Your Invitation to Participate in an Exclusive Video Q and A with Jodi Ellen Malpas!!!

Hey peeps!

I have some super exciting news and an invitation for you regarding an exclusive video Q and A with one of our favorite authors…Jodi Ellen Malpas

OMG! Yes, you heard right.

Jodi is going to be taping a few Q and A’s with select sites and Bookish Temptations was chosen to be among the lucky few. Talk about rocking my world?!? O YEAH! When this incredible offer was extended I knew immediately that I wanted to include you in some way, so here’s your chance to participate.

Leave the question for Jodi  that you’ve been dying to ask her in the comments section after this post. It can be about any of her books, the characters, or something to her in general. Just keep it classy and respectful. I’ll select several of the questions to send with our own and forward them. All questions must be submitted by 4 p.m. EST tomorrow Friday, November 15th to be considered so that I can forward them.

Jodi will then take the Q’s and video her responses on Thursday, November 21st, and we should get the answers back sometime that next week.

I know you’re as excited about this as we are…so don’t waste time…start your questions…NOW!

A very special thank you to Jodi, and to Forever Romance (Grand Central Publishing) for this honor.


Tamie Xo 

9 thoughts on “Your Invitation to Participate in an Exclusive Video Q and A with Jodi Ellen Malpas!!!

  1. Karen Cundy says:

    Did Jodi have a particular fine man in mind when she created Jesse? I mean looks wise rather than temperament.


  2. Jennifer Gallagher says:

    When you were wrting Jesse Ward who did oyu imagine he was?? was it someone you knew or was he trully from your mind?


  3. Ditto those two! Also, Ava keeps winding Jesse up, and part of me would yell “What are you doing?!” at her, but then I’d stop and think, “Wait, in a normal relationship, that wouldn’t even be close to an issue.” Was it easy to get in Jesse’s head and figure out what relatively normal behaviour would drive him around the bend, or was it a bit of a stretch? And last, I can’t even imagine him as easygoing, so I would kill to read a “before” scene – preferably a smoking hot one! I haven’t read Confessed yet – so many secrets left to discover for me.


  4. Brooke says:

    I absolutely love Mr. Ward. Would she consider writing something from Jesse’s POV? Also, any chance we can get a spin-off story of Sam, his past seem so obscure. Even though the story wasn’t about him and he was just a supporting character, but one that I loved. 🙂 -Brooke


  5. @eBook_Girl says:

    With the This Man Trilogy being such a huge success, do you read reviews or do you stay away from them as much as possible?


  6. Shay (@Slim_Shaydy_) says:

    Hi, I’m not liking your story. I sorry, its my opinion. I mean no disrespect. But This Man Confessed is getting my attention. I’m liking the action. My question is, why did you choose the phrase “make freinds”? When Jesse says that I cringe in the worse way. Its just creepy. So thanks for reading my comment and I really would like to know the answer.


  7. S.P. says:

    The first is what was your thought behind some of the catch phrases such as ‘lady’, the countdown (three, two, one, zero), etc.? The second is what do you think differentiates your Alpha male. Jesse Ward, and the others that have been written? Thank you for sharing your talent with us.


  8. gelytayz says:

    I LOVE the trilogy as it is. As much as I’ve wanted more from them, I’d rather just have a trilogy. End of.LOL

    Now I’ll be more interested to know if Jodi will be writing Sam and Kate’s story.;D

    x gel


  9. Sue Wright says:

    Would you write a prequel to This man, Jesse’s early years?


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