Tamie’s Favorites: Characters I Love to Hate…

Many times while reading a book or series there is a character that is so heinous I want nothing more than to step into the pages of the book and cause grievous bodily harm, but as I’ve not yet figured out how to do that I must settle for writing about them.

I’ll begin today by sharing my top three…I have many more that I’ll be sharing in the future.

So…who gets my vote for those most deserving of literary homicide?!?

Captain Black Jack Randall from the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon: By now I’ve read thousands of books, and Randall is most surely the most disgusting, sadistic and vile character I’ve ever read. I kid you not if evil had a name it would be Jack Randall. We meet him in the first book, and I disliked him immediately. That dislike grows as I find out just how truly awful he is. It is nearer the end of Outlander however when the magnitude of his depravity is described, and in fairly gruesome detail. When I do re-reads now I am fully willing to admit that I skip over that part. It’s just so awful that I can’t make myself read it anymore. Randall shows up in subsequent books, fortunately not in the same way ever again. There is one last mystery surrounding him that must come out sometime, but until then I can rest easy knowing he won’t ever cause the pain and misery that is the man himself.

Elena from the Fifty series by E.L. James is a woman so selfish and self-absorbed that she seems not to understand what a terrible crime she perpetrated on a very young Christian Grey. What makes it even sadder and more horrific is that it takes Christian a very long time to finally realize it himself. He was already scarred and wounded both physically and emotionally from an abusive childhood when Elena preyed on him as only a true predator can. There was many a time while reading about her that I longed to be able to bitch slap her senseless. In the end I think she gets off rather lightly to be honest, and were I able to inflict just a small measure of justice…it wouldn’t be enough.

Christa Peterson from the Gabriel series by Sylvain Reynard is another poor excuse for a woman. She too is a predator, but of a different variety. She’s a user…she uses her body and mind to get what she wants from men. When she doesn’t get what she wants from Gabriel she seeks to destroy not only him but Julia as well. A woman scorned has a choice to make…to move on and go about the business of living, or to become a twisted soul seeking vengeance even though it is not due her. Christa chooses the latter. Jealousy and feelings of entitlement are the downfall of many, and while Christa didn’t accomplish what she set out to do…neither did she receive her just desserts for the mayhem she created. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her, so I am seriously hoping that will be remedied. Forgiveness is devine, but first can’t we have just a teeny tiny bit of satisfaction in this regard SR?!?

Alright now…it’s your turn to tell me which characters you love to hate…

Tamie Xo 

10 thoughts on “Tamie’s Favorites: Characters I Love to Hate…

  1. Tamie, I completely agree with your choices. Jack Randall gives me shivers up, think is the character with whom I most hate in my entire life. The other two (Elena and Christa) I also hate but none of them hold a candle to the evil that it is. I do not know if because of the way Diana Galbadon describes the atrocities he did with our dear Jamie Fraser, but get to have nightmares about this character from time to time (it’s an exaggeration of language, thank God).


  2. Laurie Davis says:

    how about Sarah from the This Man series.


  3. Laurie Davis says:

    Blaire from The Tied Man by Tabitha McGowan – evil incarnate!


  4. Wendy says:

    I have to say, that you picked my top 3 as well…and I do the exact same thing with Outlander, I have to skip that part too. I have read thousands of books and have disliked other characters that were evil or bad in some way, but these 3 take the cake. I don’t think that I have ever come across any other characters that I wanted to jump through the pages of a book and b*&^% slap more than these 3.


  5. Karen Cundy says:

    Sienna Sexton in Reckless. I hate the bitch.


  6. I agree completely with your choices, Tamie. They’re all so evil, but Jack Randall is the worst. I was sickened when I read the parts of the book that had to do with the worst of his depravity. And then to know it was inflicted on the best, most honorable character…I didn’t know whether to be sick or cry.

    I’m really hoping that Christa gets what’s coming to her in “Gabriel’s Redemption.” Knowing SR, he’ll think of something very creative that’s appropriate but not cruel. 🙂


  7. kimbau says:

    Right now, Tawny from K. Bromberg’s Driven and Fueled is at the top of my the-biotch-must-die list


  8. Amy says:

    Those would be my choices, Tamie. Jack Randall just disgusts me – far more than the others for the same reasons others have said already. And Christa, I can’t wait to see what karma has in store for her. I don,t think SR will let us down on that one!


  9. nan in the fallen too far series by abbi glines and leah smith in love me with lies by tarryn fisher


  10. katiebirdie says:

    I agree with your choices completely.

    When I was reading Dragonfly in Amber, even when Jack’s name would come up, when Jamie would talk about him or have a nightmare, my stomach would hurt. Other times I would seriously cuss out loud. It just makes me ill.
    I actually growled at the pic of the actor who was cast for him. LOL


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