Blogiversary Exclusive! Deleted Scene from Gabriel’s Redemption by Sylvain Reynard

As we begin the  celebration of  our 2nd blogiversary here at Bookish Temptations, I can think of no better way to start it off than by hosting this deleted scene from Gabriel’s Redemption by Sylvain Reynard. He was my first author interview, first author guest post, first character interview…I could go on but I think you get the picture that SR is pretty special to me. It is with great pleasure and deep appreciation that I’m able to share this with you…

O…one last thing…you might just want to have your A/C cranked up, or a cold shower ready cuz this one is…erm…SMOKING HOT!

In Gabriel’s mind he could see Julia in his apartment in Toronto, walking toward the ensuite in the master bedroom.  He caught her wrist and wordlessly brought her to the bed.

He kissed her softly as he began to undress her, his blue eyes glowing with worship and need.  He took his time, adoring her neck and naked shoulders, his lips fluttering across the surface of her skin.

Of course he’d worship her beautiful back – the curves and creamy skin inviting his hands and his tongue.  Her elegant neck begging for his attention.

A photograph couldn’t do justice to her beauty. He’d have to hire an artist. But what painter would he trust with the most precious gift he’d ever received?

Gabriel reclined on the bed and pulled her astride him, gazing up at her with an expression of wonder and desire.

She moved her hips to taunt him a little, closing her eyes as she did so. Gabriel reached up to cover her breasts, lifting and caressing them.

After a few moments, he moved her to her back and knelt between her legs.

She sighed in satisfaction as he entered her, pulling him so that their chests were pressed tightly together.

Gabriel liked her on top but he also enjoyed her beneath him – a soft place to land and to love. In a world that was frequently cold and cruel, everyone needed a soft place to land.

A few more kisses and he paused to stare down at her intensely, his blue eyes dark and his brow furrowed.


He closed his eyes minutely and shook his head.

Julia reached up light fingers to attempt to smooth the wrinkles from his forehead.

“What’s wrong?”

He opened his eyes, staring as if she were the first woman he’d ever seen.

“You’re my graven image.  My idol.  And I can’t live without you.”

A slow smile spread across her perfect lips.

“You won’t have to,” she murmured.  “I love you, Gabriel.”

He held her gaze as he began to move, their bodies synchronized.  His mouth hung open as he groaned above her.

It would be easy, oh, so easy to close his eyes and take his pleasure, without remarking how he was affecting her, or ensuring that she receive satisfaction first.  Whereas before, with other women, his manly pride had prevented him from being a selfish, insensitive lover, now over his body love held sway.

He loved her. He adored her. He’d do anything for her.

Despite his own temptation, what he wanted most was to see her mad with want and then to watch that want be sated, knowing that he had done it. That he had the power, the incredible primordial power, to satisfying the longings of her body and perhaps her soul.

Was it blasphemous?

Of course.  Gabriel knew the pleasures of the body were meant to be a foretaste of divine union.   Although he despaired of ever entering Paradise once his earthly life had ended, he agreed that the absolute fulfillment of the soul would be greater than any fulfillment of the body.

Such thoughts enabled him to maintain his self-control while his beloved Julianne watched him with eyes filled with love.

“I need you,” he rasped, as his movements increased to a fevered pitch.

Julia’s response was lost in a series of cries as they orgasmed one after the other.

“Thank you.” She pressed a kiss to the side of his face as he buried his nose in the crook of her shoulder.  “I never tire of being close to you. Of loving you this way. You’re so good to me.”

He mumbled an answer but Julia didn’t press him to be explicit. He’d already told her how he felt and the message was overwhelming.

“I’ll love you forever,” she whispered, wrapping her arms around him and holding him as if she would not let go.


Hey now! I gave fair warning…told ya it was hot 😉

Thanks SR for helping us celebrate in such a delightful way.

Stay tuned…later on we have a giveaway from SR for you to enter.

