Tamie and Elena Interview the Professor AND the Snarky Narrator from Gabriel’s Redemption by Sylvain Reynard

Knowing that we were about to have a sit down with both the Professor AND the Snarky Narrator from the Gabriel trilogy by Sylvain Reynard (in the same room…at the same time no less) Elena and I were both relieved when the limo that was sent to whisk us away to the top secret location arrived early. We knew we’d need a little extra time to get ourselves together so that we wouldn’t dissolve into drooling idiots in front of the two men we lust after, desire madly want to make a good impression on. You might think we’d be calmer about the whole thing since this isn’t our first encounter with either of them, but c’mon…this is Gabriel and the SN we’re talking to.

We’d done the whole girly thing the day before…shopped like mad women, trying to find the perfect dresses, heels, under garments…Wait! What?!? Of course we went shopping for sexy underwear…what if one or both of us passed out cold in front of them?!? Hopeful Smart women are always prepared you know. Anyways…that morning we treated ourselves to the mother of all salon experiences…mani pedi, facials, hair and makeup…O yeah…the whole nine yards.

And now it was finally time…be still my thundering heart and please don’t let me hyperventilate…

We were shown to a different room than the last time we were here, but it was no less impressive…we might have snuck a photo to share with you…shhh…don’t tell…

We made ourselves comfortable while waiting for the men of the hour to arrive, whispering words of encouragement to each other, and all the while keeping a close eye on the doorway…and suddenly there they were. WHOA! Greetings and hugs were exchanged (perhaps a bit effusive on our part) and then we all sat down while drinks were brought in by…O…I can’t tell you that…we promised…

I decide to go first and ask Gabriel something I’ve been dying to ask him for quite some now…

Tamie: You caused quite an uproar when you showed up at SR’s apartment naked. Since you’re fully dressed now (regrettably) can I assume that everything was resolved to your satisfaction?

(The Professor sniffs primly.)  Yes, but it took SR long enough to clothe us …

Tamie thinks to herself how nice it would’ve been had SR waited just a a while longer

Elena turns to the Snarky Narrator with a big smile on her face. She’s ecstatic to see him again, and she remembers what a great time she and Tamie had with him in his Fiat…Ok, she’s blushing again and she’s sure her voice will  shake now that she has to address him…Why is she always so emotional? Darn. Get a grip, Elena! She clears her throat. Elena:  It’s a pleasure to see you again, SN.  You always come across as a very confident person, and that’s a plus, since we women love confident men, but we all have our fears and insecurities. So I’m wondering, what’s your biggest fear?

SN: (Parenthetically, it should be noted that Snarky Narrators are afraid of nothing but a blank page).

Elena stiffles a giggle, since the word “blank” makes her think of something other than pages, like blank walls for example and how awesome SN would be at…OK, she’s doing it again. She needs to get her mind out of the gutter…

Tamie: How has being the Snarky Narrator changed your life? What will you be doing now that the final book in the series is out?

SN: Sadly, it looked as if I’d be out of work for a while, but I received news recently about a new gig. I’m about to become a model for Calvin Klein underwear …

Tamie’s mouth drops open, her face flushes, and her eyes blink  rapidly as all kinds of inappropriate images flash through her mind…


She recovers quickly and with a flirtatious wink and smile says… Excellent!!! Lucky, lucky us.

SN as a model for Calvin Klein underwear? Yes, please! Elena turns to Gabriel and she flushes a little bit. It’s no great secret that he’s her favorite book boyfriend. She wonders if he’s ever read her comments on the Internet where she gushes over him… OMG…Better to focus on the question…

Elena: I believe it’s safe to say that Julia has been your salvation, in more ways than one. We could say that love can be miraculous. So I’d like to know, do you believe in the healing power of love?

Gabriel: Without question. And Julianne’s love wasn’t the only healing influence in my life, although it was one of the most important.

Elena nods and thinks how lucky Julia is to have Gabriel at her side. Did she just happy sigh out loud? This is getting all the more embarrassing. Elena can’t control her emotions today, it seems…But hey! She’s talking to The Professor, for goodness sake. How to control oneself when you’re in front of him?

Tamie: Gabriel, now that your story is complete what are your plans? Will you miss us as much as we’ll miss you?

Gabriel: (Winking)  Why, Tamie, what makes you think I would say good-bye to all of you lovely ladies?

Tamie very nearly swoons right off the couch, muttering softly…O gods of all book bloggers please don’t let me embarrass myself in front of my favorite book boyfriends.

