Katiebird Reviews: Healing Faith….plus an Awesome Giveaway!!

Healing Faith (In Your World series, #1) by Jennyfer Browne

Healing Faith cover

Book summary:

Kate Hill is fleeing an abusive boyfriend when her bus breaks down in rural Iowa. With her abuser in pursuit, she seeks sanctuary with an Amish family after hiding in their buggy. When she meets a quiet and troubled Amish man, she learns that with a leap of faith, one can discover love and kindness.

Nathan Fisher is an innocent Amish man questioning his faith after the loss of his family. He discovers his guiding angel when an English woman becomes his inspiration to his heartsick soul. Is she temptation to lead him astray, or is she his salvation?

Kate must overcome the prejudices of a guarded community and confront the harsh brutality of her world in order to embrace life. Nathan must find his lost faith while battling the forbidden desire he has for the Outsider that would surely leave him shunned from all he has ever known should he give into his feelings.

Together they will discover that love can break down boundaries in cultural differences, and heal broken faith.

First let me say this. I love Jennyfer Browne. I’ve been reading her writing for years now, and feel like she is my friend. We’ve conversed through email about many things, but especially her writing. I was thrilled when I found out that she was going to be publishing some of her work.

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Fan Fiction Friday: We are going light and funny…

Looking for something light and funny to read?? Well, Michelle and I both have stories for you then!!


Yeah. I know. Any excuse to post something with DiorRob. LOL (You have to click on it btw)

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