Elena’s Book Crushes: Andrew Parrish and Gregory Fitzgerald

Hello everyone!

Welcome to another of my posts, where I talk about my fictional crushes. This week, I’m showing you two male characters, that recently conquered my heart and they entered the list of my favorite book boyfriends: Andrew Parrish from The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski and Gregory Fitzgerald from Nocturne by Charles Sheehan Miles and Andrea Randall.

My Andrew Parrish: Matt Lanter

Matt Lanter 1

Matt Lanter 2

Matt Lanter 3

Why do I love Andrew?

There are SO many things I love about Andrew! First off, he’s such a caring, loving, and selfless guy. I love how he brings out the best in Camryn and how he helps her express herslef. He makes her feel alive for the first time with his amazing personality. Not to mention he’s very, very good in the bedroom…And he plays the guitar! I love guys who play a music instrument and Andrew is a true talent 😉

One of my favorite scenes with Andrew: The rain scene and every scene in New Orleans…

Some of my favorite quotes by Andrew:

“A woman who knows what she wants sexually, and isn’t afraid to express it is so fucking hot, Camryn- Tell. Me. What. You. Want. Or, I won’t give it to you.”  

“Just remember to always be yourself and don’t be afraid to speak your mind or to dream out loud”  

“I say that I’m not into you like that, Camryn, because..,” he pauses, searching my face, looking at my lips for a moment as if deciding whether or not he should kiss them again, “…because you’re not the girl I could only sleep with once.”  

“I want to do everything with you”  

My Gregory Fitzgerald: Raoul Bova

Raoul Bova 1

Raoul Bova 2

Raoul Bova 4

Why do I love Gregory?

Gregory is a sexy professor at the Conservatory and the first cellist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. You all know how much I love intelligent and handsome men 😉 Gregory is definitely one of them. I admit that there were some times where I wanted to shake him, because he made some bad decisions, but who doesn’t make mistakes, right? I love how he understands when he’s wrong, and how he does everything in his power to win Savannah back…He’s sexy, beautiful, intelligent, and he loves his woman with all his heart.

One of my favorite scenes with Gregory: when he goes to Russia to show his love to Savannah and win her back…

Some of my favorite quotes by Gregory:

“You’re my heart, Savannah. Not in it. Not a part of it. I’m consumed by you. Obsessed by you. I need in my life any way I can get you. “

“I’m madly in love with you, Savannah. Madly. I can’t remember when it started, or how we ended up here, but I love you. It makes no sense, it’s incredibly risky, and, for the life of me, I just don’t care.”

“I want to support you and love you and…be with you.”

Have you read these books? Have you fallen in love with those two amazing men? Let me know in the comments 🙂


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Literature is my passion. I love reading so much that I spend countless hours in bookstores and libraries. I have a soft spot for poetry and art. I like traveling and discovering new places. I can't do without a book.

2 thoughts on “Elena’s Book Crushes: Andrew Parrish and Gregory Fitzgerald

  1. Rosa says:

    I fell in love with Greg Fitzgerald – Absolutely!!!!!!! I loved the book, can’t stop thinking about it. What a beautiful story. Very well written. It takes you in since the beginning. I highly recommend it.


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