of memories will change that.”


It is beautiful story about a man who helps the woman he will always love find her way again. Plus, there is the mystery of who did this to Bella and why. It’s that political intrigue I was telling you about earlier. It’s done just right.


The second completed story seriously blew me away, because it was so much more than just another political love story. I had no idea when I started it, that the author was going to take us on such surprising journey.

Cullen Legacy banner

The Cullen Legacy by Pattyrose

First, what is quite different about this story is Bella is British. I know weird, but it works, and it’s a nice change I think. Edward is a Congressman for New York, and in the first chapter, Bella is at a fund raising party for Edward, so that he can run for Senate. She is there with Michael Newton, who she works for. She is helping him rework the newly acquired ERA magazine, here in New York and London.

It seems that Bella has a history with Edward and she is there to disrupt his world, political and personally, with a secret she has been hiding for almost 7 years. The first scene they have alone together is quite intense and crazy hot, but kind of funny too. I love this Bella, but I will say I was not crazy about her reasoning behind what she was going to do to Edward. From the ANs from Patty, for the first quarter of the story, there is quite the debate between readers about it, but it makes for a great story and in the end Bella does the right thing, for everyone involved.

When Michael introduces Bella to Edward, Edward tries to hide his reaction, but it doesn’t go unnoticed by Bella. Michael sees an opportunity for both parties involved, and asks Bella to interview Edward for the magazine to be the cover story.

Now we get to see Bella figure out how she is going to tell Edward her secret, and the war that goes on in her head and heart, when after all this time has past, she is still captivated by him.

Excerpt from Chapter 9, Capitol Hill, Washington DC:

‘I have responsibilities that I can’t go back on.’

I nod slowly. “Responsibility seems to be quite important to you.”

“It is. I suppose you can say it’s the cornerstone of my belief system – taking responsibility for one’s actions.”

“Regardless of the consequences?”

He draws in a deep breath and lets it out slowly. “Regardless of the consequences. Sometimes it’s hard; it hurts, but…we as a people have to be responsible, even if there is something we may want more.”

“Something that you want more?” I grin wryly, taking a slow sip from my glass. “Tell me, Congressman, what is your biggest, deepest desire?”

He moves in closer. “Is this on the record or off, Ms. Swan?”

“On the record. Everything this week is on the record.”

He sits back against his chair, watching me with that same intensity. “Happiness, Ms. Swan. Happiness and peace. I want happiness and peace for myself; for everyone.”

“And you believe that you can provide this country with happiness and peace?” I sneer.

“No, Ms. Swan. I don’t believe that I can provide anyone happiness and peace. I’m a man not a god. Even in accepting responsibility I make mistakes. I regret things; actions, decisions…” He moves in close again. “But I have to go on; I have no choice at this point, do I?” he murmurs with that same intensity. “Responsibility dictates that I go on and perhaps…perhaps by taking responsibility, I can at least help this country find some peace and happiness.”

“That’s a wonderful little speech,” I grin. “Very politically stimulating. What an inspirational world you must live in.”

His face is smooth and impassive, and he says nothing for a few seconds.

“No, Ms. Swan. I don’t live in an inspirational world. I live in a world that I fucked up for myself a long time ago, and now all I do is try to make the best with what I have.”

His eyes…they look so sad all of a sudden, in so much pain. I’m reminded of the beautiful, intensely passionate man I thought I once knew; that I once trusted with my heart; my happiness.

But he didn’t exist. He didn’t exist then, and he doesn’t exist now.

Edward and his family are master politicians. Master liars.

I snort. “You’re good.”

There is also the beginning of when they first met in an English pub, where Edward is on leave. When Bella finishes her shift after serving Edward and his military subordinates beer all night, Edward can’t help himself, and follows her home. They take a midnight stroll through London; they talk and kiss. Bella and Edward are so drawn to each other that they just don’t want the night to end. Bella calls Rose, her flat mate and best friend, to let her know where she is…

Excerpt from Chapter 4, East End to West End:

I pull the phone away from my ear, holding it pressed against my stomach.