Elena turns again to the SN and she notices how intense his blue eyes are. Yes, last time she spent a great deal of time admiring his eyes (and other things…) but this time they seem even bluer…Ok, she can’t focus today…

Elena: Do you have any regrets? Elena hopes the question doesn’t sound so abrupt, because she definitely wasn’t thinking about the question she had to make….

SN: My only regret is not using more parentheses. (Gabriel deserved them.)

Elena peers over at Gabriel to see his reaction, but he looks calm and unperturbed (except for a little jump in his jaw) He’s definitely changed a lot. She wonders how a fighting match between Gabriel and SN would be…

Tamie faces the SN (marveling once again at his extreme attractiveness…his lips…his eyes…his…O good grief this will never do…must act professional) and finally manages to ask: What are your fondest memories of Gabriel and of SR?

SN: I wouldn’t exactly term the memories as “fond,” but there was an interesting poker game that we had a while ago. That was a good night.

Elena is going to ask Gabriel about Paul now, and to be honest she’s a little nervous. She hopes the mention of Paul won’t make The Professor angry…She wouldn’t want to see his chair smashed into pieces (she knows how he tends to treat chairs when upset…)

Elena:  We know that Paul was in love with Julia and that he’d have liked to be her boyfriend. But now that you and Julia are married, he seems to like you and he’s still a great friend to your wife. Has your opinion of him changed at all or he’s still the “Angelfucker” to you?

Gabriel: (The Professor looks down at his hands) Mr. Norris and I have had our differences, but he was a damn good research assistant. As to his friendship with Julianne, that remains to be seen.  However, I suppose in the interest of accuracy, I can’t refer to him as the Angelfucker.  Now he’s merely A Potential Angelfucker Who Failed Miserably.

Wow, Elena didn’t expect that answer. The Professor has definitely changed. Julia, you’re one damn lucky girl…”Potential Angelfucker Who Failed Miserably”? Elena loves The Professor’s sense of humor 😉

Tamie pinches herself to keep from laughing and wonders if the Professor knows that Paul thinks of him as the “Studentfucker”, deciding not to bring that up she instead asks: Who the heck do you borrow milk from now since you’re no longer living next to a certain neighbor?

Gabriel: This has become quite a challenge. Happily, I hired someone to buy milk for me and so Rebecca (our housekeeper) sees that we never run out.

Elena remembers that the last time she and Tamie interviewed SN, they were supposed to go to dinner, but they kind of got caught up in his Fiat…So they never really made it to dinner…And that begs the question:

Elena: What would your ideal dinner date entail?

SN: A bottle of wine, a fine meal, and a beautiful woman in a short dress and high heels.

Elena looks at her dress. She’s wearing a knee length, black,  strapless dress and black high heels. She usually doesn’t wear dresses that are too short. But she makes a mental note for next time…

Tamie: Who’s the better lover between you and the Professor and why?

SN: Is this a serious question? You’re kidding, right?

Tamie refrains from screaming, YES it’s a serious question and lets the matter drop…for now…

Elena: Gabriel, before you and Julia had sex, you began your relationship chastely. I wonder, though, if there had been no possibility at all of anything sexual ever happening between the two of you, would you have still pursued her and decided to have a chaste relationship or not? And why?

Gabriel: (He shifts uncomfortably in his chair) I would have pursued her, even if I knew she’d spurn me.  I should think the answer is obvious – I love her. And only her.

Elena blushes again, because talking about sex and chastity with Gabriel makes her heart thump loudly in her chest. She’s in front of one of the most sensual men on Earth, after all…But she loves his answer and, again, a happy sigh escapes her lips. She could listen to him talking for hours on end…

Tamie: What has been the greatest or most surprising thing you’ve learned about yourself since we’ve gotten to know you?

Gabriel: Thanks to Julianne, I’ve discovered I’m actually good at volunteer work. This, I did not expect.

Elena turns back to SN and asks..

Elena: What’s the most embarrassing thing someone has ever said to you?

SN: Drop your pants and cough.

Elena, who was sipping some wine, almost spits her drink, and she’s the one that’s coughing now. She thinks that whoever woman said this to SN, she must have been quite satisfied with what she saw…And now she’s curious, so she continues..

 And the most embarrassing one that’s ever happened to you?

SN: See above. (Except I wasn’t in a doctor’s office)

So her suspicions are confirmed. Elena fans herself. Oh to have been a fly on the wall…

Tamie: What would you choose between making love in front of a fireplace and shower sex?

