Blogiversary: Exclusive Excerpt of Temptation Bites by Tammy-Louise Wilkins

Hello peeps! Join me today as we witness an exclusive excerpt of Temptation Bites shared by an awesome sexy friend Tammy-Louise Wilkins, author of My Intimate Poetry.

I am so excited and can’t wait to read this… Soon. 😉

A Siren. A Past Enemy. A Decision between Lust & Love.

Life is as hectic as it gets when it comes to Kristina Florez. Being a flirtatious Siren and university student is a busy schedule to keep up with. Not to mention that grief and death stalks her at every corner. Things are finally looking up after the one year anniversary of her adoptive parents’ gruesome death. That is until she meets mysterious and beautiful Mississippi boy Chase Talbot. He quickly turns her world upside down with a spiral of hot encounters and frightening experiences. Little does she know he’s hiding a deadly secret just as dark as her own . . . Perhaps even more fearsome.

Threats from a face from the past that constantly haunts her begin to surface, sending Kristina into overdrive with the need to protect her family, friends and most of all, Stefan Mystique. The man she has treasured since they met twelve years ago. The night her real parents died. The one Siren she always could depend upon for unconditional adoration and security. Until now.

Tension is running high but her daily life as the famous orphan must go on. Everything will be tested. Even if she turns in her reckless lifestyle for the greater good, that badass personality and strength is what she’ll need when she’s driven to the point of no return. She is left with one question to answer: Lust or Love?

“C’mon, Kris, wake up!” The frantic man with sweet, cerulean doe eyes cried as he compressed my heart for a sixth time.

My lips burned in roaring agony from an enemy’s kiss. The ever-growing flames spread rapidly through my still body like an infection, attacking each and every particle that met its path. If I’d been conscious, I would’ve screeched in torment from the excruciating throbbing sensation.

“You tricked me, you manipulative bastard!” The naïve, emerald-eyed youth wailed at his joyfully sinister opponent.

His anger only encouraged the frosty-eyed man, whom had flared nostrils breathing searing hot spouts of furious fire, as he launched himself at the two mourning men slumped either side of me. In unison, the youth & blue-eyes man jumped up and leapt towards the adversary with the intention of tearing the cold bastard apart limb from limb. The muffled cries of the men battling jolted me back into consciousness. My laboured breathing was inaudible to the three warriors as I wordlessly scrambled to my feet. With all the pent up fury ready to be unleashed, I charged towards my nemesis. Virulent venom equivalent to a pack of frenzied serpents aided my need to regain enough strength to take him down. It would be the final time he would overthrow me and I was going to enjoy every single minute of it.

My name is Kristina Florez, I’m a Siren and this is the story of how I died. . .

Tammy-Louise Wilkins is an adviser, blogger and author currently residing in England. She often refers to herself as a “country bumpkin” because she is an unsophisticated country woman. Writing having been a lifelong infatuation of hers, Tammy has always loved to write and read. Especially the literature works of William Shakespeare. From a very young age, she began to write stories; which eventually evolved from dinosaur and Egyptian adventures into suspense thrillers and YA romance. However, these passions subsided as academic pressure set in. And when they began to fade away into the distance, there was another surprise that was about to hit her.

In the beginning of 2011, Tammy fell extremely ill with a flu-like virus (although had never suffered with flu once in her life). In the week to follow, the virus worsened, making it harder not to succumb to it. Eventually, she went to the local GP in hopes that he could give her any estimated time that the bug would terminate. After many appointments, tests and consultations, Tammy was officially diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, formally known as Yuppie Flu). This completely and irrevocably changed her life. For the first year, it was very dark and difficult times. Everything Tammy thought she knew about herself flew out the window as did the control of her own body with only the option to adjust to the life she would now live. Things began to brighten she found a spec of control over her life through writing. This rekindled her love for reading which fuelled her desire to write once again and that is how the seed of Tammy’s upcoming, debut novel Temptation Bites was planted. She later created a blog to raise awareness of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis as well as document how she lives with the invisible illness. After a very long soul search, Tammy has finally found her voice again.

Would you like to contact the author?

Email –

Blog – The Life of the Live. Love. Laugh. Girl.

Facebook – Author Tammy-Louise Wilkins

Twitter – @TammyLWilkins 


Make sure you follow and stalk this lady for more details and updates on her works. Watch out for Tammy’s giveaway in a little while.

Thank you so much Tammy for graciously sharing with us on this week long celebration of our 2nd Year Blogiversary.

x gel

2 thoughts on “Blogiversary: Exclusive Excerpt of Temptation Bites by Tammy-Louise Wilkins

  1. debradml says:

    Brilliant teaser TY so can’t to read Tammy!!!! xoxo


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