WINNER: REMY Audiobook by Katy Evans

Hey guys! Sorry it took me awhile to announce who won the REMY Audiobook giveaway by Katy Evans

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Tantalizing Tuesdays: Too Handsome for KSA – Omar Borkan Al Gala

Happy Tuesday peeps!!!

Have you heard about the man who allegedly got deported last April for being “too handsome for Saudi Arabia”? Ridiculous right? LOL So one of the three guys was said to be Omar Borkan Al Gala. Oh well, he is indeed ridiculously handsome and he’s got those sexy eyes.

This Emirati yummy lad is based in Vancouver but originally hails in Dubai. He is more than just a pretty face, he is a photographer, actor and a model.

Okay let’s check out how ridiculously good looking this hottie is…

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Elena’s Picks: First Encounters…(part 1)

first encounters

First encounters, first impressions… Once I finish a book, I often find myself thinking about how far the two main characters have gone, since their first meeting. It’s very interesting to see how their story developed, since the first moment they laid eyes on each other. As good ol’ Jane Austen teaches us, first impressions are often wrong…and indeed in some novels the two characters get on the wrong foot at the beginning. Some first encounters are awkward, one of the characters embarrasses himself/herself , sometimes they start off by completely despising one another. In other first encounters sparks fly from the very start, desire and passion immediately overtake the soon to be couple…Here are some first encounters  I love, considering how the story between the characters developed throughout the novels and sequels…

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