That’s what HE said…

That’s what HE said Thursday is a weekly meme hosted at Chapter Break, where you post a favorite line from your book boyfriend to his heroine….

Several of my twitter bff’s and I have an ongoing discussion about the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. We’re very excited because Starz is filming a television series based on the books right now, and so far everything we’ve seen looks really good. These books are among my all time favorites, so if you haven’t read them yet…give them a try.

The lines I’ve chosen today come from the third book in the series which is called Voyager. It’s one of my most favorite.

***Please be warned that the following may contain spoilers if you haven’t read the book yet***

Jamie Fraser to Claire:

“Only you,” he said, so softly I could barely hear him. “To worship ye with my body, give ye all the service of my hands. To give ye my name, and all my heart and soul with it. Only you. Because ye will not let me lie–and yet ye love me.” 

“For so many years, for so long, I have been so many things, so many different men. But here,” he said, so softly I could barely hear him, “here in the dark, with you… I have no name.” 

and a bonus which shows Jamie’s sense of humor:

“If ye’ve ever the privilege of seeing a woman in her skin, gentlemen,”he said, looking over his shoulder toward the door and lowering his voice confidentially, ye’ll observe that the hair there grows in the shape of an arrow – pointing the way, ye ken, so as a poor ignorant man can find his way safe home.”

Awwww…I really flove Jamie 🙂

Tamie Xo

3 thoughts on “That’s what HE said…

  1. Julie S. says:

    LOVE this 🙂 Especially the last one. We could probably spend months on just Jamie quotes!


  2. Awe I really love Jamie too. He made me laugh, and cry so much in book 1 & 2. Love him!


  3. susanrsm says:

    Voyager may be my favorite book in the series. I’m currently reading the 7th book, An Echoe in the Bone. I can’t get enough of JAMMF! Amazing series. 🙂


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