Tamie Xo

29 thoughts on “Blogiversary Exclusive! Deleted Scene from Gabriel’s Redemption by Sylvain Reynard

  1. […] Blogiversary Exclusive! Deleted Scene from Gabriel’s Redemption by Sylvain Reynard. […]


  2. Alicia Fortuin says:

    OMG I do need a shower lol. I cant wait


  3. Ana sweetDirtyDraco says:

    _________________________ Flat Line __________________


  4. Maria says:

    Happy Blogiversary BT!
    Happy Thanksgiving SR!!
    Thank you both!!!


  5. Sheila says:

    Dear goodness, I don’t think I’ll need my heating on for the entire winter if I keep re-reading this. Poor Gabriel, so conflicted about whether or not his self-perceived idolatory of Julianne is wrong.

    If this is the quality of the deleted scenes, I can only imagine how multi layered the book will be. Of course, we’ve seen the Ch 1 & 2 teasers, and I can’t wait.

    Maybe a book of the deleted scenes can be compiled? *Gentle hint to SR*

    Thanks so much to the ladies of Bookish and to SR

    Sheila xx


  6. Milly santiago says:

    OMG now I’m desperate for December to come


  7. marijee4 says:

    Happy Blog Anniversary! I have enjoyed reading your blog. Congrats!!

    Oh and SR…intellectual, sensitive and sensual…I love the pictures you make with your words!


  8. Christine Booth says:

    I love, I can not believe that was not in the book =(. I can not expect it to be December 3 to read the third book =D


  9. Imay says:



  10. yl110 says:

    What a Monday ! Thanks to SR and Bookish 🙂


  11. Tiffany says:

    What a wonderful way to start my day. Fabulous. Thank you SR & Happy Blogiversary Tamie & Co.




  12. Katrina says:

    Such pretty writing.


  13. Sara R says:

    “In a world that was frequently cold and cruel, everyone needed a soft place to land.”

    Wow!!!! Love it. Congrats in your special day and thanks for sharing your day with us.


  14. Jennifer Gallagher says:

    OH MY LORD… this was body melting.. so looking forward to the release of this book.. who would not love a Prof of their own ???


  15. Marcia S. McMillin says:

    Sorry this beautiful scene was deleted from the book….SR writes a
    scene that, yes is “hot”but it is at the same time taseful, elegant, poetic and really fulfilling to a woman’s soul! Satisfing on so many different levels….a pretty tall
    Order! Thanks SR♡¤♥¤♡¤♥


  16. we really need to read the book!


  17. Gladys says:

    To the Bookish Temptations Team: how lucky are we for having found you and the wonderful, honest, beautiful & moving reviews you gift us with! Happy 2nd Blogiversary! May you have much continued success…

    And to SR for his ever-present generosity in sharing his beautiful words…your readers are forever grateful.


  18. There is no one else that can write a love scene quite like SR. It left me swooning and fanning myself from the intensity of his words. Gabriel’s love for Julianne is like no other. Is it December 3rd yet?


  19. Shay (@Slim_Shaydy_) says:

    December can’t coe fast enough.


  20. kat says:

    I cant wait till december to down load the 3rd book lol 🙂


  21. Artemis says:

    Loved it, thank you for share it.


  22. Karina Galvan says:

    I adore Gabriel but I adore more Sylvain Reynard


  23. Biljana Schmitz says:

    Loved it, loved it, can’t wait until the next book.


  24. lostgenny says:

    Reblogged this on Lost Genny and commented:
    *sigh* Why on earth was this scene deleted?!


  25. Lyn says:

    I was already excited to read this book. I’m now even more hyped. 🙂


  26. Luz E. Aviles says:

    Oh my goodness… This is so beautiful. Sorry it was deleted. It reminds me of their first encounters.


  27. Kathleen says:

    HOLY HOTNESS!!!!! Professor Gabriel, so sophisticated and yet soooo damn sexy….I would love to be Julianne and be married to Gabriel and be loved and adored by him…what woman with an active sex drive wouldn’t….Apple orchards, body painting….WOW Im dying….I can not wait for the 3rd book….I’ll have to take my time reading it because I do not want Gabriel’s and Julianne’s story to end….


  28. I have been so busy that I missed this 😦 but it was great and SR always leaves us wanting much more 😉 Thanks ladies and SR


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