FanFic Friday: What’s Annie reading PLUS Michelle’s Excellent Fic Friend Adventure!

Happy Friday, Fic Lovers! Annie and Michelle have a fun post for you so let’s get right to it. First up, Annie, with what she’s been reading!

Hey there!

The last couple weeks I’ve been reading a lot of different things. I’ve gotten through the Age of Edward entries and voted, and I have the Lyrics to Life and Dior Rob entries lined up. You can find links and entry/voting deadlines for these and many other contests HERE. I’ve heard that some of the contests need more entries, so if you’ve ever considered writing something, this is a great time to give it a shot. What have you got to lose?

Read Annie’s recs and Michelle’s excellent adventure, after the jump!

I’ve also been keeping up with some great WIPs. First and foremost, after a ten month lapse, My Sweet Variable by LifeInTheSnow has started posting again.


He white-knuckles his pen, dragging a line of ink across the page. I can guess which passage he’s marking: “All things truly wicked start from an innocence.” Hemingway wouldn’t have known about us. No one does. Teenage E/B, AH, quasidystopian.

EXCITE! The author, who also wrote Branching Inward, says it’s fully written and will complete very soon. I can’t tell you how happy I was to hear this. It is an awesome, different story and is so well done. I highly recommend it. [Deb: You had me at ‘quasidystopian’]

Double Struck by Honeybeemeadows

doublestruck I found her on top of a mountain. And I wasn’t even trying.

This one is different as well and has a bit of supernatural stuff going on. Edward can find lost things, whether he wants to or not. [deb: *gets lost* lol] Things are just starting to get going. I’m sure there’s a lot to be revealed.

Bear Creek Road by jonesn


He smelled nice, I noticed, not that I was blatantly breathing him in, even though I totally was – blatantly. All soap and sawdust from a slab of freshly cut lumber. All man. Introducing Beardward. AH

Oh beardy Edward. RAWR There’s a bit of angst in this one. E & B each have some issues, he doesn’t talk much, but the latest chapter was so *sits on hands so as not to spoil*. Did I mention Edward is a construction/handy man? He also likes to surf. Need I say more? [Deb: A beardy, handsy (that’s how I read it) surfing Edward? *room spins*]

Finally, I’d like to mention the Holiday Twific Extravaganza page I’ve put together to make it easier to find Holiday stories to read. Check it out and send me links to any Holiday stories you love. If you felt like writing something Holiday related, I’d be happy to add it to the community or post it for you with due credit.

Thanks Annie! Love the sound of all of these! Now, here’s Michelle with a fun tale of fic and friends. I hope it inspires others to do the same. 🙂


Aka~~ Girl’s Night Out with a side of Fic Frenzy

 Sometime after the amazing TFMU in Chicago, I decided I wanted that same experience on a local basis.  Another tweep (JedigirlSc) wanted the same thing.  With only a little thing called a “state line” between us, we decided to make it happen.  We sent out a blip across social media and let fellow fic readers know where and when to meet.  And it worked!!  People actually showed up!  Even flew in from New York!  So far, we’ve had two meet ups and a third event is planned for Spring-ish.

We’ve gone between NC and SC but have had attendees drive from Atlanta and Charleston… not to mention our lovely New Yorker who has attended both events.  Even though we’re a small group, we ask the hotel to give us rooms close together or at the end of the hall due to umm, well, the lack of volume control we have once we start talking, laughing and shouting trivia answers.

The following phrases are usually blurted out and/or screamed:

OMG!  That Tattward is an ass.

OMG!  That Cowboyward is swoony!

O-M-G!!  Did you read that update yet???!!!  You’re gonna die reading it!!

WHAT?? Why haven’t you read that yet?  It’s soooo good!

No!  No way am I reading that.  It’s too angsty.  Fine, I’ll read it!!

Can you guys help me find this fic?

So I’m not the only one who’s ordered dinner because I couldn’t stop reading a fic??

 As you can see by the number of exclamation points used, we are a very loud and excitable bunch of women who appreciate each and every story we’ve read.

We applaud how brave each writer is to press that POST button and share your words to be read, reviewed and critique.  We get excited when a story we love updates and we get sad once they complete.

The classics!!  Oh you should see us in our PJ’s talking about the classics fics! And it’s amazing how everyone has a different Top Ten list.  Women in PJ’s drinking wine or caffeinated beverages are VERY passionate about their Top Ten list.  It’s funny and scary at the same time!

Yes, we play trivia just to get in the mood from the good ‘ol days.  We giggle watching Originalward open that cafeteria door!! Still SWOONING after all these years.  (Don’t roll your eyes, you still stop and watch it too!!) [Deb: I do, I really do!!! *puts on Twilight*]

Twi/Fic friends "get" you...

Twi/Fic friends “get” you…

If any writer questions their impact on readers, I wish they could see just how much fun Fic Friends have when we get together.  We sing your praises and only occasionally say mean things about you when we need tissues while at work or the bus ride home.  PLEASE NOTE: Examples of what we look like when discussing GREAT STORIES!!




By 1 a.m., we were all starting to fade, so off we went to our rooms for sweet fic dreams.  By the next morning, we picked up were we left off…meaning non-stop talking, laughing, and recommending stories.

Ask anyone who attending the TFMU in Las Vegas or Chicago, we may come for the FIC but we stay for the writers who blow us away with their talent.  At heart, we’re all lovers of a good story with a unique plot.  Our fandom writers give us canon or not canon, human or vamp, angst, humor, love, betrayal, passion, drama, and so much more.

So again, when I hear that the fic fandom isn’t what it used to be, I’d invite everyone to attend or organize a local meet up and see it’s just not the case.  I know our group is looking forward to our next meet up.

Until next time,

Michelle @allthingsHHH

Have a great weekend of fic and friends! Let us know if you host a local TwiFic Meet Up!! I know I’m feeling inspired…. 😉

xoxoxoxo Deb, Annie and Michelle

10 thoughts on “FanFic Friday: What’s Annie reading PLUS Michelle’s Excellent Fic Friend Adventure!

  1. katiebirdie says:

    Damn, I have so much to do today, and now *grumbling with a smile* I have this urge to put in the Twilight DVD. I need the cafeteria door scene, the catching the apple scene, and of course, the first kiss scene.*swoon*

    Michelle’s meet up reminds me of my time in NYC with RobSexMe and Smitten kitten. We had the best time staying up late talking about fan fic. 🙂

    Thanks Annie for setting up the holiday link. xxoo


    • deb24601 says:

      Do it! Or wait… maybe this will help… 😉

      I would love to have a Local twific meet up! Sounds like so much fun. 🙂

      I’m going to wait for My Sweet Variable to complete but I’m really looking forward to that one.


  2. xpreadmywings says:

    Oh man *sniffs* why do I live soooo far away? Yes, I live in Isle Esme so I wonder if I cld ever be able to attend one, just one of these! It’ll be my dream come true *sighs* well, maybe next year, IF you plan in advance, I can come and join you…is that a deal? Oh Michelle, thanks for the recs, actually your Beardward reminded me of Feral by opal aline, the amazing Transcendence by Shay Savage and last but not least the wonderful, gorgeous Beautiful Savage by readingmama…As for DS by HBM, after her poem The Other Way, I take her any day! And I promise I’ll give a try at MSV. Again, thx and FF!


  3. eewee333 says:

    Hi Michelle. Thanks for all the great recs and I love the Holiday page you guys created. I live in Charleston, SC and would be interested in your spring meet-up. I am FB friends with JedigirlSC, so should I just watch her posts for the deets? Please note, I not a writer, just a reader, is that OK?


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