Book Club Announcement: We’ve decided…

A few weeks ago I let you all know that Elena and I weren’t sure what we wanted to do with the book club…now we’ve decided…

We both agree that too many peeps enjoy our book club to just totally let it go…including ourselves. What we’ve decided to try is this…

4 books a year…one per season. We’re also going to try and get authors/publishers/publicists more involved as well. We’ll see how it goes ok?!?

Until the next book and in between books Elena and I will still share something on Saturdays. We love posting together and want to keep doing that no matter what. We’ll be trying something new starting soon, so stay tuned for that. We don’t have a name for it yet but we think you’ll enjoy it.

Hopefully next week we’ll be able to announce our fall book choice.

All other facets of Bookish Temptations remain the same 🙂

Tamie Xo

6 thoughts on “Book Club Announcement: We’ve decided…

  1. kim says:

    However you decide to doit, I will follow your blog!


  2. Jennifer Gallagher says:

    Would hate if you left.. so looking forward to whateve you choose to do
    Hugs n Love ~Jen~


  3. Will be happy and carry on following whatever you decide 🙂


  4. Whatever you decide, I’ll keep in touch. What you do is not easy, and very time-consuming. All the best! 🙂 xo


  5. puppymom73 says:

    Sound like a great plan! Excited that you found a way to work it out. 😃


  6. yl110 says:

    What? I didn’t know about the book club (lately I’ve been a little distracted) but please go on. I really enjoy your reviews and choice of books 🙂


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