Fan Fiction Friday: One Day and Sacrifices

Hello everybody!! So this weekend is kind of the official end of summer here in the states, because it’s Labor Day weekend. Everyone’s back in school and such. I hope that you all have had a great summer and have fun plans with the family and friends this weekend! I’ll be working, but such is life…

Annie and Michelle this week are running the show today. Annie is sharing a new story that she is completely in love with, and Michelle is sharing one from the past. Enjoy….

ONEDAYLong banner

One Day by RueforRegret

Over a quarter of a century separates single mother Bella Swan from her hormone-riddled adolescence. Watching her teenaged daughter navigate her way through various rites of passage, Bella can’t help falling prey to nostalgia. “One Day” brims with steamy reminiscences of first love and traces one woman’s midlife attempt to reclaim it. WIP

There I was, about to give up on fanfic all together after multiple consecutive flounces due to poor writing and Edwards/Bellas I mostly wanted to smack upside the head. Then I remembered there was one that Spanglemaker9 rec’d on twitter. She has never led me astray with a rec before, but I was hesitant because this one had an older Bella which is usually not one of my favorite types of stories. After reading it, I want to go back in time a few weeks and smack myself upside the head. When will you learn, self? The writing is wonderful and the thoughts, feelings and dialogue are spot on for Edward and Bella as teenagers as well as adults.

Set in Toronto (smooches to all my TO girls), teenage Edward and Bella meet at a carnival where he’s working.

Excerpt from chapter 3:

“Well, maybe you should ask me some questions. Get to know me. Then I won’t be a stranger. Good idea?”

This was a great idea, but the questions forming in my mind were all ridiculous.

How come you’re so hot? Is it uncomfortable for guys wearing jeans that tight? Can we make out so I can actually kiss a guy before Alice does?

“Um, okay,” I said, dismissing these absurd questions from my mind, afraid one of them might actually pop out of my mouth. Getting-to-know-you questions. Surely I could pull something together. “Well, how old are you?”

Perfect. This was perfect.

“Seventeen,” he said, the muscle in his jaw jumping as he worked in the piece of gum.

Seventeen? Holy cow!

“How long have you been seventeen? I mean, are you almost eighteen?”

“June. I turned seventeen in June, so, no, I’m not almost eighteen at all. How about you? How old are you?”

I briefly considered lying, but the answer slipped out before my filter could kick in. “Fifteen.”

“Fifteen. Huh.” Edward pondered. He nodded and squinted at me out of the corner of his eye.

“How long have you been fifteen?”

“Eleven months and one week.”

“Well, there you go, then. Almost sixteen, right?”

“September thirteenth,” I confirmed, a shy smile creeping to the surface. “Three weeks.”

“You look really sweet when you smile like that. I like it.”

A blush joined the shy smile and the two of them linked hands and did a silly jig all over my face. I opened my mouth, prepared to ask him what it was like going to school at Jarvis Collegiate,when we were interrupted by a raucous shout.

“Edbag, get your ass back up here!”

It was the greasy haired carnie, Edward’s sidekick.

“Break’s over,” Edward sighed. “Denny calls the shots. I gotta go.” He sat up, retrieving his arm which brushed casually across my back as he moved. “So the chances of us bumping into each other again are slim to none, I bet. Would you want to give me your phone number? I could call you sometime?”

As if she’s gonna say no, right? After reading the summary I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that their “first love” romance doesn’t work out. Many years later Bella sees a photo of Edward online

Excerpt from chapter 11:

My heart comes loose of its moorings and crashes around in my chest cavity because just like that, his face is right in front of me—Edward, a shot of him from the waist up dominating a quarter of the screen space. Twenty eight years have passed, years which have brought creases to his eyes, lines to his forehead, and a touch of gray to the hair at his temples—but at least he still has hair at his temples.

I wonder how quickly I’d be able to move on from this moment if fortysomethingyearold Edward were fat and bald. It’s a moot point because he’s not. Frankly, he looks incredible—ruggedly handsome, whiskery and tanned, his green eyes as devilish as ever. His arms are crossed. I glance at his left hand. He’s not wearing a ring.

I’m doomed.

“Is that him?” Carlie says.

I nod. “Yes.” My voice escapes as a breathy whisper. “Yes, that’s him.”

GAH! I’m not going to say any more so you can enjoy the story for yourselves. It was a delight and I stayed up way too late on a school night reading it. I can’t wait for more chapters to savor.

Thanks to spanglemaker9 for the rec and @Fiona4321 for helping me find it.



