Observations: Fifty Shades of OMG!

When I write an Observations post it’s because something or someone has moved me, or provoked me to do so.

First, let me make one thing perfectly clear. I FLOVE the Fifty Shades series. I loved them when they were just coming out, and I was so very excited when E.L. James was picked up by a major publishing house and the books went tearing up all the best sellers lists. I was thrilled when she broke the news that Fifty was going to be made into a movie. Movies based on books are risky in that it’s so difficult to fit all that happens in a two hour time span. Then there’s the casting…when a book is so popular there are always going to be some fan groups that are disappointed because the person they thought best for the role didn’t get it. For a variety of reasons.  That brings me to what I really want to discuss…

After all the months of waiting and speculation, the casting of Christian Grey and Ana Steele were finally announced. Know how I found out? My son who knows what a huge fan I am sent me a text. My first reaction?!? Surprise…I wasn’t expecting Charlie Hunnam at all, but at least I knew who he was.

So, when I got home I stayed away from twitter because I was pretty sure peeps would already be reacting, and I wanted to think on it a bit. I didn’t want to make any hasty judgements and start boohooing without cause. Instead I started googling. Quite a few of the photo’s I saw showed off Charlie’s spectacular chest and abs. I mean it people…he has a rocking hot body. That was important to me not just because I like to ogle a fine physique…tho I’ll be the first to admit that I do…but because the Christian Grey in my mind had to have a body that would knock my socks off…Charlie takes care of that need no question…no ifs, ands, or buts.

Moving on…for me the greatest difficulty was that previously I had only seen Charlie with either a full beard or a whole lot of scruff, which made him look too old for my taste, and not Christian Grey like at all. Well…my google searches turned up many pictures of Charlie without the facial hair and the difference to me was stunning…he looks so much younger…much more in Christian’s age range. That fear was then gone. Lastly, was the hair issue which really wasn’t an issue at all. Clearly, a good colorist and hair stylist can turn Charlie’s blond, slicked back hair into a beautiful mess of coppery goodness…tousled and artfully messy…just like Christian is described.

As far as acting goes, Charlie has a great resume, so that was a complete non issue for me. Once I got through all of those things that had made me feel uncomfortable at first, and I had taken the time to think about it…I started to get very excited. I also realized something else…E.L. James is the creator of Christian Grey…NO ONE knows that character better than she does…NO ONE! I don’t care if you’ve read the books a million times…you do not know and care about Christian Grey anymore than his creator does.

Ever since the news was released I have seen some of the most ridiculous tweets, and FB messages vilifying the choice of Charlie. Now I certainly understand being disappointed if your choice for Christian wasn’t Charlie Hunnam…fans of Matt Bomer, Ian Somerhalder, Henry Cavill, Rob Pattinson, and David Gandy who thought for sure that their guy was the only guy who could possibly play CG have been very outspoken, and oft-times in a very nasty way. BUT…here’s the kicker, the real heart of the matter…it’s a MOVIE based on a BOOK. The world will not collapse or tip off its axis because of this casting choice. Famine and disease will not result either.

If you’re disappointed because your guy didn’t make it I can understand and sympathize, but it’s time to move on now. If you’re really so upset over Charlie as Christian that you can’t respect the decision that has already been made, and if you really just want to keep making crappy, hateful statements over a film that hasn’t been made yet…please don’t. Let it go…be an adult. When the movie comes out don’t go see it if that’s distressing. End of…

I wasn’t in the auditions, and I doubt any of our followers/readers were either, but Ms. James was. I trust and believe in her ability to make sure that the right people are chosen for this cast. I think Charlie will kick ass as Christian, and I remain very enthusiastic and eager for this movie to hit the big screen next year.

Let’s move forward and try a little positivity. There’s enough crap in the world without adding to it!

Tamie Xo

19 thoughts on “Observations: Fifty Shades of OMG!

  1. Susi says:

    I think Charlie will make a perfect CG!!!


  2. Christi says:

    Well said, I agree with you 100% and can’t wait to see the movie.


  3. eewee333 says:

    Well said Tamie. I was always pulling for Rob or Matt, but I agree with you that no one knows the character better than E.L. James. I look forward to seeing the movie next year.


  4. mlynpeters says:

    Perfectly stated & exactly how I feel. I knew who he was & he didn’t reallly seem to fit the bill. SO I started doing a little reasearch. He looks great in Pacific Rim. short hair – clean shaven nice bod. Then I started watching & reading about Sons of Anarchy. Even tho I knew about the show, i never watched. After watching the first episode, WOW he was amazing in the role of Jax. Then as I continued to watch, you get some HOT eye candy – what abs, what arms, what an ass !! You gotta watch just to see the beauty of this mans body! So I suggest everyone start “Googling” Charlie ! He will do more than fine… I’m convinced !


  5. Elena says:

    I agree with everything you said! Charlie Hunnam will be a great Christian Grey! I can’t wait for the movie!


  6. maryjay says:

    Well, I was one of those who was STOKED when I read that Charlie got the part. I think he will be perfect as Christian. Can’t wait for the movie!!!


  7. Tina D says:

    Great post Tamie!! That’s exactly what I commented on one of EL’s FB posts. She knows best the characters she created, so we should trust her judgment. The movies rarely equal or surpass the books, but with all that, we still fill the theaters, and I’m certain Fifty Shades will make no exception. I’m definitely going to be at the premiere. I feel like I’ve been waiting for this movie forever.:)


  8. Stefania cilloniz says:

    I agree he was not my choice for Christian Grey and I was upset and disappointed but I’m pretty sure it will still come out great. I absolutely loved the story and can’t wait for the movie. People need to get over it like I did and give both the actors and actress a chance.


  9. Christina says:

    Well said! Can’t wait for the movie to come out! Releases on my daughters 26 birthday & she read the books as well. Do you know where the premiere will be in L.A?


  10. katiebirdie says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by the casting choices, and was glad that the author had a hand in it. 🙂
    My biggest fear is the script. I get nervous just thinking about it.


  11. Neda says:

    Wr all know I love Charlie. I think he is perfect. In all honesty it’s just a movie…I can think of so many book adaptations that had people in an uproar. Charlie is a great actor hot as hell and he has crazy intensity. At the end of the day everyone will come around. To be honest I think people already have come around.


  12. Jenny Flohre says:

    Great perspective, Tamie! Ultimately, every woman in the world pictured her own Christian when she read the books. It was an impossible task to think that one actor would make everyone happy. If EL James is happy, I’m happy. The book is her baby, not ours. 🙂


  13. Anya says:

    Exactly, Tamie!
    All those ridiculous petitions against Dakota Johnson and Charlie (both of whom I find great for these roles) are plain ridiculous. Anyhow:-) Can’t for more casting news. Really excited for Kate and well everyone in the book to be cast. Ha:-)


  14. tdotwific says:

    Precisely. And I think there are a few other issues in the world that should and could take more attention, love, empathy, sympathy and concern then the casting of a fiction film about BDSM. Granted, I love that I have this form of escapism and am greatful that I am this spoiled, but others do not have any escapism and are in a lot of bad-pain through no fault of their own and have no own to yell mercy for them and cannot do it for themselves. So, be kind and thoughtful. It is just a movie for entertainment purposes. Lets all grow up a little.


  15. Allison B. says:

    Amen sister! Bravo to the casting director.


  16. Chris says:

    Amen, Tammie…could not have said it better myself


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