Tina’s Books and Tunes: Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard


Surprise!!! Or maybe not 🙂 You all know SR is my favourite author right? And because we are so close to the release of Gabriel’s Redemption (Dec 3rd) – the third book in  Gabriel’s Series, I decided GI is going to be my first music post here on Bookish.

Since the first time I read this book, I was gone. I think many of you know what I mean. The brilliance behind the writing, the extensive research and exquisite taste (not to mention the swoon-worthy Professor)  left me in awe. And now back to the music. Every song in this book was perfectly chosen to enhance the reader’s experience. But to bring you the entire playlist, I would probably need a few posts. There are so many amazing artists and songs mentioned, that I had a hard time choosing.  I hope you like the selection I made . Also the quotes should help you see/feel exactly how perfect they match. Just a side note – when listening to an audiobook, I would love to hear the song mentioned playing soft in the background. Wouldn’t that be cool? So here we go:

Nine Inch Nails ~ Closer (not my kind of music, but it was perfect for describing Julia’s demons) SR explains more here:  http://www.sylvainreynard.com/2011/08/music-nine-inch-nails.html

“There’s an entire station devoted to them?” She sounded incredulous.“Yes.” Gabriel squirmed a little, as if she had uncovered an embarrassing secret.“And you like them?”“When I’m in a particular mood.”

Mozart ~ Lacrimosa  (a classical piece which I adore)

“I know—it’s terrible. But he was playing one track from the damn thing over and over and over again in his office, while I was cataloging part of his personal library. Lacrimosa, lacrimosa, lacri-fuckin’-mosa. I couldn’t take it anymore! It’s so damned depressing. So I stole it from his office and hid it here. Problem solved.” 🙂

Cesaria Evora ~ Besame Mucho (very romantic and expressive)  SR wrote a blog post on it:  http://www.sylvainreynard.com/2011/08/music-besame-mucho.html

“…The vocalist was singing in Spanish, and the words were unfamiliar, although she recognized the phrase besame mucho and knew that it translated as kiss me a lot. The arrangement itself was slow Latin jazz, and they swayed to it gently, Gabriel moving her across the dance floor like an expert. The fact that he’d chosen such an overtly romantic song made her blush.I kissed you a lot, Gabriel, for one glorious evening. But you don’t remember. I wonder if you’d remember me if I kissed you…” “I haven’t really danced like this before,” she said wistfully.“Then I’m glad I’m your first.” He squeezed her hand warmly.”
The lyrics are beautiful :

Bésame, bésame mucho
Como si fuera esta noche
La última vez

Bésame, bésame mucho
Que tengo miedo a tenerte
Y perderte otra vez

Edit Piaf ~ Non, je ne regrette rien (such an intense song. It blows my mind every time I hear it)
“The sound of a woman’s voice, passionate and soulful, floated through the air. Julia recognized the song before she opened her eyes. Gabriel was playing Edith Piaf, Non, je ne regrette rien. It was an extraordinary choice.”
Non, Rien de rien (No, nothing of nothing)
Non, Je ne regrette rien (No, I regret nothing)
Car ma vie, car mes joies
(Because my life, my joys)
Aujourd’hui, ca commence avec toi
(Today, it begins with you)”


Matthew Barber ~ And You Give (I am deeply grateful to SR for introducing me to MB. He’s my fave Canadian musician ATM). Here is what SR has to say about this amazing artist: http://www.sylvainreynard.com/2011/07/music-you-and-me-by-matthew-barber.html

“You’re breathtaking, Julia, from all angles. A true work of art.” He traced a finger down her spine, pausing as she shivered under his touch, then he smoothed a hand over one of her lower cheeks.“You changed the music,” she mused, recognizing Matthew Barber’s romantic song And You Give.“You inspired me.”

“There’s you and me
My love, what are you thinking of
Like the fire and the ice
Like the virtue and the vice
Like the verdict and the plea
There’s you and then there’s me.”
Dave Matthews Band ~ Lying in the Hands of God (yes, I agree with SR on this one 😉
“The music changed then, and Julia looked up at him with interest. “What’s the name of this song?” “Lying in the Hands of God by the Dave Matthews Band.” “I like it.” “Me too.”She regarded him curiously. “Why did you choose it?” “The words, the music…” His smile widened as his eyes sparkled. “The rhythm.” “Oh, really?” “Feel it. Focus on the rhythm. It’s perfect for making love.”
“I am in love with nothing less.
Tear drops of joy runs off my face,
I will rise for someone that’s afraid to love.
If you knew what I feel, then you couldn’t be so sure.
I’ll be right here lying in the hands of God.”
I hope you enjoyed my first music post. If you didn’t have a chance to read Gabriel Series, please do it. You won’t regret it!!!
Thanks everyone!

4 thoughts on “Tina’s Books and Tunes: Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard

  1. The Hunter says:

    Another excellent job Tina. Great songs. You always leave me wanting to read more. Happy to see this new creative wrinkle to reviews.


  2. Pam Bigapple says:

    Oh how i love these books,the writing is beyond beautiful. SR has us all in the palm of his hand. Great job on the music and videos. 🙂


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