Blogiversary Giveaway from Tammy-Louise Wilkins

I have been following the exciting adventure of Bookish Temptations for over a year now and I am still an avid reader. The refreshingly blunt reviews have exposed me to many books that now sit on my bookshelf and are read over and over again. I enjoy the stimulating interviews that involve writers I love and writers that I know personally, the girls have a natural talent for social convention. Of course, I cannot forget their racy discussions about the world books’ hottest men and sharing snaps of a few handsome gentlemen. *cough* David Gandy *cough* All in all, I have never met a sweeter bunch of women and I look forward to more of their marvelous posts.

I wish you a very happy blogiversary‏, Bookish Temptations! Let the fabulousness continue!

Tammy xo

Here’s a giveaway from Tammy-Louise Wilkins…

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Blogiversary: Exclusive Excerpt of Temptation Bites by Tammy-Louise Wilkins

Hello peeps! Join me today as we witness an exclusive excerpt of Temptation Bites shared by an awesome sexy friend Tammy-Louise Wilkins, author of My Intimate Poetry.

I am so excited and can’t wait to read this… Soon. 😉

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Exclusive! Meet Alexander Avery, from Kahlen Aymes’s new series, After Dark!

Hello everyone and welcome to another great post, graciously given by one of our favorite Authors for our blogiversary celebrations!
Today I’m so excited to have Kahlen Aymes with us! As you all already know, I LOVE her Remembrance Trilogy (The Future of Our Past, Don’t Forget To Remember Me and A Love Like This) and I’m ecstatic that today she’s sharing EXCLUSIVELY the first excerpt from her new series, After Dark!

Are you ready? Yes, I can tell you are, because I can hear you squeeing 😉
Without further ado, here it is…

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