Fan Fiction Friday: Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Peeking out from under my blanket, hoping that the groundhog will see his shadow, so that this insane cold weather will stop. He is supposed to see his shadow right? That means spring in six weeks, right? God I hope that whoever is responsible for arctic outer space coming down into our atmosphere, will seal the “hole” right back up. Maybe Dr. Who can help with that or maybe those guys from Big Bang Theory? What about Santa Claus, he’s probably in the area and not busy?

Rewrapping myself back up, what is a girl to do when it is too freaking cold to even go to work? Read her favorite fan fiction. Not just any fan fic though, only the best will do. This week, I’m reccing a short story and a WIP, and they are seriously hawt, because I’ve got to warm myself up. LOL

Seriously, even Edward is freezing...

Seriously, even Edward is freezing…

Annie is also going to share her thoughts on a fairly popular WIP called Badlands.

Michelle’s got three stories to tell you about! 🙂

Annie’s up first….

Badlands by planetblue

banner by lolypop82

banner by lolypop82

Summary: Moonlight drives and sharpened knives. This is the story of us. WIP

Wow. And by “wow,” I mean W-O-W.  There I was on my own little twitter timeline when somebody said they were glad a story was getting attention. A few clicks later and I was on the first chapter of Badlands. Six chapters posted, started posting less than a month ago, already fully written. I was in. Little did I know what I was in for.  This story is different, darker. Set in high school, Bella is a reject and a loner since “the incident” (you’ll have to read to find out). Edward is new and speaks to no one.

Excerpt from chapter 1:

Studying people from a distance was safe, and from my crouched position in my corner I started slow, my eyes landing on the boots first, a chaotic vision of laces and rugged use. I trailed gradually up the legs of his faded, slightly dirty jeans that had been pulled down low with the weight of a heavy black belt. My eyes widened as they continued up to see a worn, black Doors t-shirt, my favorite band, with a sizeable hole at the neck, an uneven tear, like it had been ripped with purpose. The leather jacket he wore, as used and marred as his boots, stood out in the sea of bare arms and sundresses. I watched as his hand moved to the last remnants of a cigarette dangling from his lips before he determinedly flicked it towards a bunch of freshman. They jumped and scattered away from its burning end, and I remember wanting to laugh at that but settled for smiling internally. That was until the humor in me was quickly replaced by a feeling I’d never felt before when I finally looked at his face.

Relief is what washed over me that day. Not the same sort of relief that a cold spray from a nearby sprinkler gives you on a hot day. No, it was the relief of seeing someone who had about as much rage on his face as I felt I had on mine.

What struck me about this was how planetblue made Edward enigmatic almost the way he was in Twilight. Even though I knew ahead that in Twilight he was a vampire, it was still: Why did he look at her like that? What did he mean? Why did he do that? How will he react? Badlands is compelling in the same way, except Edward is not a vampire, but he does growl and wear black eyeliner. In the latest posted chapter, something has happened, everything will be different and I can’t wait to go along for the ride. Badlands, check it out. [KB: Annie reading AU is kind of big deal, so I’ll be adding this to my WIP list, and not putting off reading it either. JS]


Brrr!  Hope everyone is staying warm during this cold snap!  It’s a good time to curl up and read.  I’ve been so caught up in reading the Outlander series that I’ve neglected my fic TBR list.  [KB: I just finished Voyager, but taking a break. Reading those books is too all-consuming.]

 **hangs head in shame**

But never fear, I have a few fic recs!


Lost and Lost 2 by edwardsoul tells you what happens to Bella after Edward fails to come back to Forks.  It’s a completely different Bella in this story.  It’s old school canon but oh so good.

Author’s Summary: 7 years later, Edward comes back. Bella’s a tough NYC girl who vows to take down C-Corp. What happens when she learns who owns C-Corp?

Lost and Found banner

I’m happy to say that Lost and Found by brodeurgirl30 is updating and posting.  See?? Snowy weather can be good for something.  She’s been able to use snow days for writing more of this angsty fic!  Already 25 chapters up and a bit more to go, but you’ll definitely want to start reading it.  Just make sure you have a support group while reading this one!  [KB: Check out Michelle’s original review for this story here. It was her very first post! *proud sigh*]

Author’s Summary: The case was a famous United States Supreme Court decision in 1975, O’Connor v. Donaldson. Kenneth Donaldson, a patient committed to a Florida State Mental Hospital, sued the hospital and staff for confining him for 15 years against his will. I wish I’d been born in 1975. 


I’m a sucker for period fics!! And any fic by LyricalKrisFoolish Hearts is at the top of my TBR list!  I’m just waiting for a few more chapters to post before I dig in.

Author’s Summary: The Oregon Trail. Over 2,000 miles of unforgiving wilderness stretches between Bella and a new life. Edward knew from experience the trail was no place for young love, but then, his heart was known to be foolish. 

I’m also looking forward to reading Annie’s rec – Badlands!!  And, I can’t wait to read the entries for all the great contests.

Happy reading!



Plan B banner

Plan B by chocaholic123

Author’s Summary: Plan B: a strategy or plan to be implemented if the original one proves impracticable or unsuccessful. Best used in the cold light of day, after waking up in bed next to a virtual stranger. An E/B three shot.

Bella is in town for the Annual Interior Design Conference and wakes up NOT in her room. In her effort to sneak out without disturbing her bed partner, she doesn’t get very far because somehow the electricity in the building has been turned off, making the door out of the luxurious suite she’s in, somehow locked.

