Fanfic Friday: Michelle shares the Who What How Why and Where of her Favorite Author

Hey all! Happy Friday and thanks for stopping by. We have something different for you today…a new feature (“the feature’s dead, Angela” “No it’s not Eric!” hahaha *cough*) where each of us (Annie, Michelle, Katie and I) will fangirl/spotlight/wax poetic/scream/gush etc about our favourite authors! We’re going to give you the ‘Who What How Why and Where’ on the writers that make us drop everything.

Michelle is up first with an AMAZEBALLS post. Who did she select for her author spotlight?

Read all about it after the jump!

Who: ooza

aka 'kitteh' aka 'ebil leader'

aka ‘kitteh’ aka ‘ebil leader’

What: Am I allowed to say ALL OF THEM? Because that’s my answer. [Deb: *cracks whip*] Ok, ok…Inside Man, Adore Adore, Here in the Garden of Sin, Running for Home…

adore-adore-coverHow: I was late getting into Twilight and definitely late to fanfiction.  I didn’t even have a account until 2009.  At that point, without using FB, fic sites, or twitter for recs, I just searched for “recently updated” stories on  Of course, by then I’d read some of the big stories in the fandom at the time (Wide Awake, The Office) but it was in 2010 that I stumbled onto a new story called Here in the Garden of SinAND IT WAS A VAMPWARD!!  A DARKER VERSION!!! [deb GAAAAAHHHHH *bookmarks*] I thought I had struck gold!!  But it was written by this person with a really odd name: OOZA? What the heck is an OOZA?  Anyway, still being a newbie, I didn’t know you could really interact with the writers and I was to shy to leave a review.  Who wants to hear from me??

It wasn’t until I finally left a review for Inside Man that I got to interact with ooza.  Let’s just say, she actually responds to reviews and that made me ‘Adore, Adore’ her (It’s a running joke now). [Deb: I loooooove Adore, Adore, it was my first ooza story and it’s just, guh hot. Oh, it was a recent victim of the ff.n witch hunt so find it on kitteh’s blog (link below). ] So just like Edward suggests, I googled it and found ooza!!  I’ve been a fan ever since.

Why: The most efficient way to “tell” you why I think ooza is my favorite author is to send you to read one of her stories and my point would be proven.  But since I have an opportunity to fangirl, I’m gonna make the most of it!!   **throws glitter**

There are a lot of reason ooza happens to be my favorite writer.  The way she pulls you into her characters.  Her plots are always unique.  Each story is so different in pace and style, you can’t tell it’s the same writer… you just know it’s good and you want to read more.

With Inside Man, I just fell so hard for her Edward.  GAH!!  I can’t even begin to describe how much I was pulling for him in that fic.  And with Here in the Garden of Sin, the twist on Edward’s character from the original Twi plot was AMAZING!! I can say this about all her stories; I just get invested.  I’m always hoping and waiting for an update or better yet, a new story.  (Hoping that was a subtle hint) I’m a big fan and I’m grateful she’s allows us to follow her on this creative journey since 2010 when she joined the fandom.   I’m so glad she decided to join the writing side of the community as a challenge to herself and as a creative escape.

Another reason she’s my favorite author is because she’s a “giver” within the community.  She’s donated her time and talent to various charity compilations, like Preemies, Tsunami, and Texas Fires, but she tries to do more if real life allows. Her Adore EPOV outtake for PTB’s 2012 Back to School Fundraiser raised over $300.

She was a featured author at the 2013 TFMU and shared her personal take on her writing.  Not to mention, she was a true sport when it came to FANGIRLS (read: ME) who asked her to sign their banner book and take pictures with them. She did so with a smile.

Michelle and ooza at TFMU 2013 [Please note: I’m truly not a stalker… FINE, I am an ooza stalker.]

Michelle and ooza at TFMU 2013 [Please note: I’m truly not a stalker… FINE, I am an ooza stalker.]

I feel like at this point, I need to mimic an “infomercial”…..


And there is more.  She finds time to help others with their banners.  She happily shares upcoming contests and charitable events within the fandom via her twitter/FB/blog. [Deb: She also runs the very popular Twilight 25 writing challenge. It’s a great writing exercise; 25 prompts and three months to complete. I Adore, Adore the Twilight 25. heh *nudges Michelle*]

Just recently, ooza, with friends abadkitty and twicharmed, started a new site for authors to share ‘teasers’ of their new
stories or upcoming updates.  Readers will be able to bite their nails over what might happen in the next chapter of their
favorite story at FicTease.

Seriously, ooza’s a giver and the TwiFic fandom is a better place with her being a part of it!!

