Blog Tour-Tamie Reviews: Mine by Katy Evans

The synopsis:

He’s mine, and I’m his. Our love is all-consuming, powerful,
imperfect, and real…

In the international bestseller REAL, the unstoppable bad boy of the Underground fighting circuit finally met his match. Hired to keep him in prime condition, Brooke Dumas unleashed a primal desire in Remington “Riptide” Tate as vital as the air he breathes… and now he can’t live without her.

Brooke never imagined she would end up with the man who is every woman’s dream, but not all dreams end happily ever after, and just when they need each other the most, she is torn away from his side. Now with distance and darkness between them, the only thing left is to fight for the love of the man she calls MINE.

Before I begin my review I want to share something with you. I had the pleasure of meeting Katy this summer at Book Bash in Orlando. Before I introduced myself I watched how she interacted with a few people, and I have to tell you how nice it was to observe someone who truly seemed to be enjoying meeting people. Katy is one of those people who you instantly connect with. She’s warm, friendly, open, and makes you feel like you’ve known her a while. She may be small of stature but she’s got a huge personality.

My review:

Mine by Katy Evans starts out with a bang. I was immediately drawn back into the world of Remy and Brooke in such a forceful way that it was difficult to stop reading. I made myself do just that a few times, because this story is so powerful and intense. The love between Remy and Brooke is powerful and intense. It’s raw and passionate. It’s possessive and carnal. It’s everything!

When I finished reading Mine…the first thing I thought was…how in the hell can I possibly write a review that will even come close to adequately expressing how much I loved this story?!? How can I possibly put into words how utterly captivating this book is?!? The truth is I don’t know if I can.

Remy is almost undefinable. The heart this man has while being a complete Alpha is amazing. The struggle he endures with his mental illness is both heartbreaking and courageous. I think as someone who has struggled with chronic depression for 20+ years myself, this story means so much to me on a personal level, and I am deeply grateful to Katy for writing it. I don’t go black and blue in the same way Remy does, but I absolutely understand the crushing hopelessness and the feeling of not deserving what every person deserves…love and acceptance.

Brooke is a heroine that I admire. She sees the man for what he really is. Not just a fighter. Not a crazy person. She understands what Remy doesn’t for the longest time…that he is worthy.  She understands that life with him won’t be easy, but she knows with every fiber of her being that they belong together. They are each other’s air, lifeblood, and soul mate on every level.

This is a beautiful and sometimes painful story to read, but it’s a story that should ultimately leave you feeling hopeful and glad. You will laugh and cry. You will be drawn in by the passion. The love scenes are scorching, and the comparison of Lion and Lioness are PERFECT. The music that Remy and Brooke share with each other as an expression of their love adds both to the story and to the characters.

This amazing book gets my highest praise and recommendation. I said it earlier but I must say it again. Katy I am deeply grateful for this gift you have shared with us.

My rating for Mine by Katy Evans:

5+ BIG, BEAUTIFUL, FLOVED it hearts!

**I received this as an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Honestly, it’s crazy good**

A little later today you won’t want to miss my interview with Katy and the chance to enter a fabulous giveaway!

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6 thoughts on “Blog Tour-Tamie Reviews: Mine by Katy Evans

  1. Ana SwettDirtyDraco says:

    In Spain, just a few days which was published REAL. When I took the book in my hands I couldn´t imagine how it would affect me this story. My heart is overwhelmed by Remy’s personality, his inner struggle, his capacity to overcome, his fear of rejection, their need to be understood and loved, his fear of harming and be harmed … Brooke and Remy, Remy and Brooke. .. the intensity of their feelings, have left my heart in bare flesh … I can´t wait to read MINE, although no date for publication in Spain 😦
    Wishing read your interview with Katy. Thanks for this wonderful review. Ana


  2. Tina says:

    WOW I loved your review!! I can’t wait to devour this long awaited sequel!! Thanks Tamie 🙂


  3. Martha says:

    Your review is amazing. You said everything I would have said. Remy is the most unique, extraordinary, beautiful, loving being I have ever read. I also loved, loved Real, and Mine. And Book is totally the heroine. Her love for him is beyond unconditional.


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