Blogiversary Interview with Adam Kingsley of Adam’s Apple by Liv Morris


After reading Adam’s Apple by Liv Morris, I sent her a quick message letting her know how much I enjoyed reading her novel. I mentioned that I was particularly curious about the main character, Adam Kingsley, and Liv kindly made arrangements for me to interview the sexy young billionaire.  I’m happy to share my interview with Adam on the Bookish Temptations site today and will follow up this post with my review next week.

If you haven’t had a chance to read this story yet and are looking for a fun and sexy read, I’d like to recommend that you add it to your reading list as soon as you can.  But if you’re on the fence perhaps a few words from Adam Kinglsey will convince you…

Hello, Mr. Kingsley.  On behalf of the readers of the Bookish Temptations site, I’d like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer a few questions.  It’s very nice of you to satisfy our curiosity about one of New York City’s most powerful men.

Hello and it’s my pleasure to be here with you today. I’m never too busy to answer a beautiful woman’s questions.

(Smiling, and slightly distracted as I glance at my notes.)

Your professional life is quite the success story. Shortly after you graduated from MIT, you made your impressive mark in the business world. What can you share with us about your career and the benefits associated with it?

The success I’ve had in the business world didn’t happen by myself. My three college friends and I came to New York City after graduation with high hopes and some seed money from my late mother’s estate. We worked hard and smart. The results speak for themselves. We’ve succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.

I realize my next question is bringing up a sensitive subject, but one must be thorough… 

I’m known for being extremely thorough on sensitive subjects. (wiggles brow)

(Suddenly blushing but determined to remain on task…)

One of the founders of Kings Capital was suddenly dismissed from the corporation.  Do you have anything to say about Simon Edwards and his exit from your company?

Good riddance! He was a wrong to cross me and when I found out he was bent on undermining my company, I had him escorted out of the building. He left with only the clothes on his back.

There are many reports that you are as aggressive in your social life as you are at the office. Care to elaborate on those rumors?

I’m a man who knows what he wants. I’ve never had trouble deciding what path I’d take in life. I’ve set goals for myself and worked my ass off to achieve them. But my social life, as you call it, has come rather easy for me. I’ve never really had to work to achieve my desired results in this area. Usually I get what I want with a smile and a few sweet words. However I’ve met someone who seems immune to my usual charms. She’s rather a challenge and making me re-evaluate my approach.

That’s a perfect lead in to my next question. I understand you met Kathryn Delcour at a recent fundraiser for The Swanson Foundation. From what I’ve heard it was quite an introduction. Can you tell us more about your first impression of her?

I noticed Kathryn a few weeks ago at a fundraiser. Her raw beauty caught me off guard and I wanted to meet her, but our paths didn’t cross until the Swanson event. She’s more than a beautiful face, she’s also fiercely confident.  Like no woman I’ve met on this concrete island. She practically had me kneeling at her feet. Something I never do when I meet a woman, but somehow found acceptable with Kathryn. I think I might be in big trouble with her. At least that’s my hope.

Ms. Delcour is known to be a certified teacher in the “freedom, sensuality, and healing power of Tantra.” Has she offered to provide you with some instruction? Or does an infamous Ladies’ Man like you have anything to learn?

So far I’ve only had one session of Tantra teaching with Kathryn, but I can honestly say the experience was like nothing I’ve had sexually before. It was beyond a sexual encounter. There was a healing life force behind our connection; I dare say I’ll never be the same.

In your own words, what can you tell us about Tantra? Does it hold any fascination for you, Mr. Kingsley?

Tantra is still a big mystery for me, but Kathryn has promised to spend hours teaching me the finer points of tantric sex. I have a feeling that I’ll be her loyal and grateful subject throughout her lessons.

(Shifts in my chair and re-crosses legs)

That sounds very…intriguing. Perhaps you’d be open for more discussion on the subject once you’ve undergone a few more lessons?

More discussion is a wonderful Idea. Perhaps Kathryn could join us next time. I’ve never met a woman like her before. She didn’t even need to open up my mail to read me. It’s as if she’s known me all her life.  She, however, is a complete mystery to me. I can’t help but think she’s planning on keeping it that way too.

I think that’s a fabulous idea. I’d love to hear what Kathryn has to say about Tantra and you. Thanks once again for a bit of your time, Mr. Kingsley.  I’ve enjoyed speaking with you and look forward to spending more time with you sometime soon.

The pleasure was all mine. (winks while offering a sexy smirk)


If you enjoyed this interview and wish to get to know Adam Kingsley a little more, you can purchase Adam’s Apple here:

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