Inside Man is by far my favorite Edward of ooza’s, while she likes the darkness of HitGoS’s Edward. Here are a few of my favorite lines from those two stories.

From Inside Man:



I am creating this profile in hopes of finding someone who will write to me. I’m up for parole later this year, and my counselor suggested this program as a way to lift my spirits and practice communicating with people on the outside.

I’ve made a lot of stupid choices in my life that I can’t take back, but I’m trying to be a good man now. I’m usually a happy person, but sometimes the loneliness of incarceration is overwhelming. I need a friend.

Thank you for reading my profile. I look forward to hearing from someone soon. Respectfully, Edward Masen

 The letters between Edward and Bella are so real and moving… but the visit and phone call chapters… I need a tissue just remembering them.

The Visit:

“Bella?” he asked quietly.

“Yeah. Hey,” she said as she stood up.

“Hey.” An awkward pause filled the space between them before Edward continued. “You really came.”

Edward looked at her face again, searching for any signs of discomfort, anything hinting that she didn’t want to be near him, but the only thing he found there was the compassion she had always shown through her words. He leaned closer, much to Bella’s surprise, and before she had time to react, rested his forehead on her shoulder.

The Call:

He took a deep breath before asking the only thing that mattered. “Do you like it?”

“I love it. It’s beautiful.”

“It’s you,” he whispered. “It’s all you.”

Before Bella could respond, they were interrupted by another recorded message.

“You have one minute remaining.”

“What! That’s all?”

“Yeah, I only get fifteen minutes.”

“Bella, thank you for being there for me,” he began quickly. “Thank you for visiting and letting me call and for the song. I’m not the same man as I was eleven years ago, but I’m not the same man I was seven months ago, either. I don’t know how I would have made it through this year without you. You’ve given me hope and taught me that I do have things to live for. I hope you have a good trip home and a happy New Year. Celebrate for me, and promise me you’ll be safe.”

There was a click as the line disconnected.

The next line ooza wrote for Edward had me sniffing all night long!! But you’ll have to read the story to know what it is. [Deb: GAH! You tease. *bookmarks as well*]

From Here in the Garden of Sin:


“It’s Edward,” she answered in a panic. “He’s gone. His future just vanished!”

……It didn’t take him long to pick his prey out of the crowd. It was a female, slight, brown hair, and in the middle of a congregation of students exiting the building.

The monster inside him itched to hear his victim’s thoughts once she realized death was certain. The begging, the screaming, the fear; it would be beautiful.

He concentrated harder as he approached, unable to pick the mental voice out of the crowd. He was mere feet away when he put every ounce of concentration into hearing it.

He was not prepared for what happened next.

“Give me the girl, Edward.”


“Yes, Edward! You bit her; she’s losing too much blood. I could hear her bones breaking from across the parking lot. She needs medical attention.”

Edward took a deep breath. The fresh air from the hallway dulled the girl’s scent. He closed his eyes, too ashamed to look at Carlisle as he spoke.

“Deal with it as if she were dead already.”

Well, that’s not the Edward we know and love from the original book series!!

Where: You can enjoy ooza’s work on FF of course, but she has other sites for her stories and ramblings!

Garden of Sin author blog

Fiction Pad

Archive of Our Own

This fandom is very lucky to have so many talented writers who share their words with us.  With over 200,000 stories in the TwiFandom, there’s a favorite story and a favorite author out there for you to discover.  I just happen to have found mine in ooza!

Until next time,



P.S. Who’s you favorite writer and why?

6 thoughts on “Fanfic Friday: Michelle shares the Who What How Why and Where of her Favorite Author

  1. ooza says:

    omg! you are so sweet, allthethings. if i end up tied to a bed misery style and forced to write a new story, i hope you’re my captor. ♥


  2. deb24601 says:

    This is awesome, Michelle! I absolutely love Adore, Adore *fans self* but I didn’t know about ooza’s other stories. You had me at Darkward 😉

    Happy Friday everyone! xo


  3. abinar says:

    Fangirl gushing FTW! Great post Michelle!


  4. xpreadmywings says:

    A-maz-ing! Ooza deserves it all the way! I first met her Inside Man…and then I was *figuratively and literally* lost in HitGoS *shakes head in awe* and I fell for her. Oooza is ‘da bomb’! Thx Michelle for this gem!


  5. xpreadmywings says:

    And as for fave authors? I have quite a few actually; out of the vintages ones that came before 2009, I have what I call the ‘2010 breed’: bornonhalloween, capitalab, coloradoperson, Honeybeemeadows, kitchmill, luvtwilight4eva, Raum, Robsmyyummy cabanaboy, SparklingWand just to name a few *hint hint*


  6. katiebirdie says:

    I love this idea for a post!! xxoo


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