SN: I don’t see why we have to be so narrow-minded. I’d be happy to make love anytime, anyplace…

With a wicked gleam in her eye and a cheshire cat like grin on her face Tamie begins to jump up to accept what she clearly sees as an invitation, but wisely Elena firmly restrains her.

Elena turns to Gabriel and asks…

Elena: I think you know very well by know that we ladies love you to bits and that you’re one of our absolute favorite men ever, but I think you also know we dream about SN quite a lot as well. Does it bother you that you have to share the spotlight with him?

Gabriel: Not at all. It keeps the bastard from whispering lines of prose in my ear. It can be quite tiresome, I assure you.

Tamie glances at Elena and softly says …I wouldn’t mind the SN whispering prose in my ear …all day…all night…especially all night…Elena nods enthusiastically and mouths “me too”

Getting back to the job at hand, Tamie  begins asking the Fast and Furious questions they had prepared…

Favorite game to play?

SN-Naked Twister

Gabriel – Poker

Leather, lace, or silk?

SN– All of the above, preferably on the same woman

Gabriel– None of the above, preferably on Julianne

Show or Tell?

SN– Show. Definitely. Come here…

Gabriel– What is this, kindergarten?

Flirty or dirty?

SN– Dirty, definitely. Which is in itself, flirty. 

Gabriel– Both.

Fingers or forks?

SN-I’ve lost track of the conversation. What’s this for, again? 

Gabriel – My life is narrated by a guy who has the attention span of a gnat.

Truth or Dare?

SN– Dare.

Gabriel – Always the truth.

Cold or hot?

Gabriel & SN (simultaneously) – Hot

One word to describe yourself?

SN – See above

Gabriel – Charming

Your best physical feature?

Gabriel & SN exchange a glance, a chin lift, and then the Professor answers –

We’re not sure we’re allowed to type the word, but it has four letters and begins with c. (Ahem)

SR is?

Gabriel & SN – A pain in the ass.

Having come to the conclusion of our interview, the four of us were able to kick back, relax and shoot the breeze while waiting for the yummiest dinner feast EVER! O…and the dessert?!? Well…I’ll just leave that to your imagination 😉


Many thanks and endless hugs to SR for making this memorable interview a reality.

Don’t forget…there’s an amazing giveaway from SR that you can enter here.

Gabriel’s Redemption releases on Tuesday, December 3rd. Pre-order now if you haven’t already. You won’t want to miss it!

Tamie and Elena

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21 thoughts on “Tamie and Elena Interview the Professor AND the Snarky Narrator from Gabriel’s Redemption by Sylvain Reynard

  1. N. Michaels says:

    Great interview!! had me laughing and blushing! 🙂


  2. Wendy says:

    loved this! Thank you Ladies for taking time to speak to two of our favourite book guys…hope you enjoyed your meal!


  3. Thank you Tamie and Elena for a most enjoyable interview with our hot and sexy SN. What is naked twister?? I had visions of him in my head dancing and it took me a minute to continue reading. The Professor will always be the best book boyfriend ever. His brilliance & love for Julia is what every women desires in her own relationships. This is one of the many reasons that made him so endearing to me.I know they think SR is a pain in the ass, but where would they be without his guiding influence? Maybe they’d be in a inkwell waiting to be set free. 😉


  4. Sheila says:

    Love it girls. Have you recovered yet?


  5. Margie says:

    I love them…*swoon*


  6. Lyn says:

    Fantastic interview. I can’t wait to read the Gabriel’s Redemption. 🙂


  7. Once again ladies (clapping) you did great. I had to pick myself off the floor once or twice but y’all rocked it.


  8. yl110 says:

    This interview made me hot but seriously, I think SR deserve a break from these two 😉


  9. Katrina says:

    Thank you ALL so much for this! I loved it! SR is my ALL TIME favorite author, so this made my day. I’m so looking forward to this book! It’s about time for my rereads (again) of the first two books in preparation for GABRIEL’S REDEMPTION. *sigh*


  10. Lena says:

    Love this! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


  11. those two get along well hahhaha


  12. I loved the interview and made me smile inside and out! I am so glad that they interviewed, it was awesome. Had me daydreaming Gabriel and wishing I was Julianne. Thank you so much Hope you two have recovered 🙂


  13. Loved this line “Shopped like mad women, trying to find the perfect dresses, heels, under garments…Wait! What?!? ” *hehehe*


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