Tina’s Books and Tunes


Is there anyone that can honestly say that doesn’t like at least one music genre? Certainly not me :).  I love them all! From classics (Bach is a favourite) to – I know you’re going to smile and shake your head – rap and hip hop (Eminem). Music combined with my passion for books – I’m in pure heaven. This is why, the new girl has decided to bring you a regular post on music in books.

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Illustrated Temptations #37


Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday morning.

Have you cast your vote in Goodreads Best Book of 2013 in the Romance category? Dude it’s the final round!!! If you haven’t, go check it out here.

I have a few illustrations here, maybe it will help you decide?;) But it’s really pretty tough. I loved almost all who made it to the finals.

Here are some…

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