Tamie Reviews: The Muse Unlocked by Chris Kuhn

All women want to feel desired and see themselves through someone else’s eyes as desirable. Cate knew this better than most and had spent her life honing her craft to tell stories that reminded every woman of any age, any size or temperament that she deserved to feel this way. To others, 38-year-old screenwriter and author Cate Mullen appears the consummate professional and at the top of her game. But a sharp, biting wit and tough, confident persona mask something else. Each night, when she returns home, the frequent storyteller of passion and romance is reminded that, while the house is occupied by another – a husband of 12 years – she is in fact living alone. As Cate confronts feelings of rejection and inadequacy that plague her self-esteem and threaten to block her creativity, she begins production on her latest scripted film. There she meets 28-year-old, promising actor, Oliver Sand. As one relationship ends, a new intimacy begins that offers hope of crushing past fears and insecurities though it brings its own set of unique challenges. Would getting involved with a cast member jeopardize Cate’s career or be used against her? Could they be using each other or was true love really possible, as the writer had always touted but never quite believed? A mixture of quick wit, sexy banter and slow-churning romance, The Muse Unlocked is a tale of one woman’s journey to release herself from the constraints of her past and open her heart to the future. Continue reading

Illustrated Temptations: MINE by Katy Evans


Yesterday was an EPIC release day of MINE by Katy Evans. I FLOVED this series and I FHEART Katy Evans, so let me show you a PREVIEW of the book through my pic quotes. 😉

This is not a review but I wanted to share my thoughts about it…

RIPTIDE is the man!!!

I FLOVED this series!!! This is the definition of a PERFECTLY IMPERFECT STORY. It is raw, REAL, intense, emotional, sexy hot as hell, totally consuming…etc etc etc.

I never want Remy and Brooke’s story to be over but I am happy how Katy outdid herself with the ending of MINE and with the whole story. I am so emotionally captivated by R&B’s story. The level of intensity of the scenes where perfectly written that made you want to crawl inside the book. I was mentally stoked. For me it’s a good thing. It’s not everyday you get to encounter such great story that will drive you crazy and would make you want to stay up all night just to finish it coz you don’t want to miss a single thing. You thought and realize what was happening and you were like “Fucking hell no no no no!!!!” only to find out at the end that you were wrong on what you assumed.

THAT kind of writing is THE BEST! Wait until you read Tamie’s review on our Blog Tour post.

READ IT and be acquainted with REMINGTON and BROOKE’s unbelievably beautiful love story!!!!











Wooooot! Get your copy now! Oh wait, make sure you start with Book 1–REAL before starting this awesome book!


x gel


Ohhh… This is just a PREVIEW but of course I’m rating it!!! 😉