Let’s Discuss: The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski (chapters 24-32)

This week Elena and I are discussing chapters 24-32 of The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski…we’d love it if you joined in…

Cam and Andrew feel attracted to each other more than ever, but they still are afraid of getting involved…Thoughts?

Elena: Cam is afraid of hurting, if things with Andrew turned out not the way she expects. She lost her previous boyfriend, her next one cheated on her, and now she doesn’t really believe in happiness, it seems. As far as Andrew goes, there’re still things we don’t know about him, and that might hold him back…

Tamie: Getting involved with someone is always a scary experience, and Cam has had some heartbreak in the love department, so I think it’s natural that she would be hesitant. I however want to step into the book and tell both of them to go for it! With Andrew, I agree with what Elena said…

Andrew’s dad dies, and there’s a touching scene between Andrew and Cam, where Andrew also explains the true meaning of his Eurydice tattoo. What was your reaction when you read the whole scene?

Tamie: FLOVED this scene…especially when Andrew explains the tattoo. I already love him at this point but even more so now.

Elena: That was a really moving scene. First off, I hurt so much for Andrew, when he received the call that his dad had died. I’m so glad Cam was there with him to comfort him. Andrew was able to cry, and that was liberating for him. As for the tattooo, well, I’m speechless…So moving and touching. I’d never have imagined the true meaning behind it.

Andrew and Cam finally give in to their feelings for each other and make love, after Andrew had thought of leaving and ending things with Cam. Discuss…

Elena: When Andrew wanted to leave, my heart almost stopped. I understand his reasons – he was afraid, and he wanted Cam to have a happy life and all that, but he belongs with Cam… When they finally admitted to each other they couldn’t do the one without the other, I was overjoyed! And that was such an intense scene! Yes, I had tears to my eyes, because you could feel their emotions, their sorrow and their joy. A beautifully written scene!

Tamie: Intense is right, Elena. OMG! That scene had me with all the feels. I felt exactly the way you did, and the writing is incredibly powerful. I thought my heart might explode with all the emotions I went through.

Andrew and Cam sing together in the bar of New Orleans. What do you think this means for both of them?

Tamie: I love how Andrew brings Cam out of her shell little by little, and encourages her to do things that she wants to do even if they make her uncomfortable. I think we all need an Andrew in our lives.

Elena: I think this was a very important moment for Cam. She did something she was terrified of doing, but she did it with the person she loves. I believe a lot of her insecurities faded away, and she gained self-confidence. I think it was a significant moment also for Andrew. He was used to singing in that bar alone, whereas now he shared this passion of his with his girlfriend.

Your favorite sentence:

Elena: “I’m here now and I’m not going anywhere.”

Tamie: “I belong to you, Andrew Parrish…I want you to own me…”

Your favorite paragraph:

Tamie: “I could die in this bed with him right now, wrapped in his arms and I would never know that I had died.”

Elena: I smile longingly and lay my head against his chest. His chin rests upon my head. I listen to his heart beating and the sound of his breath as it comes out through his nose in an even, quiet motion above me. We lay like this for hours, hardly saying a word. I realize this is exactly where I’ve wanted to be since I spoke to him on that bus that day.”

Your favorite scene:

Elena and Tamie: When Cam and Andrew make love for the first time.

Leave us your thoughts…

Elena and Tamie

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