Elena’s Picks: Unforgettable Fictional Couples (part 2)

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A few months ago, I shared with you in this post some of my favorite fictional couples, those couples I can’t stop thinking about. And today I want to talk about some other fictional couples that have captured me completely.

Sky and Holder from Hopeless and Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover

Sky and Holder will always be very dear to me as a couple. Why? Because their love story is so moving and beautiful, that it’s difficult not to end up with happy tears to your eyes. Sky and Holder lose each other, and years later they find each other again, unexpectedly. They’re like two magnets that have to be together and no amount of pain and hardship will tear them apart. They help and support each other through the most difficult life revelations, and their love story shows how we can overcome a lot of our demons by loving and giving unconditionally.
Some beautiful quotes:

“I want you to keep them open…because I need you to watch me give you the very last piece of my heart.”

“I’ve been looking for you my whole damn life.”

Andrew and Camryn from The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the amazing love story between Andrew and Cam. They’ll always have a special place in my heart. I loved witnessing their feelings unfold during that epic road trip…there were times where I clutched at my heart, because the emotions conveyed were so intense, I could almost feel the words on page touching my soul. Yes, it’s a very intense love story, and if you haven’t read it yet, please do. The sequel “The Edge of Always” will be released soon and I can’t wait!
Some beautiful quotes:

“You were the missing piece of my soul, the breath in my lungs, and the blood in my veins.”

“I could die in this bed with him right now, wrapped in his arms and I would never know that I had died.”

“Heart always wins out over the mind. The heart, although reckless and suicidal and a masochist all on its own, always gets its way.”

Savannah and Gregory from Nocturne by Charles Sheehan Miles and Andrea Randall

Savannah and Gregory’s love story is so well written and realistic, that pulls you in from the very first moment they look at each other. Gregory is a professor at the Conservatory, Savannah is his student, but that doesn’t stop them…The taste of the forbidden, the attraction that pulls them together, their undying love for music, all this makes them fall passionately in love, with no point of return. This story made stirred in me all kinds of emotions, and it’s one of the most passionate love stories I’ve ever read.
Some beautiful quotes:
“I’m madly in love with you, Savannah. Madly. I can’t remember when it started, or how we ended up here, but I love you.”

“You’re my heart, Savannah. Not in it. Not a part of it. I’m consumed by you. Obsessed by you. I need you in my life any way I can have you.”

“Savannah, I want you to be mine.”

Nastya and Josh from The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay

Who doesn’t love Josh? You already know he’s one of my favorite fictional crushes, and the way he loves Nastya melts my heart. Nastya needs some warming up to, at the beginning, but when we find out what she’s been through, you can’t but love her character and admire her strength. Nastya and Josh’s love story is one of those that builds slowly — in order for their love to develop, they need to trust each other fully first, but once they do, their love blossoms in unexpected ways. Definitely a couple to admire.

Some beautiful quotes:

“I know at that moment what he’s given me and it isn’t a chair. It’s an invitation, a welcome, the knowledge that I am accepted here. He hasn’t given me a place to sit. He’s given me a place to belong.”

“Emilia,” he says, and when he does, it warms me to my soul. “Every day you save me.”

“And as much as I’m telling her to stay here, I still want her to choose to come with me. To say fuck sanity and healing and closure. To say that I am the only thing she needs to be well and whole and alive.

Callie and Kayden from The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden by Jessica Sorensen

There are so many beautiful things to say about the story between these two amazing characters, that, really, you need to read it in order to see how touching a love story it is. Callie and Kayden are two broken souls that have gone through unfathomable cruelty, and that they believe their life is not worth living anymore. Until they meet each other and everything changes. Together, they discover for the first time what it means to be loved and together they find the strength to fight against injustice. A love story that gives hope and shows how love can bring safety and courage…

Some beautiful quotes:
“That’s you. Callie, you’re the only person that’s ever made me feel happy about anything. That night you saved me, you changed something in me—you made me want to live.”

“I’m with you because I want to be with you”

“I take my time because I love how it feels to carry her, the way she needs me, the way I need to protect her.”

I’ll share more fictional couples soon. It’s awesome how many beautiful love stories there are out there for us to read, isn’t it? 😉


About Elena

Literature is my passion. I love reading so much that I spend countless hours in bookstores and libraries. I have a soft spot for poetry and art. I like traveling and discovering new places. I can't do without a book.

5 thoughts on “Elena’s Picks: Unforgettable Fictional Couples (part 2)

  1. Karen Cundy says:

    You picked 2 of my favs. I love Holder and Sky, love Nastya and Josh. My others would be Danny and Liv – Just Human, Kerry Heavens. Kellan and Kiera – Thoughtless Trilogy, SC Stephens and Travis and Abby – Beautiful Disaster, Jamie McGuire. Oh but I just fell for Drew and Fable too. Damn it, too many good books, not enough time to read!


  2. xpreadmywings says:

    oh oh oh…Nastya and Josh? Purr-fect! Thx again Elena!


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