Fan Fiction Friday: She Speaks Fear and Truth and Shine On

Happy Fan Fiction Friday!! It’s just me this week. I want to review two stories I’ve read recently that could fit in both the All-human and Alternate Universe categories, but they don’t have vampires. I know, weird for me, right?

I started these stories around Halloween because they appeared to have a supernatural quality to them, but they turned out to be so much more.

I was pleasantly surprised at how unique these stories are, so please join me after the break…

shespeaksfearandtruth banner

She Speaks Fear and Truth by ericastwilight

Author’s summary:

She’s haunted daily, but learns to deal with her gift, helping those in need. He hides behind his opinions,seeking closure, barely living. When their worlds collide can they help each other. A story of loss, love and betrayal with a supernatural twist.

The opening scene kind of explains to all. Edward has experienced a terrible loss, and Bella is the one person that can give him closure with her gift of speaking to the dead.

If you ever watched or heard of The Ghost Whisperer, then you will be familiar with this storyline. This Bella is a strong but delicate woman who shows up at Edward’s seminary with her friend Alice. Edward is taken aback by their first encounter. He is a father that can’t get over his grief, and rightly so.

This story touched me immediately because I could feel the pain of Edward’s loss and wanted him to have peace as much as Bella did. Their relationship has to go through quite a bit of twists and turns before they can really focus on their attraction to each other.

It was an emotional read, but also very visual. Erica does a great job of describing and feeling each scene.

Excerpt from Chapter 1:

“Tell me again. Why are we here?” I asked, watching a few people set up a podium on stage.

“Because you need to meet him,” she said softly. She fidgeted in her seat and removed a small recording device from her purse.

I sensed something in her quivering voice. “What aren’t you telling me, Alice?”

I could tell from her stiff demeanor that she was indeed garnering a secret.

 “I don’t know,” she stated. “He hasn’t tell me touch him.”

I turned to look at her, her eyes on the stage before us. “Then how does he-“ 

“He had others test me. I think he was too scared of what I’d find if I touched him.” 

I shook my head at her blatant disregard of others’ wishes. If he didn’t want her to know his past, then what made her think he’s want my help? Much less want to meet me.

A sudden wave of nausea hit me as the temperature of the room plummeted around me. I shivered and took several breaths, tendrils of puffs of white escaping my lips. A strong spirit was here. Some that had been here, trapped in our world for too long.

My shivering instantly got Alice’s attention.

“Where?” she hissed in my ear.

My eyes looked upon the ghostly mother, and then lingered over a gentleman that appeared to be polished the hardwood surface of the stage. A woman passed right through, alerting me that he was indeed a residual figure and not a full spirit.

My breathing hitched as a man walked to the podium with a laptip and a glass of water. He began fiddling with his computer and settled his glass on a small table beside him. He took something from his jacket pocket.

He swiftly opened a pair of dark-rimmed glasses, sliding the pair up his sharp nose. He was unlike anyone I had ever seen. His features were strong and angular, perfectly fitting with his strategically placed disarray of hair. His locks of hair were silken in their appearance and could only be described as the color of autumn- all colors. He looked up briefly to speak to someone, and I nearly fell out of my seat.

The color of his eyes were like spring grass. But that wasn’t what unnerved me-it was the haunted look that dulled the once-vibrant color.

I felt a sudden pull, a shift of my extra perception. I looked around, and a sudden stillness filled me and the other spirits in the room.

A child – a spirit- no older than eight stood beside the man. My eyes widened as I took in her appearance.

Her light brown hair was in a half ponytail, but it was weighed down by water. She looked cold as her little blue dress and grey tights clung to her skin. She was drenched form head to toe. The skin around her eyes was bruised, sunken in, and filled with fear and confusion.

We do get closure by the end, but I will say that it is a cliffhanger of sorts. The good news is that she continues the story in Denver Paranormal Society. It’s a WIP right now.


banner by @allyours

banner by @allyours

Shine On by Sunflowersongs

Author’s Summary:

Complete – Bella Swan-Bishop, a widow and mother to a young daughter Zoe, purchases an estate – ghost included. She gets a lot more than she bargained for when she hires handsome and very interested Edward Cullen as her landscape architect.

I actually mentioned this one briefly on my Halloween post, that I wanted to start this one soon. I am so glad that I did, but first let me say that this isn’t a haunting or scary story, even though there is a ghost.

I found this story unique because normally I read stories where Edward is the dark and broken character that needs redemption. That is definitely not this story. Bella is the broken character in this one.

She gives the appearance of being strong and independent in the beginning, because she doesn’t have much choice. She is a widow raising a child alone. She hires Edward and Jasper to help with the renovations of her newly acquired home.

I should warn you that Bella plays serious games with Edward in the beginning especially, but she has underlying issues from her past that she has never dealt with. Edward helps her with his friendship and support.  I don’t always like the way she treats Edward, but as we learn more about her childhood, it makes sense.

As the story progresses, Bella and Edward’s romance does finally blossom, and things move forward fairly quickly. I found the latter part of the story filled with lots of fluff and sweetness.

I also enjoyed reading about the renovations to the home, because historical preservation is something I studied in school. I found this story to be a real treat to read after the darker stories I was reading before Halloween.

Here are some more “supernatural” like stories that I’ve recd in the past, and loved immensely. Check out post I did last year at this time herefor FictionFreak‘s story.


Blind Spot by Fictionfreak95

Author’s Summary:

In the small town of Madisonville, LA, Bella Swan has spent her entire life seeing things before they happen. Until Him. How do you stay out of someone’s life when it keeps flashing before your eyes on a daily basis? AH,BxE, slightly supernatural.

Jo’s stories can only be found on The Writer’s Coffee Shop library now.

Spirit to Flesh by littlewing2

Author’s Summary:

Edward finds a letter written by a mysterious woman 92 years ago. Their correspondence ignites a love affair that tests the bounds of their relationships, their hearts and time itself. Based on the book/movies Twilight and The Love Letter. AU Human ExB

I would love to hear about what you guys are reading, and for our US readers, Happy Thanksgiving. This year I am feeling very thankful for many things. I am most grateful for the friends I made here at BT.

Katiebird xxoo

About katiebird

I am a huge reader of young adult, new adult, and paranormal romances. I also have an acute fondness of Robert Thomas Pattinson. I love that I get to share with everyone my love of reading.

2 thoughts on “Fan Fiction Friday: She Speaks Fear and Truth and Shine On

  1. xpreadmywings says:

    Oh katie, what a marvelous post! I simply love supernatural stories and actually I have read all of those, wow! Including the DPS by the fantastic ericastwilight *her This is My Wish is to die for!* Well, I’ve just finished Dead Like You by readingmama where E is a vamp, and B is..a human? Or not?
    Have a precious and peaceful T-giving with your loving ones!


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