I’m going way back in the filing cabinet for this fic….. WAY BACK! Originally posted in 2007. Yes, 2007. So, not only is it canon, it’s a VAMP fic as well. And we’re lucky to be getting the epilogue soon for a good cause~~Fandom for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Banner by musicals9

Banner by musicals9

Sacrifices by Enthralled gives you a heart-wrenching version of how Bella’s life went after Edward left Forks never to return. What I love about this one is the dual POV. Remember how we all wanted Midnight Sun so we could have EPOV? Sacrifices gives us that. You can see the pain inflicted on both their lives caused by Edward’s decision to leave. And this fic is as canon as you can get. It’s almost like getting back to your Twilight roots.

Sacrifices starts off with a reunion between Bella and the three Cullen family members attending college.

I was early for my first class, as always. I found that it was easier, in case of any unforeseen issues. This semester was no different. No different. That thought used to depress me, but the idea of things never really changing at this point was something that I had come to accept – at least somewhat.

Being prepared for class is completely different when you run into the love of your life….

He was there then, standing no more than five feet from me. He was here, right in front of me. I could smell him, could feel his beautiful eyes boring into me. So many memories, so many feelings long thought gone came flooding back to me, making me almost swoon from the overwhelming barrage of emotions that were starting to take hold. How could a simple day, like any other day, suddenly go so wrong? I was afraid to look up from Alice to meet his gaze before Alice spoke again.

“Bella,” she started.

“NOT here,” I whispered back. “Please, I’m begging you.” I would explain everything; I just needed her to stop talking before someone overheard us and I would need to do major damage control or risk having to start all over again.

“Fine, but when can we talk? Things aren’t making any sense right now, and I’m not letting you go without talking about it, not after all this time,” she started to explain.

Just then, another familiar face came from behind Alice. Jasper. I managed a small, but polite smile in his direction. He looked pained to see me, but offered his hand as a greeting. I took it and shook it gently, before addressing him.

“Jasper.” I started, “Well, this is certainly starting to become a reunion of sorts.”

“Look, I have an hour before my class. I can’t possibly explain or answer all of your questions in that time, but I can at least start. Will that suffice for now? I can’t possibly stress to you both how difficult this will make things for me if I start this conversation in the middle of a crowded reception area. Will you please follow me? I promise you’ll get all the information that you need.” I thought. Just then I thought, but do they even want it or even care?

“Hello.” His velvet voice carried over to me, snapping me out of the haze that had begun to take hold of my brain, allowing the panic to begin to set in. Without thinking, I looked up at him.

“Hello, Edward.”

Bella had changed so much since the Cullens last saw her and they have many questions. But Bella really doesn’t like to talk about what happened in her life over the last ten years. Fortunately, Edward and Alice won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

“Well, I hate to cut this short, but I need to get to class. I have students waiting and it’s the first night of the semester. I assume that the rest of your family is with you? Please send them my regards…” I started, but this time was cut off by Edward, who had an enraged look on his face, almost terrifying.

I understand that you may have unpleasant feelings toward us,” he had a sudden look of pain in his eyes, which quickly disappeared, and left me completely confused, “but I for one, along with the rest of my family would like to know what happened to you.

But before they were all out the door, Alice turned to me….. “we’ll see you after your class. Carlisle, Esme, Emmett and Rosalie will be so pleased to see you this evening. We’ll find you after your class, where we can all get together and catch up,” she finished….

I needed to get a grip on myself before facing an audience, but three things were incredibly clear to me at that moment.

First, the Cullens were back in my life, whether I was ready for that or not.

Second, I had a long night ahead of me, and it was easy to see that they would be expecting answers.

And finally, I was still in love with Edward Cullen. Ten years had done nothing to change that. (Love how she was able to put a new twist on the original words from the book)

Understanding she won’t be able to deter Alice, Bella knows she’s going to have to share the events of her life with the entire family.

TISSUE WARNING!! This fic has a few spots that definitely need tissues. Just wanted to make sure I put that out there.

tissue box

Jasper is able to offer his apology for that fateful night that turned their lives upside down. Alice feels as though she has her friend back. Carlisle and Esme are happy to see her back in their lives. Rose is still bitchy. Emmett is thrilled to have his little ‘sister’ back to annoy. And Edward…. well, he’s still moody and broody just like in the book. His mindreading plays a bigger part in Sacrifices.

As if on cue, Carlisle returned my gaze and addressed me. “Bella, I’m sure that everyone here has plenty of questions for you. It’s incredibly kind of you to even come here and take time out of your schedule to spend time with us. However, you mustn’t feel it necessary to answer anything that you aren’t comfortable with or share information that you deem too private for us to hear. We are just so pleased to see you again and hope this will be the first of many happy visits you spend with us,” he finished before Esme interrupted him.

