The #FindingCinderella Campaign

We’re huge fans of Colleen Hoover here at Bookish Temptations, and there’s an ongoing campaign to get Atria books to publish the print version of Finding Cinderella

From Atria:

As you may have seen, a group of Colleen Hoover fans going by the name of #CoHorts are storming our social media, demanding that we turn FINDING CINDERELLA (currently a free e-short story) into a printed book!  We’ve received over 2,000 tweets and 1,000 memes in a week with the #FindingCinderella hashtag, and we want your help in continuing the campaign.

We want to help convince the powers that be into pushing the print button, so here are some things you can do to help. Share, retweet, or repost one of the images below with the hashtag #FindingCinderella


There is also a big Town Hall Twitter Chat to discuss what the fans would like to see included in a printed version if we win!  Using #FindingCinderella, fans will be able to answer questions from us, give their input, and ask Colleen questions as well.

Get busy peeps! We want Finding Cinderella in print!!!

Tamie Xo 

One thought on “The #FindingCinderella Campaign

  1. cassie polla says:

    I would love to see this printed and hope it happens!


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