Before you get too worked up, Edward (who else would be the bed partner *giggle*) doesn’t intentionally keep Bella in his room against her will. But let’s just say, that things “work out” that she can’t leave right away. Cue more lemons…

What I like even more about this story, is when Bella goes back to Chicago to figure out how to get Edward out of her head, Edward makes his intentions of seeing her again, by becoming her client.  Being an interior designer myself I like the way Edward shows Bella that he respects what she does, and that he was listening to her. It wasn’t just sex.


The Dress by Redtini

Author’s Summary: Edward Cullen: Successful, arrogant, dominant, whorehound. Bella Swan: Confident, ambitious, seductress, workaholic. Two COO’s with one goal: To stop at nothing to reach the top. Even if it means pushing the other person over the edge. A/H. Rated M for Lemons, Language and everything in-between. One Shot entry for the Dirty Talkin’ Edward Contest. To be continued…

See that last part of the summary? Yeah, Dirty. Talkin. Edward. Mmmmm….

Edward and Bella are highly paid executives in their families companies that are in the process of merging. Both are extremely good at what they do, but when it comes to their attraction for each other, they seem to struggle, well maybe fight it.  Bella more than Edward though.

I forgot to mention that a case of mistaken identity happens during their first encounter with each other. Bella is at a formal work function at a hotel, she goes upstairs to a suite to get blueprints, but the suite is occupied and cue scene…


 No answer.

 “Lauren?” I called out through the open door.

 “You’re late! Shut the door behind you.”

 Somewhat put off by his tone. I stepped into the suite and walked towards the room from where the irritated voice had originated.

 “Stop,” he said abruptly.

 Surprisingly, my body did what it was told.

 The voice was coming from behind a large desk. The man’s high back chair faced the long reflective window. He was obviously a tall man and a sloppy one at that. The dark golden strands of his hair stood straight up from behind.

 I was about to point that out, along with his rudeness, but then he turned his chair around.

 This was no sloppy man.

 The man who sat in front of me was a beautiful mess. His chiseled jaw sloped downward as his eyes stayed glued to the iPad that was in his hands. His mop of hair looked as if he had just been fucked, yet his starched tux shirt said otherwise.

 I’d frozen, mesmerized by his beauty. Then my senses came back to me. “Hello, I’m–“

 “I don’t need to know your name, sweetheart. Take off your clothes.”

 I gawked at him for a moment. “Excuse me?”

 He never took his eyes off of his iPad. “Be a good girl and take off your clothes,” he said in a miffed tone.

 Still speechless, I watched as the man stood, walked over to a credenza, poured himself something to drink, and then turned around to face me. When my eyes met his green ones, I actually considered his request for a split second.

 “Look, ummm, you must–“

 “You’re new?” he asked more to himself.

 “Yes, I’m–“

 “Is this your first time?” He tilted his head curiously.

 “I think this is a mistake…”

 He stared at me for a moment, before shaking whatever it was out of his head and walking straight up to me. “I’m already late. Whatever he offered, I will double it. That should wipe out any doubts in the beautiful head of yours.” His eyes then strayed over my body, hovering at my chest before locking with mine. “That dress is too long. The gift shop downstairs should have a shorter one for you to wear.”

 “What’s wrong with my dress?” The floor-length strapless black dress had just come off the runway.

 How dare he insult me!

 The man then circled around, stopping behind me; I could feel the warmth of his body on my naked back as he whispered into my ear. “It’s not convenient for fucking.”

 Slacked jawed and a little turned on, I had been rendered speechless.

 I stared ahead, watching his reflection in the window, as I felt the little hairs along my arm stand up. The back of his hand slowly hovered over my arm as he continued to speak. “I need your pussy to be wet at all times tonight. You are to be willing to be fucked at any moment, whether it’s in the bathroom, against a wall, on the kitchen counter, or along the pool deck.” His eyes flicked straight ahead, meeting mine the reflection. “Or maybe up against a window.”

 I took in a shaky breath when he whispered those last words.

 I looked away from his intense glare, and before I could say another word, he was gone. He walked out of the room yelling that he would see me downstairs and closed the door behind him.

Yeah. *breathes in shaky breath as well* Anyone else feeling a little slack jawed and turned on?

Bella fights with Edward quite a bit in this story, but she has good reason. Edward has done some not so nice things, to try to take Bella’s family business. When the merger comes about, she has to deal with him. Edward wants Bella to give in to his advances, but I can’t figure out to what end. Does he want to just have her in his bed or is he hoping for something more? Guess we will have to keep reading to find out.

Happy Friday! I hope it is warmer where ever you are, because where I am, apparently Anchorage, Alaska is actually warmer. (I don’t live anywhere near Alaska) Ugh…

katiebird xxoo

About katiebird

I am a huge reader of young adult, new adult, and paranormal romances. I also have an acute fondness of Robert Thomas Pattinson. I love that I get to share with everyone my love of reading.

2 thoughts on “Fan Fiction Friday: Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

  1. xpreadmywings says:

    Hello lasses! (See Michelle, I’ve been reading Outlander too, except that I already finished *grins*)
    Oh my, I have no will! I vowed never to read WiPs and here I am… addicted to Badlands and Lost and Found LOL
    As for Lost 1 & 2, I just finished and I was amazed by the story even if the PoV was not … ahem … one we’re used to *no spoilers Muse! LOL*
    Foolish Heart … is it LyrycalKris’? No arguments needed, I rest my case.
    As for Plan B it was hawt! And The Dress? I may give it a try, laters babe *winks*
    Thank you girls, another amazing post! ❤


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