Amazing Blogiversary Giveaway from Michelle Leighton

If you haven’t met Cash/Nash Davenport, then you must check out this fantastic giveaway.  As a big fan of Michelle Leighton I cannot say enough about these books.  I flove them!!!

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Blogiversary Guest Post by Mina Vaughn: Why Autumn is the Most Romantic Season

Why Autumn is the Most Romantic Season

By, Mina Vaughn

When you think romance, certain times of year come to mind.  Winter’s got snuggly fires and Christmas engagements, spring is when flowers bloom and new love finds root, and summer is perfect for bikinis, campfires and flings.

Why, then, do I think autumn is the most romantic season?

Grab yourself a pumpkin spice latte and find out.

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Blogiversary Guest Post: Christina Lee Shares Bennett

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for being such a huge support
to authors and personally to me as a debut NA author this year. You are always
so positive, encouraging, and you go out of your way to make kick ass picture
teasers (I’m looking at you, G) and to celebrate your love of books!!!
I am loaning you my HOT BOOK BOYFRIEND Bennett (AKA model Marlon
Teixeira), from ALL OF YOU for the day to help you celebrate:

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Blogiversary Guest Post by Heather Huffman: Falling in love again…

I’m so happy that Heather Huffman agreed to participate in our Blogiversary celebrations. She’s the Author of Throwaway, Devil in Disguise ans several other books, all beautiful, touching and engrossing that are really worth the read. (you can find them all on Heather’s Goodreads page) Heather Huffman has always been very kind to Bookish Temptations and today she’s here to share a very special post – a post that is personal but it can also apply to everyone of us…

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