Tantalizing Tuesdays: Gandy *HEAT* Alert!

Hello peeps!!! I would like to end this last Tuesday of 2013 with an oozing sex appeal plastered all over your screen.;)

I know you’ve probably have seen all of these but who wouldn’t want to take a look and swoon once again in a compiled form?! So check out my favorite photos of David Gandy this 2013.














Yowza!!!! Hmmm…I shall say, checking out every angle…this man is no doubt my Professor Gabriel Emerson. What do you guys think?

Have a wonderful New Year peeps!!!

x gel

18 thoughts on “Tantalizing Tuesdays: Gandy *HEAT* Alert!

  1. serendipitousmc says:

    Undoubtedly, undeniablely, unbelievably Professor Emerson.

    Love the pics! Thanks, Tamie!


  2. Stacia says:

    Totally my professor too….gawd he’s stunning!


  3. All I can say is, thank you for making my day. Whenever I look at David Gandy, he brings a smile to my face and calms me in the nicest ways. He is our beloved Professor Gabriel O. Emerson. I wonder if SR could create another male protagonist to equal the Professor, or better him?? Have you ever thought about that?? πŸ˜‰


  4. Jo Briggs says:

    There can never be enough Tantalisingly Tuesdays to fully fulfill the pleasure that is Gandylicous. Thank you ladies


  5. starchaser8808 says:

    OMG, thank you for making my headache better. Just looking at him is doing wonders. He is The Professor for me too. Love David, could look at him all day β™₯


  6. Susi says:

    Thud…. swoon….OMG! I think my ovaries twitched! He is my favorite!

    He is a perfect Professor Emerson!


  7. mlynpeters says:

    You were the first one to introduce me to the hottness of Mr. Gandy! So it is appropriate that you end this year with the gift of that most perfect of men. Yes, I agree, he calms me also, as I get that dreamy-eyed smile gazing at every inch of him…..hmmmmmm * drifts away* -.- Happiest of New Years!!


  8. linatek says:

    omfg he is gorgeous in every angle thank you. i really think he is a god of beauty lol


  9. Maryanne Callahan says:

    He’s definitely the Professor… I think he needs to put out a calendar for all of us to have 😍. Happy New YearπŸŽ‰


  10. What can I say, I love that man. *sigh*


  11. Mary Bilowus says:

    Thanks so much for the HOT recap of 2013 photos of the delicious Mr. Gandy. He is definitely my Professor Emerson. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this man!


  12. Flatline!!!!!!!!!!! Help he’s to hot lol


  13. Most definitely the Professor Emerson!! Who do you see as Miss Mitchell?! I always seem to have the worst time casting and the I see who someone throws out(90% of the time) I’m like aah YES nailed it!!!


  14. Shay (@Slim_Shaydy_) says:

    Gandy is the Professor and my Vishous. πŸ™‚


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