Elena’s Picks: Say it with a Kiss… (part 3)

You all know by now how much I love sharing some of my favorite kissing scenes in books, right? Well, who doesn’t love kissing? 😉

So here are some more steamy and sensual kisses…

kissing 1


Ruin by Rachel Van Dyken:

“This is me, taking the very first thing off your list. And now I’m going to stop talking…”

I pushed my tongue against the inside of her mouth loving the way her body tensed as the pressure increased. She moaned, putting her arms around my neck. I helped her, rocking her harder against my body. My hands came around her back, and I tried to get all of her to press against me. I’d never felt so alive as when that girl, that perfectly strange girl who I’d only met days before, was near me. I could almost believe her heartbeat was my own as her tongue danced with mine. I increased the pressure, cupping her chin with my hand. I moved my lips down her neck and behind her ear. Alternating between trailing hot kisses down her neck and blowing against the coolness my kisses left when my lips released their hold. Damn, I wanted to bite her. I wanted to keep tasting her over and over again until I had no strength left, but that was just the thing. Always a limit, always a buzzer when it came to me.

Sempre: Redemption by JM Darhower:

He paused in front of her, his hand running the length of her arm as he leaned down to kiss her. Reaching around and unclasping her bra, he pulled it off slowly and allowed it to drop to the floor. A moan escaped Haven’s throat as he gently caressed her breasts, her nipples pebbling under his gentle touch. His hands drifted down to her hips as he slowly backed her up to the bed. She scooted back onto it and he hovered over her, not once breaking their kiss…

kissing 2

The Edge of Always by JA Redmerski:

Camryn surprises me when her hands slither up my chest and she presses hard with her fingers on my abs, pushing me against the foyer wall. She slips her tongue into my mouth and I bite gently down on it and her bottom lip before I kiss her. Her right hand moves down to the button on my jeans and she pops it right out with ease, sliding the zip down afterward. I kiss her harder and groan against her mouth when she slides her hand into my boxers and grabs me.

God, it’s been so fucking long…

She presses harder against me, shoving my back against the wall. I break the kiss just for seconds long enough to get out, “I want so fucking bad, but let’s at least get to your room first.”

Her kiss turns more ravenous then she says with her lips still on mine, “My mom’s not here.” She bites down hard on my lip, enough to make it sting, but it drives me absolutely mad for her. “She took Roger’s car to work tonight.”

I crush my mouth against hers and lift her into my arms to carry her through the hallway toward her room…

The Redemption of Callie and Kayden by Jessica Sorensen:

He places a tender kiss on my finger and then moves his mouth downward to kiss my hand. He continues to make a path of kisses across my forearm and all the way to the crook of my arm, and then turns upward, showering my skin in succulent kisses until he reaches the top of my shoulder. He gives it an affectionate suck and his tongue rolls out along my skin. The sensation of his zealous breath drives a shiver through my body and I place a hand on his shoulder to keep from falling down…


Swoon, swoon, swoon! Make sure to check out these books! They’re not just romance novels. They’re SO much more and they all leave a mark on you, so, if you haven’t read them yet,  I highly recommend you add them to your TBR list 🙂


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