Edward cups my cheek in one hand, gazing down at me intensely. “Bella…” – he says my name once more in that way he has, that worshipping, pleading way.

I wait, seemingly patient though inside I’m a torrent of nerves and excitement.

“Bella,” he starts again, “I don’t want you to go home.”

I furrow my brows, because he can’t honestly expect me to walk London town ’til sun up.


“I’ve booked us a room.”

My heart stops. I stand there, staring at him, my mobile still pressed tightly against me.

This time he wraps both hands around my face, holding me firmly, locking me with those green eyes.

“Before you say no, I want you to know that it’s not what you think. I know you’re tired, and so am I. I just want to rest with you.” He kisses me softly, and I close my eyes because I can’t think; I can’t focus; I can’t reason when his mouth is on mine. When he pulls away, his eyes are as intense as ever. I wonder fleetingly if anyone has ever said no to this man.

“I can’t let you go yet, Bella, not when we only have a day and half left. And I swear,” he breathes empathically, his eyes boring so deep into mine it’s as if I’m swimming in them, “nothing has to happen. I just want to rest with you,” he repeats. “Rest, and then wake up, and talk and…whatever you want Bella. That’s all I want – whatever you want.”

But the problem is that I have no idea what I want right now.

Regardless, I know from the second he poses the offer that I’m going to agree to it. If anyone has ever said no to him, then I have no idea how she or he managed it.

With our gazes still locked on one another, I put the phone back to my ear.


“Yes, Bella.”

“Rose, I’m quite fine, but I won’t be home tonight.”


“Or tomorrow,” Edward mouths.

“Or tomorrow,” I repeat.

“Bella, what’s going on?”

“I’m staying with Edward for the next couple of days.”

They have the most amazing weekend together, but something happens on the last day, that causes them to not speak or have any contact for over 6 years, in spite of the promises they make to each other. Bella is broken hearted to say the least.

As for the political aspect of the story, Edward has been groomed by his father Carlisle, to carry on the Cullen legacy, and that is to become more than just a congressman. He is to become President one day, and his father will stop at nothing to make that happen. Edward has to fight for his right to live the life that he wants, both politically and personally, and when Bella finally shares the truth with Edward, there are many questions that need to be answered. Edward has been living with a mask that he never takes off. Even Bella has trouble seeing through it. But eventually they learn to trust each other again.

There is so much going on in this story, that I could not stop reading. I loved the chemistry that still was there between Edward and Bella. I also loved all of the political aspects, and the players that were pulling the strings in both Bella and Edward’s lives. While I didn’t always like what Edward or Bella did in this story to each other, I still wanted them to be together. There is quite a bit of angst, but a fantastic HEA made it worth the rocky road to get there.

I so love the idea of Edward Cullen in the political arena, because he has such charisma and GOD, does he look good in a suit. LOL ***I know, I know, technically Rob’s NOT Edward in these pics. But Eric Packer would make a great politician. LOL***

sunglasses and suitGucci suit

Hope everyone is ready for fall!!

Katiebird xxoo

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I am a huge reader of young adult, new adult, and paranormal romances. I also have an acute fondness of Robert Thomas Pattinson. I love that I get to share with everyone my love of reading.

2 thoughts on “Fan Fiction Friday: Edward Cullen for President

  1. eewee333 says:

    Hi Katie! Happy Friday. Haven’t been able to read much this week, but I did read All the President’s Men and it was fabulous. Quick, easy read, with well written dialogue and characters. I’ve been holding off on starting The Cullen Legacy until I have the time to give it my undivided attention. I love her stories. There is one more out there, but it is a WIP and I’m waiting for it to finish, but thought I would give you link anyway,
    As always, thanks for your recs. Have a great day. 😉


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