“Bella, please consider our door open anytime you would like to visit. We would love for you to come by as often as you would like.

They all sat silently, waiting for me to say something. Well, no time like the present…

“Well, there’s so much to say. Starting at the beginning is as good as place as any. I have to warn you – this story isn’t exactly happy in many places, but to not include those parts would leave many too many unanswered questions. You’ve all been so welcoming, so I feel that you all deserve the truth,” I began.

“Alice, didn’t you see any of this? Is all this information new to you? Did you ever see me after you all left Forks?” I looked at her, my face betraying my confusion and curiosity.

“Bella, when we left, Edward made me promise to not look for your future. I argued with him about this, but in the end, I honored his wishes. I’m sorry, Bella. I am so sorry.

From here, Bella begins learning about the treaty, Charlie, Jacob, werewolves, Victoria, marriage, a daughter, deaths, burning a vampire, and eventually running for her life. Like I said, this is OLD SCHOOL FIC!!!

“I know about the treaty, Emmett. Jake told me all about it. But, how much do you know about werewolves, exactly? Have you ever heard of imprinting?” I stammered.

Rosalie spoke then, “Who the hell are Leah and Emily?”

“Jacob was the last of the pack to imprint, to really imprint, and when he did, they realized that every werewolf went through this to find their mate……… I knew I only had one choice at that point. I would have to sacrifice my own happiness for Jake – so that he could be complete.”

Sitting there, I thought about Charlie. Dad. My moving to Forks to live with him had started so many things. I had spent most of my years, growing up, dreading the experience of visiting Forks every summer, but once I went to live with him, everything had changed. Our relationship had deepened. He loved me and I loved him, even if we didn’t make a big show of it……… “I should have mentioned this earlier. Charlie died.

(TISSUES) (Chapter 38 kills me!!)

The life that Edward had envisioned for Bella didn’t come to pass. It was completely the opposite. You hear his thoughts throughout the chapters. He‘s sad, hurt, angry, jealous, frightened, and running for cover while Bella is revealing her life. He takes self-loathing to an art form in this story.

Seeing how alone and jaded Bella has become does inspire him though…… to change her life; to become a part of it again. And this is the part I love so much. We get to see Edward win Bella again. Unlike the original “book Edward”, this fic Edward is determined to win the girl.

Where did you go off to just now?” Esme asked, her smile smug yet loving.

“I…was just thinking about Bella.

“You know, Edward, that’s the first time in ten years that you thought about her with a smile on your face. So, I’m going to pose the question to you one more time, right here in front of your family. What are you going to do?” Emmett asked, his eyebrows cocked, while his smile was wide, waiting for my response.

“I…I’m going to fight for her. I’m going to get her back,” I replied…….. “Like I said last night, I have no idea. But I can’t just sit here and do nothing. She’s back and I’m so happy to see her…I have to do something. I never even dreamed that I would have a chance like this, and I can’t bear to lose her now, not after seeing her again. I just have no idea of how to start,” I replied.

So does Edward win Bella back? Is it an easy path? Umm, no because this is Edward we’re talking about! But that’s part of the fun. The entire Cullen family plays their role in helping Edward. Bit by bit, he sneaks back into her heart. And as the theme goes, FOREVER it is.

I hope you give Sacrifices a look. Per her author’s note, she’ll post the EPILOGUE after the event is over.

Until next time,

Michelle @allthingsHHH

P.S. I’m a big geek. I love Star Trek. So, what could be better for me than a Trek-Twilight crossover?? Nothing!! If you what to read a laugh-out-loud crack-fic, please give Twi Trek by ThreeHotPotatoes a read!!

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5 thoughts on “Fan Fiction Friday: One Day and Sacrifices

  1. Annie says:

    Fandom for LLS will also have an Expectations & Other Moving Pieces EPOV chapter, as well as many many other goodies, Check it out.


  2. deb24601 says:

    Happy Friday! Edward at the CNE?? Sold. 🙂 And OMG Michelle, Sacrifices is my favourite kind of fic. Love canon Edward and “what if” premises. Excited to check it out.


  3. Susan says:

    Sacrifices was the first fic I ever read, my entry into the world of fan fiction, and I have had it on alert since waiting for the end. So glad it will now be finished, although it was at a good place, in my mind, to know that E & B would get their HEA. I always recommend this story to people just starting out in fan fiction because it so easily flows from canon


  4. Melissa says:

    I wrote Sacrifices…so glad that people loved it. Makes me smile to think people enjoyed something that I loved putting together. 🙂


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