FanFic Friday: Annie’s Author Spotlight is on…

Happy Friday! Today we have another in our series of “Who What Why and Where” author spotlights.

Annie is up with her choice…

*drum roll*

When we decided to do favorite author posts, there was no doubt in my mind who I would choose, Lillybellis. Her writing is beautiful, her characters and stories are rich. They’re full of emotion without being overly dramatic or contrived. They’re full of real life ups and downs and imperfections. I love them beyond reason.

I hardly know where to start in expressing my love for Lillybellis’s stories. I’m not sure how I found them, but most likely In Transit was rec’d in the comments on a Random Acts of Rob Sinday Fanfic post. (Shout out to all the RaOR girls!) [Deb: WOOT!]

In Transit 


Riding the same bus every day, Edward and Bella get off to a bumpy start. She thinks he’s ; he thinks she’s shallow. Sometimes what seems like the wrong thing turns out to be exactly what you were waiting for.

In Transit (co-written with profmom72) was the first of her stories that I read. I loved it so much. It’s a sweet little short story about letting someone in and letting them help you through your problems. Even though I’ve probably read it a dozen times, I still cried at the gift he gave her on their first date. Seriously, I should send that chapter to my husband, “this is how you pick out a gift.” Haha.

From there I had to have more and saw that she had a full length story. Yay!

We Come to Life Beneath the Stars


 As Bella Swan starts over with hopes of finding her future, Edward Cullen is hanging on desperately to his past. She’s treading water, and he’s a corporate golden boy. They share an office, but few words…until one night changes everything.

Here’s a quote from a recent Guest reviewer on, “Jfc, this is so well-written it makes me want to cry.” Exactly. This is a novel length fic. Bella is trying to deal with her overbearing mother while Edward has family issues of his own. They have a rocky work relationship, as the summary states, but as personal lives are revealed and conflict causing behaviors are explained, their relationship changes and grows beyond work and into friendship and then love.

Excerpt from Chapter 6

“The sky is so beautiful out here. The stars…I never really take time to look at them anymore.” They’re so clear and bright against the dark night sky, like someone poked tiny holes through black construction paper and held it up to the sun. I love the way some are smaller than others, while some twinkle and others don’t. Being out here reminds me of being a kid, the wonder of everything that was out there, just waiting to be explored. I thought I would discover a new planet, or be the first woman to walk on the moon. There were so many possibilities, so many exciting things. Now I’m just a glorified secretary. I wonder what my sixyearold self would think about that?

“I had a telescope outside my room when I was a kid. I looked at them all the time,” Edward says, gazing up at the sky. “I had star maps and everything.”

“My brother and I were a little lower tech,” I say, turning my head to look at Edward. The edges of his mouth are tilted upward. It’s not a smile, but it’s peaceful. Serene. The look suits him.

“He won this cheap pullout telescope at a carnival, and we’d sneak out of my bedroom window at night and sit on the eave, looking at this star map that came on the back of a cereal box.”

“Did you ever find anything?”

“I managed to find The Big Dipper once. Emmett found out that he could see into Angela Weber’s bedroom window as long as he craned his neck just right.”

Edward laughs, and I’m surprised at how easy this conversation is. There’s no snapping, no change in mood. Edward’s steady, and I’m starting to think he might have been telling me the truth earlier. Maybe there really is a nice guy in there somewhere.

Oh there is. *dreamy sigh* WCTLBTS’s story, characters and subplots are rich and well rounded. It has so many moving moments, I don’t even know how I would choose one. There’s drama, humor, angst, sadness, joy… everything. Her writing is beyond beautiful. Here’s my own FFn review from 2011, “I started this last evening and I’ve done nothing but read since. Your story is just lovely and amazing. I want to curl up and snuggle with it.” Still true. It’s like the warmest, softest blanket. I wanted it to never end. I still don’t. (Whoa. Vague The Notebook flashback.) [Deb: If Annie’s a bird, I’m a bird, right?]

But wait! Before In Transit and We Come to Life Beneath the Stars (Ok seriously, every time I think of or read that title, I inwardly grasp my heart and swoon. No lie. You have to read that story.), she wrote Rhapsody in B!

rhapsody in b


When a rising musician falls in love with his smalltown childhood friend, can their yearly New Year’s Eve tradition bring them together once he rockets to stardom and leaves her behind?

Rhapsody in B is the story of Edward and Bella’s relationship, told over 19 years of New Year’s Eves from high school through adulthood. It’s arguably the most emotional of Lillybellis’s stories. I know I needed many tissues though the first few chapters as Bella dealt with a tragedy in her life and the heartbreak of a first crush. But time heals and Edward sings her a song every year.

Excerpt from chapter 9:

Once his fingers were positioned across the frets, Edward looked up. Not at Mr. Banner, who kept coughing repeatedly into the silence. Not at Mrs. Cope, who was furiously snapping away on her camera, the flash so bright and quick that I thought I might have a seizure. Not at James and Jane, who looked like they were about to come out of their shoes with excitement because a famous person was standing so very close to them. No, there might as well not have been anyone else in that room. Edward’s eyes, fixed with so much determination, were focused solely on me.

I’d seen Edward at his worst, and I’d seen him at his best, but I had never seen him look so unsure when he was up on a stage. I smiled, hoping to encourage him, and he exhaled a long breath through ‘o’ shaped lips, closing his eyes as his hand moved across the strings of his guitar.

And we readers try not to die from over-swooning. [Deb: *room spins*]


Lillybellis has other stories posted as well, I’ve only highlighted my favorites. Check them all out on her profile. I tried to skim them over when I was preparing to write this but I ended up rereading all of them. I couldn’t help it, they sucked me in. She seems to have left the fandom, at least publicly, but I hope she’s writing somewhere. [Deb: Anyone know if Lillybellis is publishing/working on original stories? *Mike Newton voice* “Wherefore art thou, Lillybellis?” Help a sister out? ;)]

Thanks Annie! These stories are all on my to-read list and this is the perfect time to jump in.

Have you read In Transit, We Come to Life Beneath the Stars or Rhapsody in B? Are you a Lillybellis fangirl like our Annie? Tell what you’ve been reading and what you’re reading next! Have a great weekend! xo

7 thoughts on “FanFic Friday: Annie’s Author Spotlight is on…

  1. Lucia says:

    Thanks for recommendation 🙂


  2. xpreadmywings says:

    *stuffs chest* I am a very proudly faithful reader of Lillybellis ever since Eternity in an Hour. She’s da bomb and I loved you Annie for bringing her here and giving her the praise she surely deserves.
    I take this chance to wish you and all the BT ladies a wonderful Xmas together with your loving ones and a fantastic 2014! Let it come!


  3. my1edward says:

    I’ve read all of Lillybellis’s stories. My favorite is “Rhapsody in B.” I totally agree with you that she’s a wonderful writer. Her stories are beautifully, delicately written with characters who seem very real and whose personalities and situations will draw you in and sometimes break your heart. Currently reading the very delightful “Fanfiction, Sex Gods and Single Girls” by the talented Bannerday.


  4. katiebirdie says:

    I remember loving We Come to Life Beneath the Stars, when I read it as a WIP. I also loved In Transit. I have Rhapsody in B on my TBR list. Thanks Annie for sharing snippets of other people’s thoughts on her stories. I do hope that someone finds this amazing author, just to let her know about this post. 🙂


  5. abinar says:

    Deb, we are birds for sure. ❤


  6. katiebirdie says:

    Fe Fi Fo Fannie! Annie! LOL


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