Character Interview With James from Vice, Virtue, and Video: Revealed by Bianca Giovanni

Today I have a character interview from Vice, Virtue, and Video: Revealed by Bianca Giovanni. I think this may be the first interview on Bookish Temptations of a porn star 😉

a vice

James Laird and Lola Caraway have been next door neighbors and best friends since elementary school. James was always the ultimate player, and after graduation moves to LA and finds his place as a rising star in the porn industry. Lola, three years younger, is a studious overachiever and on track for graduation and success in college.

Lola knows about and accepts James and his debauchery; it’s never been a secret between the two friends. However, a hometown visit prompts James to face his evolving feelings for her, especially after his conservative family discovers his true profession and she comes to his rescue. Not wanting to seduce the innocent Lola, he returns to California, where he sets his sights on becoming a superstar in the industry.

While Lola is visiting James from college, they dance around their attraction to each other. After Lola admits she’s never had an orgasm, James offers to be her hands-on teacher. A lifetime of friendship with a manwhore tells Lola that she should not get attached to James as a lover, as tempting as his offer may be. Can she please her body while still protecting her heart?

From the author of some of the highest rated erotic romance on Smashwords comes this first look into a world of love, friendship…and porn.

The interview:

How did you start out in the adult industry?
I had this dream of becoming an actor, so I went out to L.A. to give it a shot. I did some modeling and a couple of indie films that never saw the light of day. I had one line on this soap opera that only lasted one season. I think they had some trouble figuring out what to do with me because I’m a big dude, so typically I’d read for bouncers, mafia enforcers, cocky dudes who try to steal the lead guy’s girlfriend, stuff like that. They couldn’t really decide if they wanted me to be the sexy guy or the badass guy. When I got into porn, they didn’t really care what roles I could play. I think that’s why they call us “performers” instead of “actors”. They mostly want you to look good and be able to physically perform on the day.

What’s the most important element to great porn scene?
Chemistry. I’ve been lucky enough to have friendships with most of the girls I work with, so that familiarity and chemistry leads to some really great scenes.

Do you have any regrets about your career choice?
Sometimes the stigma surrounding porn bums me out. Obviously, my parents were super pissed when they found out, and the impact it had on my family was really hard to handle. People tend to prejudge us based on stuff they hear on TV or in movies about porn stars being sleazy or sort of on the fringes of society. Some of my closest friends do porn, and they’re really great people.

You met Lola when she was six years old and you were nine. Do you remember your first impression of her?
She was playing by herself in her yard, and she reminded me of a baby deer because she was all limbs and big eyes. I remember when I asked her what she was doing, she said, “I’m a paleontologist, but I also want to be a trapeze artist.” I thought that was really cute. She knew what paleontology was, so I knew she was smart, but she also had circus aspirations. She was really young, so I thought she would think I was cool because I was older, but even back then, she was a sass machine. I didn’t know anybody like that, let alone any girls like that, so I took a shine to her right away.

What’s your funniest memory of Lola?
I remember trying to explain oral sex to her. This was, like, a week after I got my first BJ, and she was horrified like I was telling her a ghost story. After I finished describing it to her, she said, “Why would anyone want your weiner that close to their face?” I swear, I thought I was going to pee my pants laughing.

You’ve been with a lot of women both on and off screen. Do you have a type?
I like a challenge. When I was a lot younger, I went for the easy girls who had a rep for giving it up to anybody. As I got older, I liked girls who didn’t give off that DTF vibe. Wild girls can be a lot of fun, but I love when the sweet, innocent ones lose all their inhibitions and go for it.

What’s your favorite part of a woman’s body?
Eyes—but I bet you thought I was gonna say boobs. Boobs are awesome, but eyes are more expressive.

What advice would you give men about how to please their women in the bedroom?
Be observant and notice the subtle differences. She might breathe a little differently or she’ll moan a little louder. When you see that stuff, keep doing whatever you did when she made those noises. Be versatile. Not all girls want the same thing, so you have to change it up. Some girls will straight-up tell you what they like, but others are more quiet and reserved, so you have to try stuff out, and then just go with whatever she likes the most.

What’s your idea of a perfect evening?
Cooking some kind of complicated dinner and watching movies with Lola. I’m lucky because she doesn’t like chick flicks, so we usually watch action movies or anything by Trey Parker.

What possession could you never live without?
My car—and I know that it’s a shitty ’96 Civic, but I love that car! Lola makes fun of me for it all the time, but I will never, never, never get rid of Pansy.


A huge thanks to Bianca and James for the interview! There’s a book trailer that you can enjoy as well…

Have a great day!

Tamie Xo


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  1. When is this book being released? It won’t come up on Amazon.


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