Let’s Discuss: The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski (chapters 17-23)

We’re back to discuss more of one of our favorite books this year. Today…chapters 17-23…

Andrew wants Cam to tell him the real reasons she hopped the bus that day, but Cam hesitates. Why do you think that is and do you think Andrew is pressuring her?

Elena: No, I don’t think Andrew is pressuring her. They’re doing a road trip together and they’re getting close. It’s normal to me that Andrew wants to know more about Cam’s real reasons. He wants to know her better and perhaps help her deal with her demons. I think Camryn hesitates, because she doesn’t want him to think less of her, and she also says that his pain is bigger than hers. So probably she doesn’t feel worth of sympathy.

Tamie: I don’t think Andrew is pressuring her at all. If I were him I’d want to know as well. They had a connection right away and even tho Cam is still hesitating to disclose everything I agree with Elena that it’s based on Cam feeling as if her pain isn’t on the same level.

Andrew says “Just because one person’s problem is less traumatic than another’s, doesn’t mean they’re required to hurt less.” Do you agree?

Tamie: Although I understand Cam’s way of thinking I have to totally agree with Andrew. Pain is pain…hurt is hurt. Do we really need to measure whose had the bigger traumas to deal with? We’re humans with feelings, and nobody should think the pain they feel is unjustified. What’s more important to me is the way we deal with the pain. It’s easy to strike out and include others in your distress. It’s much harder to express your pain, but to do it with the intent of getting it out there…to seek comfort instead of meaning to inflict it on others. I’ve battled with that myself. Sometimes I go about it the wrong way…sometimes like Cam I try to hide and bury it. I think it’s more helpful and beneficial to find a way to deal with it constructively rather than lashing out or burying it.

Elena: Absolutely. In my opinion we can’t measure pain, and it’d be wrong to do so. We’re all different, and we all have different sensibility, in that everyone deals with pain differently. If we hurt, it means that particular fact, word, experience wounded us and we can’t compare pain. All those things that hurt and wound us have an impact on us. There’s no bigger or smaller pain in my opinion. Pain is pain. Period.

Finally Camryn reveals her real reasons to Andrew. Why do think she made this decision in the end?

Elena: I was glad she decided to open up to Andrew. I think she finally saw that she could trust Andrew with all her heart.

Tamie: I was so happy when she finally talked about it. I know it was hard, but was glad to see her give that trust to Andrew.

At one point, Camryn finds herself comparing Ian and Andrew. Do you think she was ever in love with Ian?

Tamie: I know some people think if you “fall out of love” that means you never really loved in the first place. I disagree with that. I think Cam did love Ian, but as we mature and experience life I think our capacity to love matures as well. I also think we sometimes mistake other feelings for love when in fact they’re really other emotions primarily…lust, gratitude, need…

Elena: I think she loved Ian and she thought she was in love with him, but in reality she wasn’t. Ian was the guy who made her feel loved for the first time, and so probably Camryn confused loving and being in love. It happens, especially when you’re a teenager. Now that she’s met Andrew, she understands that she was never in love until she met him.

Andrew and Camryn share an intimate moment. Discuss…

Elena: Oh my *fans self* That was SO HOT! I was left speechless…

Tamie: That was so freaking unexpected and so hot the way it was written. Holy hell…I feel like it needs a warning saying…have your a/c unit fired up before reading 😉

Andrew says to Camryn that he won’t have sex with her, because if so, she’ll have to let him own her. Thoughts?

Tamie: I have to admit that I didn’t completely get what he was saying at the time I read it. It was later in the book when I understood it, and he was right. He’s experienced casual sex before and he doesn’t want that with Cam. He wants more…how sexy, romantic, and swoony is that?!?

Elena: I loved Andrew even more when he said that, because it’s clear he’ll have sex with Camryn, only when he’ll be sure she really loves him. He won’t have sex with her just for fun. Sex is intimate and is supposed to connect not only two person’s bodies, but also their souls. I love that Andrew took this decision. Not many guys are willing to wait.

Natalie calls Camryn to ask for forgivensess. Did you expect it?

Elena: To be honest, I didn’t expect that, but I’m glad she understood she was wrong about Camryn and called her. I also liked how Camryn reacted. She forgave her, but she’s not ready to go back to being best friends as before, like nothing happened. They need to talk and clear things out. What Natalie did was wrong. She mistrusted a long time friend and everytime something like this happens, it hurts badly. Friends are supposed to trust each other, otherwise there’s not really room for friendship to begin with…I think Natalie learned her lesson, and I’m glad she wants to rebuild her friendship with Cam. But this will take time, as it should be…

Tamie: I was surprised and I loved how Camryn handled it. She was honest but not mean.

Your favorite sentence:

Elena: “I want to do everything with you, Camryn.”

Tamie: “I won’t have a one night stand with you, but I will make you come , if you let me.”

Your favorite paragraph:

Tamie: “He looks up at me with dominant, hooded eyes and says with his lips gently pressed against my stomach, “You have to tell me what you want, Camryn.” He licks my belly once so slowly that my skin ripples with shivers. “You won’t get it unless you tell me and make me believe you.”

Elena: “I kiss her harder, wrapping one arm around her back and pulling the rest of her body closer. And then the kiss breaks. Our lips linger on one another for a long moment until she lifts away and looks down at me with an enigmatic expression I’ve never seen before, one that does something to my heart that I’ve never felt before.”

Your favorite scene:

Elena: When Andrew and Cam lie together on a field and look up at the stars.

Tamie: Their first “intimate” moment.

Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

Elena and Tamie

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One thought on “Let’s Discuss: The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski (chapters 17-23)

  1. Jenny Flohre says:

    Andrew says “Just because one person’s problem is less traumatic than another’s, doesn’t mean they’re required to hurt less.” Do you agree?
    I love this quote. Andrew just seems to totally have a grip on life and what is important. This really touched me.

    Andrew and Cam’s intimate moment was seriously hot. I even loved that he pulled the alpha male, “I’ll have to own you.”

    I am struggling a bit with Cam. I love Andrew, but I’m just not feeling bought in to Cam.


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