Illustrated Temptations: REMY by Katy Evans


In celebration of yesterday’s release day of REMY by Katy Evans I am going to show you a sneak peek on why you should start reading the series. The. BEST. SERIES. I. Laid. My. Eyes. On. This. 2013.

REMY is written in Riptide’s point of view. There’s a bit of REAL and MINE but I swear it never felt like a repeat because Remy’s head is pretty amazing. Katy Evans did an awesomesauce job invading Riptide’s head. 😉








Just imagine an entire book of these from REMY’s head! OMG!!! I’ve read this twice and it gets better every time I go back on my highlighted lines. Truly the ultimate HEA of R&B! I don’t even have enough words to adequately tell how FGOOD it was. So just give it a go! Start reading the series now! 😉

x gel

2 thoughts on “Illustrated Temptations: REMY by Katy Evans

  1. Imay says:

    You got thag so right!!


  2. maggie says:

    I finished REMY yesterday. Wow…. I’m in awe of this whole series. It’s been a wonderful and emotional ride. I hate to see it end. I loved reading REMYS POV. He has a wonderful, beautiful, intense mind. And loves deep. What can I say….. He’s REAL…… HE’S REMY….. So congrats Katy Evans. You did it again! I will always and forever remember my bipolar, INTENSE, protective, love deep fighter…… REMY.


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