Blogiversary Guest Post: Christina Lee Shares Bennett

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for being such a huge support
to authors and personally to me as a debut NA author this year. You are always
so positive, encouraging, and you go out of your way to make kick ass picture
teasers (I’m looking at you, G) and to celebrate your love of books!!!
I am loaning you my HOT BOOK BOYFRIEND Bennett (AKA model Marlon
Teixeira), from ALL OF YOU for the day to help you celebrate:

(Bennett says if he was your BBF, he’d kiss the hell out of
you and then hold you all night)
He’d also like to share some of his lover boy thoughts,
Five things about Avery:
  1. Her eyes are the gateway to her heart—dark and stormy
    one moment, clear and light the next.
  2. She’s fierce and determined, but being in a
    relationship means compromise. So when she does yield, cave,
    concede—it’s beautiful to watch.
  3. She isn’t fussy with her hair or clothes, which is
    pretty cool. Besides, I like her best in the morning, with her hair fanned
    around my pillow and her face scrubbed clean of makeup.
  4. She isn’t at all girly, but when I bring her
    gifts—like flowers or her favorite dessert—her eyes reflect this softness
    that I live to see again and again.
  5. When she looks at me this certain way—Jesus, I’m a goner.  She owns me
    heart and soul.


We’ll have a giveaway for you to enter from Christina in just a little while 🙂

Tamie Xo

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