Saturday Rewind with Tamie and Elena…(1/11)

Welcome to Saturday Rewind with Tamie and Elena. Check out what caught our attention this past week and what we’re looking forward to…

Elena: I’ll start with OMG and SQUEEEEE! You’re wondering why I’m having such a reaction? Well, because this week SC Stephens announced her new project and this announcement made me SO happy! She’s writing Thoughtless from Kellan’s POV!!! Isn’t this awesome, Tamie? We both love Kellan so much and I can’t wait to have this book in my hands! You can read the details here.

Tamie: DOOD! I was beside myself when I saw the tweet that led me to that announcement on her website! If Thoughtless was fabulous before I can only imagine how much I’m going to love Kellan’s POV. Of course it’s going to be painful as well, but I can’t wait!!!!! This is one of those series that I love so much I have it in print and on my Kindle. Thank you S.C. Stephens!

Elena: Saturday 18th is approaching and we can’t wait for this day to come! It will be a very special Saturday, right Tamie? Our Book Club Discussion of Gabriel’s Redemption by Sylvain Reynard will begin, and also we’ll host the chat with the sexy Snarky Narrator…I think thudding and squeeing will be heard worldwide… 😉

Tamie: Yep…it’s a huge day for us and all who love the Gabriel series as much as we do. It’s certainly no secret, Elena that you and I have a rather…erm…close and personal relationship with the SN. Whoa! Just thinking about the first interview we did with him has me all hot and bothered. Not that the second one that included the Professor wasn’t just as stimulating…Holy crap! I need a cold shower now! Anyways, peeps can chat with the SN on Jan. 18th from 5-6 pm EST when he takes over SR’s twitter acct. by using the hashtag #SexySN. I’m looking for things to get pretty crazy 😉

Elena: I’d also like to bring to your attention this article, which appeared on the Huffington Post Books website, that talks about the importance of reading. I liked how the author analizes the reasons why we read, and why we become so engrossed in novels and we feel so connected to some characters…For all us bookworms here, it’s really worth the read.

Elena: Also, don’t miss out on this awesome event for the release of Angel After Dark by Kahlen Aymes! The event will begin Jan 14th and there will be an EPIC giveaway! Check it out!

Elena: J.A. Redmerski made an important announcement yesterday… She said that she’ll probably (stressing the word “probably”) start using a pseudonym for The Company of Killers Series. The reason why she’s contemplating this is that several of her readers associate the name J.A. Redmerski with the New Adult/Romance genre, while The Company of Killers series doesn’t belong to that particular genre. I love Redmerski’s books, and one of the things I’m fascinated by is seeing an Author venturing into a new genre or writing at the same time novels that belong to different genres. On one hand, I believe she’s an established writer and there’s no need to change the name. She’s an amazing Author and keeping her name would show just how talented and great she is at switching genres so easily. On the other hand,  there are a lot of authors that write some novels with pseudonyms, while they keep their name for other stories. At the end of the day, it’s Redmerski’s choice, and I respect whatever she’ll choose to do.  What do you think about this, Tamie?

Tamie: J.A. Is one of my go-to authors. If she writes something I know it’s going to be great. I can understand why she’d be doing the pseudonym thing, because I think for some readers it’s hard to see their favorite authors switch to a genre that’s far from what they usually write. Another favorite author of mine does it as well. Jennifer Armentrout is probably best known for her YA paranormal books, but she’s also written under the name J. Lynn which are New Adult stories. If the author thinks it’s helpful then I say go for it!

Tamie: Elena, I have to say something about one more book that I just finished. It’s called Clipped Wings by Helena Hunting. OMFG! It is off the charts fabulous! It’s available for pre-order now and I want everybody and their mother, sister, bff to get this book when it releases on March 4th. Helena immediately shot onto my favorite authors list. The book is so good that I’m doing an immediate reread…something I rarely do. I emailed Elena and told her she had to get the ARC and read it right away…that’s how good it is!

Tamie: Later on today we’ll have another big announcement…I won’t tell you what it is yet of course but I will tell you it involves Emma Chase and one of my favorite book boyfriends…Drew Evans from the Tangled series. Tangled is relaunching on January 14th, so stay tuned!!!

Tamie and Elena

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Literature is my passion. I love reading so much that I spend countless hours in bookstores and libraries. I have a soft spot for poetry and art. I like traveling and discovering new places. I can't do without a book.

One thought on “Saturday Rewind with Tamie and Elena…(1/11)

  1. katiebirdie says:

    I have Clipped Wings on my Kindle as an ARC too! So glad to hear that you loved it! There is also a prequel called Cupcakes and Ink coming out at the beginning of Feb.

    I’m starting Gabriel’s Redemptation this week. Excited about next Saturday! 🙂


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