Illustrated Temptations #35


Hello lovely people!!! Happy Wednesday to all!

What are you reading?

Hmm, so here’s what made me busy this week… Some pic quote teasers from Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover that I have read since the day it has been released. I love Hopeless and there is no way I’m missing a glimpse of what’s in Holder’s head. I really LOVE the story and Holder’s POV is awesome so I decided to do a few more.

Then I found Drew… Monica Murphy’s One Week Girlfriend was a fun superb read. I remember there were only a few more pages left on my Kindle and I was like “No way it’s not gonna end like this.” If book 2 wasn’t out yet I swear I’m gonna flip!LOL I’m glad I read this when Second Chance Boyfriend was already sitting on my Kindle waiting for me. All in all I LOVED IT! I can’t wait for you guys to read it if you haven’t.

Here, check them out. 😉

Losing Hope
Colleen Hoover




One Week Girlfriend
Monica Murphy





Second Chance Boyfriend
Monica Murphy




So what do you think? Grab your copy now.

x gel

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